Peek Into My Life 22

My current life is: school. 
It's a huge drag and I barely survived
this first month of it! 

The good news is: I got a great
class I think with great people! 
And I don't have school on Friday which
means: long weekend! 

Purchased 2 skirts! Really fast shipping within 3 days = I like it!

Who is this? 

Schielands Museum @Rotterdam: an assignment from school that we had to visit!
It's a shame to hear that this beautiful museum is going to close because of the 
financial cuts of the government :c

 A cool jacket made out of pencaps! 

Witnessed some exclusive pieces by Jean Paul-Gaultier!

 Then we had lunch at Hema. I had the lasagne and cheesecake!

 After reading a review of someonesbeautyblog of how well this shampoo-bar worked, I decided
 to purchase this at Lush c: 

 An exciting bowling match under the blacklights. 


  1. the drawing you did of the girl is so pretty :) love the outline of the rose crown. the other photos are lovely too, especially like the one of the bowling lights :)

  2. weer leuke foto's! die museum ziet er mooi uit zeg ;o. Erg mooie tekening ook al is hij volgens mij nog niet eens af, hihi.

  3. the museum looks very interesting! :3 and i totally agree with boring school days, it is hard to find topics you could blog about ~ except of FOOD! *Q* khekhe
    the blouse with scarf looks very elegant ~ absolutely like it! a lot of my friends purchased something from forever21 recently ^_^
    what kind of shampoo-bar is it??
    ♥ ♥

  4. the pen caps jacket is amazing! xx
    ps. check out my giveaway

  5. Hey! I'm free on Friday too! :] I use that day to do the motorcycle lessons! :3
    Nice outfit & photo's :]

  6. That's a shame about the museum closing. It looks like it houses so many cool things like the Jean Paul Gaultier clothing and the pen cap jacket!

  7. Your drawing is so so so beautiful. I wish I could draw as well as you!

  8. Everything about this post is so fantastical and the girl drawing look slike you. Amazing. <3 thanks for filling us with wonder and good luck with school-art school?

  9. Life looks pretty great for you at the moment :) Haha, especially with the Forever 21 package :P Beautiful photos as always!

  10. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    the pencaps jacket is so cool! love your outfit <3

  11. The museum looks so nice!
    Sad that it's closing though. ):
    The pen cap jacket looks cool. :D

  12. Mooie foto's! Ik vind dat jij echt een hele mooie en leuke tekenstijl heb :D

  13. wow these photos are awesome <3 i wish i could go there once. would you like to follow each other?

  14. nice blog dear,

    follow each other?


  15. great set of photos! Loved your outfit :)


  16. I don't know would you be interested,but there is a giveaway on my blog,you can win 50$ coupon for clothes from sheinside so if you want,come and join. Rules are simple :)

  17. love the drawing, very nice post


  18. I love these pictures and all the art pieces. Great post :)

  19. Love Forever 21! Luckily they are getting a store in Amsterdam this year or the next!
    How'd you like the shampoo bar? I have one but I don't like it because I feel it does not really clean my hair very well. It turns greasy the next day...or maybe that's because I always use regular shampoo. But I think it's very annoying!

  20. Gorgeous pictures! I really like that mural / display on the wall. That elimination of fine detail is such a cool effect. Do you know who it was? Reminds me of Shakespeare~

    ♥ Xixia |

  21. Love that bit of drawing..pretty!

  22. I hope school will get better for you! The Jean Paul Gaultier display looks really amazing!! It's such a shame that the museum is going to close down.


  23. Your photographs are beautiful as always. Such a shame to see beautiful museums close!

  24. Ah, school is very stressful! But it's good to get a good education lol
    I can't believe the Museum is gonna close, it looks so pretty! D:
    Your shoes look really cool, btw :D


  25. Great photos!! I love your top~ (:


  26. These photos are awesome. Really! I know what you mean about school. It's so tiring and it takes up all my time. Anyways, hang in there! It'll get better soon. As for your Lush purchase, I love their shampoo bars! :)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My ankle is better now!

    Lots of love, B
    Twitter | Facebook | Facebook Page

  27. Love it!

    (giveaway iphone case)


  28. Amazing pictures! Don´t you have school on Friday? That´s awesome :)

  29. great photos! hv fun with the long weekend :)

  30. I love your photos :D The wall photo looks so interesting~ love that texture. Cute outfit btw! I love the combo of bows and collars~ Very fresh with the bun hairstyle too ^_^ :D

    Joyce @

  31. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:

  32. congratulations on the long weekend, mei! :)
    i guess your school days has been so full of art lately! i love it! :>
    take care, dearie! :D

  33. a day in a life. your school life looks exiting. made me miss school.

    Geia from the Philippines

  34. cool style and pictures mei.。.:*☆ As usual I enjoy looking at your photos a lot :)

  35. The glow in the dark outfit is a one cool thing in all photos that u took for this post. Hahah! ;)

  36. Cool! Follow me if you want!


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