Food in Proces: Fruittarts

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! 
What's a holiday without food so I prepaired
some nice baked goods at home.
I've been flipping through cookbooks and 
bumped into this yummy looking fruittart

It's called Little Summerfruit-tart, but I think
it fits its place in the winter-scene as well.

 Da Recipe: 100gr plain flour, 40gr icing sugar, 55gr butter, half tbsp milk, 1 egg yolk
Filling:110gr creamcheese, 100gr icing sugar, 175± gr fresh fruit (6 pieces)

Like sunflowers!

And I've made eggtarts with the leftover pastry
Da Steps: 
1.Seive the flour and the icing sugar in a bowl. Rub the butter trough it until a crumble dough. 
2. Add the egg yolk and the milk to form a smooth dough. 
3. Wrap the dough in clingwrap and chill for 45 min. in the fridge. 

4. Pre-heat oven to 200C degrees. 
5. Unpack the dough from the clingwrap. Dust the workspace with flour. 
6. Roll the dough out and cut circles from it. Place them in the tart molds. Use a fork to make holes 
in the dough. 
7. Bake the tart for 10-15 minutes. Let them cool down in the molds

Da Steps - Filling:
8. Whip the creamcheese and icing sugar together in a bowl. 
9. With a spoon, scoop up the mixture and place them in the center of the tarts. 
10. Garnish with your favorite fruit and you are done! 
Good luck c:   

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  1. hmm looks yummy! thanks for sharing, inspiring as always, mei :D

  2. I will attempt to do this...thank you for this post... pang mayaman ha...

  3. looks so delicious and also pretty ! :D
    I wish I could bake .__.

  4. Oh my...this is soo yummy and seems so easy! Sometimes I worry that making such yummy things will lead me to eating them all by myself! Thanks for sharing the awesome home made recipe, I do want to try this out! And yay to no verification!haha

  5. Oh wow, they look gorgeous and absolutely delicious!! @0@
    Good job, I seriously feel like a sweet, fruity dessert now... with pastry! ^^

  6. ahhhh those fruit tarts are great! That pan would be a perfect present for one of my baker friends and she could make me all the tarts I want. I think I'll show her this recipe too :) thanks for the idea.

  7. it seems so perfect
    ive book marked this
    ill suggest my mom to have this on new years eve

  8. Oh, wow~ these look so pretty & yummy~
    I'll have to try & make some<3


  9. It looks really yummy. I hope I can try that out myself. :)

    Belated Merry Christmas!

  10. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH soooo yummy!!! I want to bake right now! <3 I miss baking! Thank you for sharing <3

  11. EHHH THIS LOOKS SOOOO GOOOOD!!! I wish I was good at baking (I'm so impatient and have a bad habit of short cutting processes D: ) but yes THIS LOOKS DELISH!!!

  12. YUM! I just came home from a buffet but I could definitely still eat one of these! Delicious!

  13. Looks delicious! Love fruittarts, especially the ones with the custard base :)

  14. Ooh looks fresh and delicious. It's very hot where I am right now, so these look perfect for the season :)

    I'm craving something nice and sweet now!

  15. OH MY, dit ziet er heeeeerlijk uit! En jammer dat het uit Hong Kong komt, too bad. :( XX

  16. Ohh dat ziet er heerlijk uit, mmm Een traktatie uit duizenden!
    Leuke blog heb je!!

    kom gezellig een kijkje nemen met m'n nieuwste post!

  17. They're so cute and tasty looking! I love tarts and I've been promising to make my brother one for quite awhile now. Oops, I kind of forgot...

  18. It's sounds delicious !!
    Happy new year !

  19. These are my favorite desserts when I'm not dieting! My mom always gets a huge one at xmas from our fave bakeshop! And I over indulge like a little kid every time!! Delish!! xx

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  20. they look so yummy!

  21. Wat een leuke en gezonde snack. Ook leuk om uit te delen.

  22. oehhh ziet er lekker uit :D mooi gemaakt!

  23. i am always so blown away by your skills in the kitchen, my dear. these look so lovely. i would try to attempt them myself but i fear i am not that advanced of a baker yet!
    xx rae

  24. gahhh, i was looking at your post thru my cell phone but for some reason wasn't able to comment!! but i really wanted to tell you that you are amazing!! i can't believe you make so many food goodies all the time. i don't have the patience to do so. well but then again, you do pixel art too. i feel like you have to have lots of patience for that as well. have a happy new year btw!

    - sarah -

  25. These look absolutely gorgeous! Would love to try the recipe.

    Happy New Year! x

  26. looks delicious!

  27. Oh, my! Looks delish!

    Hope you had a lovely Xmas, Mei!

  28. That looks so good! Thanks for checking out my blog :)
    xx Allie

  29. Oh lordie, wat een heerlijkheid!

  30. Yum, they look delicious! I wish I was nearly as talented as you :( The only thing that I can possibly make taste good are toffee shortbread cookies.

  31. Tarts look pretty tough to make! The construction must not be an easy process. Final product looks delicious though!

  32. Waaaaah. Those look so yummy and crazy easy to make. -puts on to do list-

  33. Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Ik vind dat zo lekker eruit zien! Aah ik heb nu echt zin in eggtarts

  34. The tart looks delicious!!!
    You are great!
    I would love to try!


  35. Looks delicious! You're a natural with cooking/pastries!

  36. Those tarts look so delicious!


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