A short conversation: 
Him: "What is your name?"
Me: "Ice Pandora please. 
Him: "uh.. Pandora?"
Me: "No, it's Ice Pandora."
Him: "Sorry, Pandora..?"
Me: "ICE Pandora"
Him: "Pandora..?" 
Me: -sigh- "Yes, Pandora." 

The new Starbucks finally made his entry at Rotterdam
station. And of course I find myself in this huge line that
was formed infront of the SB counter. I wonder why
Starbucks are so loved, the coffee you are buying are
so much pricier than anywhere else. 

But then again, the taste is different than anywhere else,
as I am huge latte fan (chai latte!). No one ever succeeded 
to write down my Chinese name 'Mei' successfully, so I
decided to use different name this time: Ice Pandora. 
No improvement was yield.  

I've tried their winter flavors: toffee nut latte!

  I also bought hosiery at Vila: a stripped-and polka dot one c:

I'm Feeling: schoolpanic
Music: Coldplay - Strawberry Swing - I can't believe I just discovered this song a few days ago, the MV is só unique! So much artwork going on
Food: dried nuts and fruit
Drink: tea


  1. Haha, the Starbucks around here gets my name wrong sometimes as well :P They'll write it as "Peggy!"

    But I must admit, as expensive as Starbucks is compared to regular coffee, the taste can't be beat.

    1. the taste definitely can be beat!! i've tried so many other great places that now when I get a drink at starbucks, I think it tastes horrible.

  2. My friends and I enjoy going to Starbuck's for lunch, even though the food options are limited. Also, I like your tights! I also have striped and polka dotted tight. We can be tight twins!

  3. wow? seriously :( you should have tell him that "It's ICE Pandora.. I-C-E Pandora" XP just joking

    sometimes this happens to me as well >.< They spell my name wrong, so I have to spell my name out.

    hows the latte btw? c:

  4. i love starbucks' xmas edition cup ;))
    hahaha my name is mei too and there are some people that call it "mai"


  5. Haha, same here! I guess that especially Asians have those problems bc their names aren't familiar for them :-)

  6. HAHAHA funny anecdote! I have a friend who thinks her name is too hard for people to hear/digest so she calls herself Jess whenever she orders at starbucks

  7. Hellooooo....Pandora Hahahah jk jk I got to starbucks too frequently, especially during the holiday season since they have my favorite seasonal drink = pumpkin spice latte and now that they have this point system, I've gone even more ugh!

    I sometimes want to tell the people there a funny name like an animal name or company name LOL But usually I just use my real name or Suki. How was the toffee nut latte btw?

    re: The salmon came on a platter which I just ate off of =P

  8. ... I must say I do think Starbucks is too overpriced, I don't find them to taste so spectacular at all. I have had better coffee's in the cafe's around my town!
    Good luck with your project :3

  9. awkward mensen bij de starbucks. Mei is gewoon net als de maand Mei. =.=

  10. lol when do they ever get names right? my name is super simple and they still get it wrong every now and then. ahahaha, with all kinds of weird spellings too!! like "sahara" =____=

    - sarah -

  11. lol... adorable story =)

    you have a cute blog!!

    ps. do you want to follow each other?


  12. haha, at least the hand writing is really cool :) my favourite is the gingerbread flavoured! I don't drink coffee so often though..

  13. hi mei!!! i'm back :) ... well sort of. baby's taking aaaa loooot of my time T_T but it's all worth it! he is absolutely adorable. im sure you saw pictures. hihi. anyway. just dropping by to say hello, and catch up on a few of your posts. sorry to hear about your name, some people are just silly. i dont find either of them hard to say, or remember...
    love, xfallenmoon

  14. hahaa that's so funny. When I went to Starbuck, I said that my name is Caroline, but instead he wrote my name 'Careline", I was like what??? but just laughed it out instead lol


  15. lucky mei. starbucks still hasn't landed in italy :(


  16. Hahaha that's a funny conversation. I usually give up when they don't understand what I want when I'm ordering something.

  17. Haha try just ICE next time ;)

    Dyou know, I loved Starbucks when I was in the UK. It just feels so cosy to sip on a cuppa (love Toffee Nut Latte btw), but I've been back for nearly a year now in Malaysia and have only been to Starbucks like...twice. I wonder what's different

  18. Panties zien er leuk uit! En wat een gesprekje zeg haha.
    We gaan wel winkelen wanneer de sneeuw weg is. :")

  19. eheh, thanks! i hope he will like my cooking too. if every you try my cupcakes, let me know what you think. (:

  20. All I want to do is eat fruits and drink tea this weekend! Haha

  21. Nope, it's actually the one of the softest sweaters I own! I thought it would be itchy when I first looked it too.. haha. It actually isn't at all!

    Hahahaha, I love the convo between you and the Starbucks employee. I always just tell them my name is Ann (what everyone calls me) and they STILL get it wrong. People always have to complicate things I tell ya!


  22. Wahahaha funny! Ik was er ook langs geweest vorige week even snel but geen tyd gehad voor een stop XD xx

  23. that made me giggle, LOL.
    You look super chic in that hat, love it...
    stress! yea agree that it's good and bad...

    Aw thanks dear for your comment on my last post!


  24. Hey thanks for the encouragement? Well yet another surprise bcos i didn't know that people would be interested in my blog and that people reads it. Anyways, lovely blog 'ya have. :)


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