Peek Into My Life 26

  I'm watching The Skeleton Key at the moment
and I'm super scared. I don't like horror movies
but I can't leave them alone either. I don't know 
about you guys but I just want to know how the 
story ends. I wish I can cuddle away with 
someone haha. 

My second semester is almost over which
means exames. I feel my senior year is going to
be the hardest year of all my other years. I've been
re-writing my paper over and over and overrr
again. It's like someone keeps crushing on your
head. It's frustrating. But what not kills you
makes you stronger right?

 I hate when I miss my train. So. I go look for a bench and watch people passing by. Kind of relaxing. 

 How little creativity with lights can bring so much joy in your life.

 Vintage hat from a thrift store! Only 3,5 bucks! And I think it's new as well cuz I saw 4 more of the same hat.

 Fudges from cupcake shop 'Sprinklez', they were yummy, and even yummier if its without the marshmallow.
 Dirty spots on dirty camera sensor. 


  1. I love those Werther's candies! I don't like scary movies either haha, I always refuse to watch them.

  2. Great photos! Good luck on your exams. x

    <3 Melissa

  3. Hi, Mei!
    Your hat is very cool, and I love these rings!
    My son also examine next month!
    But he watches TV and plays game long time everyday...


  4. Ughhhh I totally get what you're experiencing right now - I remember when I was in uni, I was never happy with my writings. But you'll get there very soon! Good luck for you exams. x

  5. Always love your simple every day life pictures. And nice outfit! Love the fur vest :)

  6. such interesting and fun photos!! :D love the fur vest and all your rings!! :D

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  7. sweet deal with the hat!!


  8. Hey Mei :)
    Thank you for telling us about the skeleton key! I have the same relationship with horror movies... I'm not a horror fan but I've probably watched more horror movies than any other genre... nyahaha.
    Haven't heard of this one yet!

    the chocolate fudges looks so delicious! I've never had fudges.. don't even know what it is exactly ;)
    And I loooove your tights.. (although they're not really visible I can imagine the rest) And the dress looks so pretty on you! really chic :)

    Don't stress yourself too much!

  9. what a cute post about your life... love all the adorable random snaps (and the captions which make them even more endearing)!! good luck with school, it's stressful but don't forget to enjoy the process, school is the best, i miss it!

    rachel x

  10. i was drooling over those fudge!
    yum yum

  11. lovely shots! the sprinklez look really yummy! :D

  12. Gorgeous photos! I am the same way with horror movies... I hate them but I still want/need to watch them!

    Ellie | Ellalogy

  13. Lovely photos, that danish looks amazing too! x

  14. After reading your post, I went to google "Skeleton Key" and was reading the plot summary on Wikipedia. What a lot of twists and turns.

    All the best for your exams!

  15. I definitely want all of your rings <3

  16. Nice outfit!

    Goodluck with your scriptie! :D

  17. Ouu I love your outfit Mei! You look gorgeous! :D the fur is A++

    Joyce @

  18. Hi mei!
    the photography on your blog is quite beautiful so i'm quite flattered about your comment :) the camera i use is a canon 40d with a tamron lens.
    anyhow, i'm exactly like you with horror movies...i spend the entire movie covering my eyes but peeking through my fingers because they're so horrible I have to see!

    p.s. your blog is so cute; you have a new follower :)

    annie // WEMAKEPLANS

  19. p.s. good luck with your exams!!

  20. Heey Mei,
    received your mail. I am going to ship your prize package around Thursday/Friday. I am choosing my favorite shipping service which provides insurance on all of their packages, so i hope it will travel fast and safe home to your place :)

    Awww, and what? You dont like the marshmallows on your chocolate fudge?!? - impossible ^.^ - what looks so cute is alsways yummy!! :D

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  21. haha i exactly know what do you mean with the horror movies XD
    i HAVE to know how the story ends XD
    your rings look cool and i really like your outfit :)
    xoxo ;**

  22. First thought that those fudges were some kind of soap from the Lush-shop hahahahaha! Wish you the best for your exams.

  23. Exactly! I just think of the "Stronger" song by Kelly Clarkson. :D
    And hahah, I'm that way with crime procedurals on television. It creeps me out, some of the crimes that occur and the people involved in them, but I can never stop watching them!
    Good luck on your exams!

    X i x i a ❥

  24. o0o0o0o I love horror/thriller movies too and am also very scared but I love them anyways kekeke That little putti/angel is adorable! I try not to buy decorations because 1.) no where to put them 2.) too lazy to dust them hahaha The fudge looks yummy and a good size, I can't eat anything too sweet for too long >< My mum used to keep candies in her purse for me and my siblings when we were little and werther's originals were a staple!

  25. Oh gosh, I could never watch a horror movie by myself... I would be scared,too!! Hope you didn't freak out a lot and could sleep well after watching that movie, haha! xD
    I am really bad with horror movies even though I used to love them two years ago. Don't know what changed me... /D
    Really loving your pictures! Especially the one with the playful lightening →(^_^). I totally agree with you! It indeed brings joy to our lifes! :D

    I wish you good luck and success on your exams!!~

    much loves,
    Hong ♥

  26. Die chocolade ziet er yummy uit!
    Is dat R'dam station? :)
    Good Luck with your exams!


  27. the lights are so cute! ^^ heheheh

  28. I like that little angel and outfitt picture :)

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  29. I get so scared by horror movies. It's almost embarrassing. D:

    All of the food looks yummy, especially the pastry with the raisins on it. ^^

  30. Nice pictures :D I don't like horror movies either but i'm always curious to watch them :p How I get over the scariness is watching the behind the scenes!

  31. Hello dear! you are so sweet! thank youuuu soooo much! so happy! hihi. thank youu! I'm glad you love my gif! :D Anyway, great photos! fun life. hihi :) I'm soo scared of horror movies as well. that's why i don't watch them. haha!

    Rae :3

  32. Leuke diary!! Succes met je toetsen! XO

  33. it's ok, enjoy your school while you can~~~

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  34. Good luck with your exams! that chocolate fudge is making me hungry :)

  35. Haha, I have the same problem with horror movies x)
    And I adore you pictures!. I hate missing trains too and lights during Christmas can indeed cheer up everything c: And so many delicious food, it gets me hungry ^^
    And good luck with the exams girl! ^^

  36. great pics

  37. OOh the Skeleton Key has such a good ending :) Gorgeous rings xx

  38. Beautiful photos!

  39. cute post!

    xo Jennifer

  40. Your photos are all so adorable! I love that look on you, too :)

    Lela -

  41. Such lovely pictures. Love that fur vest!!
    Wish you best of luck with exams and the end of this semester!!

  42. Love all these photos, that first one has me craving a Werthers! I personally can't handle scary movies at all but I always want to know how they end so I just read movie spoilers online, haha.

    xo, alison*elle

  43. omg the fudge looks soo good! Haha i'm the exact same way with horror movies- can't stand them, but i just have to watch anyway:)

  44. I really like your grey dress- I really need more sleeved dresses in simple silhouettes in my wardrobe. I like how the ceiling of the train station looks like it could be a floor as well haha.

  45. de cupcake ziet er zo goed uit! ik vind het altijd leuk om te zien wat mensen aan hebben als ik op een bankje zit op het station haha

  46. People watching can be really relaxing!

    And I love your outfit! The hat was a great buy, but I'm fixated on your fur vest - it's amazing ^^

  47. i want your fur!! LOL :D and that fudges look delicious :)

  48. nomnomnom. the food! @0@
    Werther's Original are deathly delicious!
    And good luck on your exams! You can do this! Fighting! ^w^


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