This diamond has so many carats, it's almost a turnip

(Thank you for your birthday wishes!)

I'm a sucker for rings with animal designs, yet
I don't own a lot of them. With holiday around
the corner and sales arriving in stores, I've 
done some Christmas shopping for myself
and others! 

Together with classmate/friend I went to Monki
to check out their sales. Here I found a new
ring that adds to my animal collection and
it was only 4 bucks! It's a fox head with sly
looks in his eyes. Gotta love foxes.

I've also bought a navy dress.

This is 'Blix Em' the housecat of my classmate. "She's a real diva"

Great bag and receipt designs c: did you know I collect artsy cute shopping bags?

 Hat: Hong Kong Earrings: Aime Elle Necklace: Pieces Sweater: H&M Dress: Mexx


  1. So many suet animal photos! That's cool that you collect artsy shopping bags. Haha, if we lived close to each other, I would save all of mine for you. (:

  2. I love animal rings too and your fox one is adorable~ The only problem with me is that rings never fit my fingers (I only like to wear rings on my ring finger) cause my fingers are too bony =( Wow that receipt is really nice!!!

  3. Haha I was the same in the beginning! They looked all the same to me xD now, it's different of course because I got to know them :) I love SNSD. My favorite group is SHINee though, what's yours? :)
    I just read your about me - "She has a weakness for Korean boys." HAHAHAHHA high-5!
    Your blog is so cute (I love the banner omg) :) ♥

  4. awwh! thanks for your lovely comment! you make my day soo much! i feel much better! by the way, i like all the rings, rings are really in trend right now, exspecially animals one.

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  6. oh that ring is gorgeous and i love your outfit as well, especially the printed dress!

  7. Love your outfit....Very feminine and the print of your dress is so gorgeous! I love animal shaped rings...very unique!

  8. great pictures as always
    4bucks thats a super great deal
    ow i love that cat ring

  9. The fox ring is my favorite!
    You look adorable :)

  10. Merry Christmas to you, too! Hope you'll enjoy your spare time and get lovely presents :)
    This diva cat above looks absolutely cute, really makes me wanna cuddle it, hehe.

  11. That fox ring looks brilliant! I love that you collect artsy shopping bags, such a nice thing to collect!! Also, a very belated happy birthday! AND merry Christmas!!

  12. Very nice ring! Leuke ketting ook trouwens :]
    Fijne kerst!

  13. loving your sweater and dress :D I do love collecting cute shop bags too! I think it's only me that do that "silly" thing.. lol.. *high five*

    that cats are so cute! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Mei!

  14. Wat een leuke ringen! Vind je jurkje echt heel cute. X

  15. happy belated birthday! you have all the amazing shots btw! <3

  16. This is such a cute post, I love the animal rings and the animals (yay cats and dogs) and your outfit is really pretty!

  17. Aww that fox ring is way too cute! Lovvee your moustache and collar necklaces too! Merry Xmas Mei!

  18. Nice post, thank you for share! Also thank you so incredibly much for the comment you'd left on my blog, wish You a Merry Christmas!!!
    I'm following you now, if you aren't following my blog yet, feel free to do that:D
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  19. Omg agreed - I adore animal rings! You are a cutie! Happy belated birthday!

    High-Stitched Voice

  20. love your hairstyle, great pictures! xx

  21. Amazing ring! Might have to stop by them as well:)

    A very merry Christmas to you as well<3

  22. awww your ring is so cute!!!!!<3 and that outfit as well!and it kinda makes me miss summer!<3

    merry christmas!


  23. Awesome!

  24. You look lovely! That fox ring is adorable! Merry Christmas! :) xx Laura

  25. Cute outfit on the last pic and I love collecting rings as well! Cant always find my size though. Merry christmas!


  26. Lovely outfit!
    Cute cats ;D
    Merry Christmas Mei! xx

  27. Your outfit is so romantic with all the soft, pastel colors. Great choice with the fox ring by the way! I've been obsessing over anything fox-related lately. :P


  28. Great pictures! Great shots! I love your smile :)
    Happy happiest christmas anyway <3

    crunchy cheese me

  29. Merry Christmas Mei!!! love the rings, the cat ring is super cute! and so is the housecat of your classmate, hehe i love your OOTD! super cute!!!

    alex @

  30. omgosh loveee that dress is so gorgeous! the blue teal color is amazing!

  31. that fox ring is cool

  32. Beautiful photos and lovely jewelries!
    now I understand why you mentioned not buying a real fur, you have such lovely furry friends and theyre so cute!

  33. I'm also a sucker for anything animal related. I try to fight it, but sometimes I just can't! Love that owl ring!

  34. Very very nice blog, following you right now :) If you like my blog, feel free to follow it :)

    Bisous! Marie


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