Peek Into My Life 24

Everytime I visit Youtube, I always
read the top-comments because they are
so funny. But I also need to stop reading
them because they contain spoilers and such..

I can't believe October is over! That means
Halloween is coming up, which is not an
official holiday in the Netherlands unfortunate. 
Darn, I want to dress up and eat candies.

Right now, I'm busy to finish my papers
for next week. My first semester exams are
coming up! 

Wearing Revlon nailpolish 'Charming'.

 I've made egg noodles with shiitake and other healthy vegs.

 A fresh 'stroopwafel' (syrup waffle) made from two thin layers of baked batter with a caramel-like syrup filling
in the middle.
I really start to like these ´My Beauty Diary´ masks a lot! This Sake Yeast mask has a slight alcohol smell.


  1. heb je dat eigenlijk al lang? Je Chinese naam aan de zijkant? ;o Ziet er namelijk erg leuk uit ^^. Ik heb nu echt zin stroopwaffel ♥_♥. Zo te zien heb je weer leuke kleren gekocht ^^.

  2. I do the same thing every time I'm on a Youtube video! I won't be dressing up either. :( This year it falls on a Wednesday, so I'll just be at home...probably reading other people's blogs about their Halloween. haha.

  3. Hey, ben je ook Nederlands?!
    Ik heb vandaag ook een lekkere stroopwafel gehad, maar dan gewoon uit een pakje;)

    Wat een leuke Hello Kitty dingen! In welke winkel was dat?

    P.S. Nog heel erg bedankt voor je comment op mijn sjaal!

  4. Oh memories *.*
    - i once tried those "syrup waffles" ...sooo freakin´ sweet & delicious!!! ♥
    ...i know its not the same, but i think i am going to make some pancakes tomorrow
    - with syrup :3

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  5. Nice photos :DD
    Good luck with your exams!

  6. lovely pics!
    But I always love your images, your stories and the way you are writing. Brings me always joy my dear!

  7. OMG you take absolutely perfect pics! What camera do you often use? Thank you so much for your comment on my blog<3

    little K.

  8. The photo of the cat just took my breath away!

    I'm starting to try My Beauty Diary Masks as well (the black pearl one is the one I use). c: They are quite nice~ How is the Sake Yeast one doing for you? o:

  9. u got all the beautiful and awesome shots! :)

  10. Your photos are aaaaaamazing as always! OMG I love the one with all that pink in it. Mei, you need to buy all those and ship them to me asap, what do you mean I don't even cook? Who cares, I'd buy them to stare at anyways......then I *might* attempt at making some cupcakes with store bought cake mix hahahaha You know, the ones where you just need to add milk LOL!!!! It looks like I need to try a syrup waffle soon! Looks delish!

  11. delicious food *______*


  12. I love your photos :D I've never purchased from ASOS (though i windowshop online there at lot hahah). Looking at your purchases tempt me :P lol when i saw the food post.. at first I read it very fast and thought you wrote "I made egg noodles with shit..." LOL ..then i reread..oh shititake mushroom ok ahhahaha. MBD masks are the best~ they're so moisturizing and relaxing ^_^ how are the products/prizes so far? Do you like them (from our giveaway)

    Joyce @

  13. Adore your photography skill, Mei! I love the pics especially the fish and sky.

    Dreamy Princess

  14. The stroopwafel looks so good! I want to try one!

  15. I love how unique your blog is!!! Could you please consider following each other? I made a really special and different post at my blog Twitter:@shineonbyandrea

  16. I love that one of the koi! Looks like he's swimming out from outer space (for some odd- reason my brain says so -_-)~
    & I'm the same way, really need to lay off the YouTube >,<


  17. I always read the top comments top :P
    You take such beautiful photos, great post!

  18. These are such gorgeous pictures, especially that one of the cat, it's so professional!

  19. whatta lovely set of photos I usually go on YouTube too

  20. thanks for the comment on my blog. your photos are AWESOME!!!


  21. Wat een leuke foto's! En die poes is lief!

  22. Great post!!

    Really love your style and posts!!

    A blog like this deserves following!

    Hope to see you back on mine for a peek :)



  23. the MBD sake yeast and applepoyphenol masks are my favorites of the whole line~ the pasta looks so delish! i want some! lol! i always love reading Youtube comments, the top and at least 2 pages of the rest lol i find it oddly amusing to see peoples views on a video :)

  24. ooh i hope you show us your asos goodies!!! :D

  25. great photos! all the food is making me exceptionally hungry :)


  26. Really nice pics :)

    New post - Kisses ♥

  27. Yumm... So many yummies... :q

  28. awesome photos! And wow, I think your photos just made me super hungry!

  29. Ik ben dol op verse stroopwafels van de markt, zie zijn zoveel lekkerder dan die van de supermarkt! En die Hello Kitty bak artikelen zijn echt geweldig. X

  30. Oktober vloog voorbij :) Veel succes met je paper! Die noodles zien er echt heerlijk uit!

  31. your cooking always looks so tasty, awh I hope u can still celebrate halloween somehow, where I'm leaving they have put up decorations. Good luck with your exams too!

  32. This post has made me hungry. I want noodles and those caramel waffles!!

  33. haha i do the same with you tube comments! ahh i love your food photos!

  34. nice photos, and those foods looks so tempting... yum!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  35. nice photos, btw good luck for your exam!

  36. Leuke foto's meid! De noodles ziet er lekker uit!!! Xx

  37. I want those caramel waffles l adore it.
    When I come to visit Amsterdam I eat them a lot. :) :)

    Thanks for comment me!!
    Your blog is so interesting!!
    Would you like to follow each other??
    Let me know!!


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