Peek Into My Life 20

First things first, what do think 
of my new layout + I want to say
thank you guys for the super 
empowering comments from
my last post!

So, I'm going back to school
very soon whether I like it
or not. I'll be in my senior year
and I just can't wait to graduate. 
Are you too?

Holiday is almost over, whether
I like it or not as my time in august
was pretty relaxing: eating &
DIY'ing c:

 Close enough

 Homemade steamed buns! One of my habits is to peel off the outer skin and nibble on it :P 

Here's my DIY instruction about making fake macroons: click!

 Random happy looking family.

I'm Feeling: hungry
Music: Miss S feat. Ji Eun - Over - I think Miss S are totally underrated in Korea, I think they are so good!
Food: Ice cream with mascarpone, lime and lemon

Drink: water


  1. The "may" could be a close enough meme :p
    Vaction always ends so quickly! I hope you have a good last year in college! And ofcourse, een diploma! :D

    I like the layout, it's very clean! (^^)b

  2. haha, dat doe ik ook altijd met die buns! :p bah, jammer genoeg weer naar school. Donderdag moet ik boeken op halen en dan maandag naar school :(.

  3. This is such a lovely post, so summery too! I love the candid shot of that happy family and those yummy steam buns. Is that condensed milk you are dipping it into? So yum! Good luck with your last year at school!

  4. Good Luck for your senior year,Im sure it'll fly by,and you'll be graduating before you know it :) This summer certainly has flown by.
    Love your photos,some beautiful locations,cute bunnies and sunnies and some yummy food,love McDonalds :D

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment,yes I made the earrings :D found a new love,of making jewellery.
    Sorry I havent stopped by your lovely blog in a while,its looking wonderful and very inspiring.

    Hope your well and are having a lovely day x

  5. ahh i know, i can't believe summer is ending and we all will have to go back to school T_T so sad...
    love your photos too!! those hello kitty glasses have been really popular these days! i've been seeing them everywhere! and omgosh, those fake macarons look so cute! they look so real macarons, haha!
    and yepp, seriously SUPER congrats on winning our giveaway :DD Send us your mailing address and we'll ship you your prizes. yay!!!

    want a new hair color? join our Back to school giveaway!
    alex @>

  6. Yaaay I love your new layout. :D Especially the header! c:
    Ehehe... I still have 5 years before I graduate. ;A;
    Love your pictures! Those glasses and mini cakes are adorable! :D
    Haha I like eating around the bun so then I'll get to eat all the filling in the last bite. :3

  7. lovely photos of your daily life xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  8. Aw! What pics, I became hungry! Love your glasses btw :3
    Thanks for commenting on my blog & welcome to the Moomin museum, it's like 500 meters away from my home ;)

    xxx Lara

  9. ohh loveely picts! super loveee your blog, Mei<3

  10. I <3 Starbucks !
    fingers crossed for your senior year ! xoxo

  11. your layout has very lovely dainty elements now, i love it! also you didn't design too much, so your site will be loading very fast :3
    i will graduate this year and just "can't wait to go to school" :) i wish you best efforts! and you made mantou! i also want to make them myself but don't really know which recipe i might use (my selfmade danta were a fail. well they tasted good, but not like the real danta.. so damn internet recipe! >.<") please mei, would you mind to you send me your recipe? *Q*
    ♥ ♥

  12. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Love your blog and DIYs :-)

  13. pretty pictures <33 and that fake macaroons are sooo cuteee,gonna try it later :3333

  14. You have a really cute blog ^_^

  15. Great photos! Wah, definitely making me hungry.


  16. Those are really nice pictures! ^^ I haven't seen the old layout but I think this new layout is nice! I love the colors!

  17. Oh, haha, I forgot to add that I love Miss S ^^ They're very good!

  18. i love all your photos! :D



  19. your photos are so beautiful
    those steamed buns look sooo good! I used to eat them a lot before and loved peeling off the skin too

  20. I just graduated from college this year! I remember when last year began, i too, wanted and couldn't wait to graduate..but as the last few months of school approached, the reality of it all hit me and i was a little sad it was ending hahah. Congrats again on winning our 1 year giveaway mei! :D

    Joyce @

  21. you're a lovely girl! :) like your blog!

    please, check out my blog (and maybe follow) on:

  22. Awww I love your new layout! So simple and cute! ♥

  23. Heey kan het kloppen dat ik jou vandaag heb gezien in Utrecht?
    Ik wist niet zeker of jij het was :p
    Btw super leuke blog!

  24. Everything in your life always looks so pretty. Good luck with your senior year! I hope you have tons of fun! :D

  25. First off, I love the new layout. It's very neat and I love the colour scheme.
    Great pics, as always. Good capture of that family, the parents seem to really love their kids.

  26. First off, I love the new layout. It's very neat and I love the colour scheme.
    Great pics, as always. Nice capture of that family, the parents really look loving.

  27. ouu, that's look cute and super yummy >.<

  28. Leuke foto's van je dagelijkse leven! ^^ Ik kan ook gewoon niet geloven dat de zomer voorbij is, de vakantie is ook super snel gegaan! Wist niet dat je ook in nederland woonde ;o, haha maar anyway nice post n.n

  29. hi mei! congrats on winning our giveaway. Please email us your address so we can ship out the gift to you. Thanks!

    Joyce @

  30. Ahaha, hanging around on Schiphol airport huh? :p Ohhh, ik moet binnenkort ook weer beginnen. Ik vind je fotos in deze post trouwens heel...goed. Je bril is echt geweeeeldig!

  31. Hi, Mei!!!
    You are always lovely!
    Big glasses are so cute!
    I wish your remaining pretty summer holiday!!!


  32. Hiya!
    I love your new layout!
    Come on, it's your last year, then it's OVER! I have finished high school for good this year, and in September I'll be starting uni-scary&exciting!
    I love your pictures, why are you so good at taking pics??



  34. I like your new layout :)
    I will have to go back to school again next week

    All photos are great! maybe you need to tell us how to take better photos :D

  35. love your new layout!! its so lovely!!! and yay youre gonna be a senior?!? :D that was my absolutely favorite year!! :)

  36. You're so adorable! I wanna bake you a cupcake! :)

  37. Last year for me too, and I'm not exactly thrilled either.

    Best of luck to the both of us.

  38. It'll be my senior year too ! (but in high school haha... major failer here) I sure wan't wait~
    The buns are making me soo hungry... I've often heard about peeling the skin off and I'd like to try this once :)

  39. Those buns look yummy! How did you make them? Want to try them myself now haha


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