Peek Into My Life 21

This woman made a fuss about
a t-shirt and the visible
fold lines. "I'm not sure if it
will go away and it would be such
waste to leave it behind. So.
I'll take it if you change the
 price to €3 instead €4"

I work in a shop and
there is one thing that I
really can't stand out: trying to 
negotiate for a lower price on a 
already discount garment.
Like c'mon, use an iron perhaps?

September has arrived and
I've noticed that the sun is going down 
earlier  as well. School has started and
I want to wish you students a
pleasant schoolyear with good 

A dinner party at my home with friends!

 I was sitting next to a Japanese family - attempt to understand
of what they are saying but failing.

 Rice with fish in green curry: €6,50 - tasted pretty good!

 A homemade mooncake by my aunt! Tasted very good!


  1. those rose rings looked lovely :)

  2. Prachtige foto's, die eten ziet er heerlijk uit!

  3. Pretty delicious photos as always :3

    I think working in a clothing/accessory store could be pretty nice - surrounded by so many beautiful things ....aawwww *o*

    -_-° if folding lines were little holes - did she buy it in the end?

  4. Oh, customers are the worst. They walk into shops or restaurants with a Queen of England mentality...

    Ahh, all of this food ... everytime. ;__; I wish food looked just as good as it does in your photos!

  5. asdfghjkkl. weer zoveel eten <3. Ziet er echt goddelijk uit haha! de ringen zien er zo leuk uit ^.^. Tja, dat van die mensen die eht dan goedkoper willen, is best wel irritant.. ;l

  6. Omg that store is heaven! Everything looks so pretty like a tumblr photo hahahaha and I've never had homemade mooncake before but I'm sure it tastes much better than store ones. I don't like mooncake =(

    I know what you mean about people bargaining for discounted items! Another thing I hated was when the store is suppose to be closed but a customer is taking their sweet time deciding whether to buy a 10$ top or not T_T

  7. I love those soda candies that look like little men! They're so good, especially the apple one, which my friend stole all of them...Lovely photos and your dinner parties look fun!

  8. All the food looks so yummy! =v=

  9. Love the rings! Your dinner party looks good too n____n

  10. you always take amazing shots! love the food photos, looks yummy! :)
    the flower rings are soo cute!
    have a great day, mei!

  11. what a pretty shop! also all the food looks so good, especially the peanut butter cups, i LOVE them!

    little henry lee

  12. Lovely rings at the first picture :-)

  13. Fold lines ?! And 4€ is already super cheap !
    I like the flower ring but... no white ? ><

  14. those rings are so prettyyyy can i have one?! hahaha :p

  15. Food! Everywhere I look! xD
    Joke, nice post. Love the pictures! <3

  16. Love the pics...those rings are so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. lovely delightful photos as always :D

  18. man, they look edible!

    Also, whenever I read your blog, I have something to say, but then I get distracted by all those food photos.... hmmmmmmmmmm

  19. Working in retail must be frustrating sometimes :(
    The fish curry looks so good!

  20. Mooie foto's! Ik vind Riviera Maison zo'n leuke winkel, heb er echt al teveel gekocht.

  21. thanks for the comment!
    great photos, by the way, I like this with ice cream :D

  22. omg the pictures are so beautiful*-* so great *v*
    uhh, I'm living in Germany but I know what you mean ;0; we are quite lucky, we have a huge japanese community here so we have many japanese stores and shops

  23. Where are the interior design shots from? They look awesome.

  24. OMG!

    lovely photos.very nice


  25. i really noticed that you have a knack for sweets! :)
    you should really really start giving us sweets too!
    btw, yeah, i can't stand those who haggle too much already.. it's so not fair if something's already marked down so much. seems truly abusive. :/
    anyway, you going back to school too? :> good luck as well.

  26. I really love the way your friend's room ist decorated. The style is so romantic, nostalgic but still modern! Greetings from Bavaria :)

  27. <3

  28. Haggling for a discount is one thing but it is the first time I hear of haggling because of fold lines.

    Yummy yummy food. Fish with green curry. Mmmm... I absolutely love mooncakes that I term it "Mooncake Festival" instead of "Mid Autumn Festival".

  29. oh myyy love the food! XD

    Giveaway on my blog : Zara Pastel Orange Blazer ^^

  30. Great photos! The food look good :)

  31. Great pictures!
    love the rings.


  32. Ik hou van mooncake <3 Leuke foto's allemaal, al het eten ziet er heerlijk uit! X

  33. All these photos are so vibrant & fun! Love it.


  34. Your photos are amazing! <3

  35. All the food looks yummy! I love all your photos. I LOVE your blog, new follower :)

    * Always, Stephanie

  36. beautiful, beautiful pictures! I'm following your blog now!

    x Ellie

  37. love ur pictures :)
    Love Lois xxx

  38. The rings looks soo nice :3

    What does your aunt us for the filling of the Mooncake?

  39. Nice, I'm hungry now!:))


  40. haha nice pictures!! i think the last one i hello kitty mooncake :)


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