Itcy Mustache

We have female models 
wearing mustaches. Say what? That's right! This event 
was all about art, fashion and of course

We have been working 3-4 months on this school-project 
and can't believe it's over in a flash of a day. I'm happy
that it's over, delivering a great results but
also sad that it's over. 

Huge picture spam, scroll down! 

Cupcakes & chocolate mustache!

One of the models. How awesome are the sequined eyebrows?!  

 We also got a theater performance about integration and clothing. 

The catering from 'Lof der Zoetheid' And they also have a restaurant! The tableware: everything was made of wood/carton. The pumpkin soup was delicious!

I was so hungry that day, almost forgot to take a photo of the blood oranges flavored mustache cake

 Goodiebag items!

Our kind of guestbook hanging at branches.

Getting ready for the photobooth! 
Can you spot Charlie Chaplin?
Merry Christmas I.P reader!


  1. Merry Christmas and congratulations on the project well done! :)

  2. You look beautiful and the food look good!

  3. Merry Christmas Mei!
    I'm sorry I'm a bit late, my computer has been sick lately and it still kind of is. :( Hope you've had a great time - the photos at least tell me you have!

  4. Alles snor! XD Nice!
    Seems like the event was a succes! :3 Well done!

    Merry Christmas! :]

  5. It looks like you had a great show... Creative.. plus good food!

  6. Oh my goodness, those chocolate moustaches look fun and delicious!

    Looks like it was an amazing event ^^

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas as well!

  7. The whole 'tashe theme is so cute! xx

  8. now thats a lot of mustaches!! lolll. cute, happy holidays!

    - sarah -

  9. Wow, that's so cool!!! =) I love the unique idea. The mushtaches are so cute! ^___^
    U guys seriously look so prefessional!

  10. awesome photos !!

    would you like to follow each other ? let me know!! kisses

  11. Looks like such a cool event! I'm glad everything went well for you and the food looks so delicious. ^^

  12. This looks awesome! And I love the galaxy tights!

  13. Merry Christmas darling! That little cupcake looks so delicious!!

  14. That's so cool omg *__* All the food :9

  15. And yes, girls generation and snsd is the same group ;) i adore miss a and 2ne1!!!! <3 big band is cool too :D i've never heard of miss $ before...

  16. Wow that's amazing haha how cute and creative!!!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)
    PS check your email please ;)

  17. That last shot is the cutest ^.^


  18. wow those were cool stuff
    and it seems so yummy,

    well i find those models quirky in a cool kind of way

  19. that looks awesome! :) great project! :D Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ^_^

  20. I must say, females don't look too bad with moustaches at all! ehehehe

  21. Haha, that looks super fun!! >w<
    great project, btw!
    and all those foods... @0@

  22. Oh wow, you guys look like you had a ton of fun with this project. I love the moustaches. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year too!

  23. The way you take your pictures is just lovely! I can see you have a eye for beautiful details!
    Love your blog! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

    xx Jana

  24. I wonder why mustaches are really popular lately, ehehe... they look cute somehow. and thanks for your comment too :D

  25. This is an amazing project, everything look so beautiful and elegance ! Love that cute chocolate mustache.

  26. I'm instantly drawn to the chocolate mustache lollipop!

  27. Oh wat gaaf zeg! Ziet er erg tof uit en het eten ziet er ook yummy uit. :) Leuke legging heb je trouwens aan! X

  28. Geweldig mooie foto's! Fijn dat alles goed is gegaan! Mooie outfit heb je aan, love the galaxy tights.

  29. Thx for comments in my circle lens review... :D you're cute too.. xoxo~

  30. I love the catering utensils!!!!!!! UGhhhhh loves it! Oh and yes the models were very pretty hahahaha sorry I got carried away with the wooden utensils, the mustache idea is very neat and I love the way it was integrated into the whole event =3 The bons bons look especially yummy hahaha

  31. Is this event still on or was it only for one day?
    Looks really cool especially the mustache tree!


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