It Brings People Together

My friend A invited me to her
house to cook dinner for her.
I said 'no problemo!' to this
of course. 
But, she kind of forgot to mention 
that there will be 8 person coming 
over to have dinner. 8 handful of
peepz?! I was abit upset with my
friend A because:
1. I don't know any of these people.
2. I have never cooked for 8 people in my 
entire life - knowing that my failing
 chances just increased. 

My forgettable friend A helped me
a bit in the kitchen. At the end the
people were very friendly and 
sweet and appreciated my 
cooking. They even invited me
over to have breakfast with them
in the morning!

Brown rice with steamed vegetables and potatoes in Chinese
beansauce. By just checking at the empty plates, it was
a nice dinner.  

 Feeding leftover rice for the chickens! I find this grey one the prettiest of them all c:

 After finishing our dessert (cream & strawberry with meringue) we did some tarot card reading. 
Turned out we got a bit emotional at the end! Do you believe in tarot reading?

 A cute and spiritual teabag with different messages behind!

I'm Feeling: goingtodieinthisheat
Music: Jayesslee - Safe and Sound (cover from Taylor Swift) - I don't like Taylor Swift but I really love this cover by these two girls! I really adore their voices, it's sweet, girly and so clear c:
Food: milk and cereal
Drink: water


  1. Oh XD Kinda hard to forget that there will be 8 people?
    Looks yummy though!

    Stay cool with this weather!

  2. Oh! That was quite a situation you got pushed into but I'm glad it turned out well! I haven't tried tarot reading but am interested just to give it a shot. I'm quite neutral - don't really believe or not believe it! I heard it can really have some emotional/deep impact though!

  3. pretty picts!
    always love your photographs! :D

  4. I love love love eating, and of course also foodpics!!!!

  5. feeling the same as you, going to die in this heat :'). Niet zo slim om te vergeten dat er 8 mensen kwam, maar oké ;'). We leuk dat ze het lekker vonden!

  6. awwwe <3
    lol its hot in canada too but not as hot as wher u are i bet!
    i got really mad for u when the friend 'forgot to mention there are 8 ppl'
    i'd feel hurt
    we all know u are an AMAZING cook and judging by the plates,e verybdoy else wants ur food too. :) u should run fundraisers with brunches :)

  7. I like your pictures a lot! and this desert sounds delicious!

  8. yoummie , so nice photos and everything look delicius! im fallowing you!

  9. i think its sweet of you to cook for her friends and that you did it with no prior notice! im very impressed ! i would have panicked, ive never had a tarot card reading but i think it woul be interesting :)

  10. 8 people? Oh my, I'd fail for sure, haha. But the food looks delicious nevertheless!

  11. Ohhh your food looks delicious, you did such a brilliant job! And the dessert, ohhh I luuurvve Eton Mess! - How did you manage to fix all this in this heat!!?

  12. It was really good spirited of you to cook for so many! I might have backed out.

  13. Woah, eight people? Hah! But I'm so proud of you! You seriously need a lot of confident to do that!

    And of course as always, I love your photography (:

  14. mmm the veggies look yum! and chickens randomly walking freely on grass? that is new to me :P

  15. I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I will come again for sure If you want we could follow each other? If you want just follow me and send me your link on and I will follow you immediately

  16. You have an awesome blog! I wish I was a great cook as well as much as I love eating! :P

    I'm your newest follower. Hope you visit my blog too and I would love it if you follow me back. It's a new blog so hope you'll like it. :)

  17. i will send you a ticket so you can fly to my house and cook me dinner!!


  18. Gald i found your blog..
    i'm your followers now..

    mind to follback?

  19. i like your blog! following you :) hope you'd do the same. xoxo

  20. Lovely photographs, you look like a good chef! xx

  21. Hi dear :9 amazing blog hun! what do you think of following each other on bloglovin' and GFC? Let me know
    Keep in touch



  22. hello mei. you cooked for quite a lot there! awww, i seriously wonder why your friend didn't tell you that you'd be cooking for a lot ? :o
    anyway, it's nice to listen to tarot card reading but i make sure i don't want to base my life on it. :)
    and those chickens are reaally cute. i don't really see a lot of cute chickens :O

  23. I love your pictures :)

  24. urgh so inspiring! the breakfast looks delicious it would be great to get a spread out like that every morning but most days have to be rushed with no structure! also the dinner you cooker looks great <3

  25. dunno if i posted already google went annoying but anyway the breakfast spread looks great i would love to do that every morning! and don't worry your dinner looks delish too <3

  26. Wow it looks like you managed to get it all together nicely in the end! I like the look of that dessert.

  27. Gorgeous pictures dear!

    Kisses ♥

  28. i enjoyed these photos a great deal!
    so homey and sweet ♥

  29. i love your blog! i'm following you :) i've a new recent fashion blog, i would love if you just stop by there and maybe follow me, with love annie <3

  30. 8 mensen is idd veel als je dat niet wist ;)
    Waarom zei ze dat niet? Toch goed gedaan :)!
    Leuke foto's :D the food looks yummy xx

  31. Wow haha sneaky friend lol (: Seems like you did wonderful though! The food looks great! :D

    Cindy C.

  32. the food looks delicious!!

  33. Aww, that's so sweet that you cooked for everyone! But I completely understand - I'd be so put off to have that thrown on me. :\
    Cute chickens!! Are they yours?

    ♥ xixia |

  34. Wow 8 people? O: I think the most I've cooked for is probably 4...
    And it was just frozen dumplings. xD
    Haha I've never seen a grey chicken before. P:
    Aw Jayesslee! I really like that cover as well. :D

  35. OMG! Pretty photos! >.<


  36. Lovely blog.

  37. lovely pictures. looks like a great party.

  38. well looks like you whipped up a delicious meal. and cute chickens!!!


  39. Wow, eight people is quite a bit. At least everything turned out well and it looks like good fun to me. ^^


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