Food in Process: Hello Kitty Mug Cake

I can not remember when the last
time I have baked in the kitchen..
Once again all my spare time
goes to school!

As you can read from the title, the
cake today is not a big deal and
is really easy to make. With help
from Hello Kitty c:  

To-do list: shop new fall/winter gears. done!

Da Recipe: 1 Hello Kitty mug cake flour, 1 egg.

 Simply whisk the egg and add the flour mixture and mix well together and your are done!

You can pour the chocolate mixture into a mug but I divided them into 3 smaller cups! 
2 min at 600Watt in the microwave and bon appetit! 

Looks like soufflé! Sugar on top to increase pro-looking dessert c:

 My expectation was to be very moist, and sticky but in fact it's really fluffy! 
The taste is so-so because the chocolate taste is really minimum unfortunate.

I'm Feeling: schoolstressed
Music: Rihanna - Diamonds - the lyrics is a bit cliché but I like it!
Food: maaltijd salade met kip
Drink: camille tea


  1. Hehehe, it looks like it's extra chocolate, even though you say it's not. :D

    I'd try it. :D

  2. dat ziet er zo goed eruit! Misschien de volgende keer zelf cacoa erbij gooien ;p?

  3. mmm looks so delicious <3

  4. fabulous post! these are so cute! i hope they were yummy! i just love your blog so much, mydear!

    xx rae

    Good luck in school!!

  6. Oh, that looks so delicious! I think I can smell all the chocolate-y goodness from my screen<3


  7. It's so cute! And so so easy! Good luck with being stressed from school! Hope you feel better. :(

  8. Ah mug cakes! I've yet to try making these but this looks delicous.

  9. awwww gorgeous !!!!

    Thx for the comment <3

    Wanne follow each other ? :)



  10. looks yummyyyy!! :)

  11. Omg! This look so yummy, just when I need some sweet treats! I am so jealous!

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  12. I often make the same cake except without a ''pakje''. Just some flour, cocopowder and milk/egg and then into the microwave! And most of the time it has a really chocolately taste because I can put a lot of coco in it!

  13. hmm.. it looks delicious. I need one now :)

  14. I'll admit I was expecting Hello Kitty's face there kekekeke
    Looks yummy, though! I feel like I'm really tasting it by look at the .gif

  15. lookos so yummy! i love *chocolate* anything about it :D

    i'm your new followers, follow me back? anyway thx for the comment on my blog yaa :)

  16. yumm! and man i loove that gif xx

  17. Btw, I've got giveaway on my blog so check it out if you want! :D

  18. it definatlye looks very fluffy ^^ tehe i used to go to gymnastics, but only for 6months, i was very bad at it XD

  19. I used to make these cakes all the time when I was younger. I have never seen a Hello Kitty version though. The box is so cute~


  20. I have a thing with those cutesy looking packaging! If I buy something like that, I couldnt put it past myself to open the seal and actually put the product to use :(

  21. Oooh yummy, ziet er lekker uit en leuk! (Leuk, omdat het Hello Kitty related is haha). X

  22. it looks really delicious, i wish i could bake cakes too :(

  23. looks yummy ! >.<

  24. Love the bowl you used! the red on the inside is so pretty! :) I'm so not good at baking so maybe I should try using pre-made mixtures :P the pictures are lovely and I love the idea of many small cakes :) cool gif! ...and thank you for your dear comment on my last entry!! You guys made me so happy with all your thoughtful words!


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