Another milestone: Happy Birthday!

I'm sorry for the lack of posting these
days (it's been 6 days!). I celebrated my birthday 
at 18th december with family at
restaurant Margarita for dinner.  

It's almost 22 december and I am wondering
if something will happen today. Maybe not. 
Yesterday I received my parcel of ASOS and
told my dad how extremely relieved I was that it
 didn't came on the 21th, said the naive inside
of me. 

Tomorrow I'll be going out with my friends
and having dinner again. This week I've
devoured 3 dinnerparties already! I feel
like gaining weight.

 My dad bought the cake, it has a mocha side and fruity side. I preferred the fruity side c:

 I've ordered ravioli with forest mushrooms. I loved when you bite the ravioli and the filling burst out in your mouth.
 I've collected money, food and giftcards for my birthday. This Bodyshop giftbox was given by my sweet colleague!

  And yes I'll be holding a giveaway soon!

I'm Feeling: tired
Music: Miss S 미스에스 - Goodnight - is it a trend that girls keep falling in love with the bad guy?
Food: chocolate, bon bon, petit fours etc..
Drink: tea


  1. happy belated birthday!!! :D
    yay, your knitted gifts came out awesome!!
    have a merry christmas~

    - sarah -

  2. Leukkk! =D ik heb ook alweer 7 dagen nix gepost whahahaha! xx

  3. Happy Belated birthday! As always, your photos are beautiful. c: The food looks delish! I'm drooling over the photos. *A*

  4. Happy happy belated birthday :) That cake is a quite nice idea, I guess I would eat both sides because cake haha! I hope you enjoyed your great day (at least you had delicious food!!).

  5. Happy belated birthday! Your cake looks so delicious! Those decorations are so cute, too.

  6. Happy belated birthday! Haha, ik had vandaag ook een post met hema taart! :]
    Leuke cadeau's heb je! :] Eetsmakelijk en veel plezier morgen!

  7. Happy Belated Bithday to you!! Looked like a good time with delicious food. That mocha cake your dad got you looks extremely yummy!

  8. Naku kakabday mo lang pala days ago... I think you really had a good time....

  9. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a wonderful one - its definitely a big milestone :)

    Enter to win a $30 giftcard to Rire!
    Trendy Teal

  10. glad to see you had an awesome day Mei!! love the pictures!! and ure making me hungry!! drool***

  11. happy birthday once again! the cake looks really yummy! enjoy your birthday and happy holiday :D

  12. Happy birthday to you.

    It feels so good to have your birthday during the holioday season coz there would be lots of eating, spending time with loved ones and presents all at once.

  13. It's the 22nd of December here in Australia so...HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY MEI!!

    From your photos, the ambiance at Margarita looks really nice :)

    Wish I was there to celebrate it with you <3<3

  14. happy belated birthday dear :)
    i bet you had a great time at your family dinner !
    wow giveaway soon ? YEAY :D

    xoxo ,

  15. Caaaaake! *.* Happy birthday, from my heart. ;)

    A muffin giveaway? :D It would be great! :)

  16. Aw happy belated birthday! Looks like a fantastic time!! xx

  17. happy birthday to you my friend,
    and i must say you had a very scrumptious cake

  18. Happy Belated Birthday <33
    The cake looks delicious mmmmm!! And hope you enjoyed your birthday ^^

  19. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee happy birthday once again mei!

  20. Well happy birthday!! That cake looks delish. :) And I am totally loving the fuzzy heart ornaments. <3

  21. Happy Birthday!
    The cake looks delicious, I think I'd prefer the fruity side too!
    And sounds like you received some lovely gifts ^^

  22. so much cute stuff!! Happy belated birthday! :)

  23. Everything looks great! I LOVE those little heart ornaments!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  24. Nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Het eten ziet er heerlijk uit. :)

  25. happy birthday! your knit ornaments are so cool!! i love them!

  26. happy birthday again mei (: it's really close to mine, im on the 28th!! xD hope you enjoyed all your birthday dinner parties. your cake looks delicious! my parents usually get me cheeeeeeeesecake. i looooove cheesecake. eheh.

  27. Nice! ;)
    die hartjes zien er echt leuk uit ;)


  28. Glad u had a great birthday! :D awesome to be pampered

  29. happy 18th birthday mei! hope you had a fantastic day and the cake looks delicious :)

  30. Cute photos and they look delicious! xoxo

  31. Happy Belated~ looks like you had a sweet one! :3

  32. happy birthday :D!

    X Jenny

  33. Ziet er prachtig uit!! Gefeliciteerd nog :)

  34. Happy Birthday! & your cake is darling<3 It's like a dream birthday cake ^.^
    & super cute baby orange~ Can't wait for the giveaway!


  35. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great birthday and all the food looks so amazing! :D

  36. Happy belated birthday Mei!!!! Omg! I can't wait till your giveaway, I hope I won't have to do anything challenging to enter like three back flips hahaha Those knitted heart ornaments are adorable!!!! I've been looking for a nice *affordable* ornament for my tree, I try to buy one every year. Right now all I've got are those generic balls and one ornament from last year lol Mmmmmmm mushroom ravioli~

    P.S Do you still play with your ds?

  37. HAAPPYY BIRTHDAY!!! What an awesome idea to have a cake with two different flavoured sides! Your crochet hearts are tooo cute and yay you're having a giveaway :D

  38. I think its really cute how your asian family goes out to dinner at non-asian places. Is it odd I find that sweet? Im chinese myself but when we celebrate something, its always a chinese restaurant that gets picked (by my mom :p)

    Happy birthday :)


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