Sushi & Shopping are BFF

All of my closest friends love sushi and
one of them said to me: "thanks to you
I'm addicted to sushi". haha.
So me and this friend had a sushi-date.

The same day we also went shopping. Of
course I didn't want to spend much, so all
I did was checking the sale rack (yay). And here
I found an amazing maxi skirt that was only
10 bucks! Score!

Today's news was all about the Lance A. and
his unfortunate blunder in his carriere. Too be
honest I don't really care much. Of course its
shocking how this almost holy guy is a huge

I'll be more in shock if my Big Bang heroes
were faken their voice :P

Amazing shoe from my friend. I'm slightly jealous haha..
But I'm very happy with this skirt!


  1. Doe schoenen zijn leuk!<3 en maxi skiet voor een tientje is echt cheap! Enikzou ook shocked zijn als ik zo'n nieuws over bigbanghoor haha

  2. haha I can see why you love your friend's shoes too! they're gorgeous, love the wedge heel and buckles.

    Metallic Paws- New giveaway up on my blog!

  3. Those shoes! Couldn't agree more on shopping and sushi - bonus points on awesome deals!

  4. Sushi and shopping? Sounds like a fabulous day to me. I love it when I find bargains when I'm shopping :)

  5. Sushi and shopping are indeed the perfect combinations, hope you had lots of fun :)

    Janine xx

  6. Ooh, that seems like a really gorgeous skirt! >w<
    Aw, that's so lucky that all your friends love sushi! I love sushi too, but my friends just don't like it - at all. -.-
    Love the studded boots - your friend is lucky! ^^

  7. I didn't like him anymore anyway (LA), not after learning he cheated on competitions. This is why records are being broken by so-called 'fantastic athletes'. Because they're cheating, so it's not them breaking the records, it's the drug.

    Rant over.

    It's much nicer to talk about sushi. Japanese cuisine is in my top 3 favourite gastronomies, though I do like more than just sushi :) (and it really is addictive!)

  8. So stunning!
    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  9. Omnomnom!! I also love Sushi but unfortunately rarely go out eating sushi due all of the stores serving fish (ofc they do...) and since I'm vegetarian I can only eat the ones with vegetables. XD But you made me crave for some sushi right now, haha If I just wouldn't be too lazy to make them, takes so much time for me xD
    I'm also jealous of your friends shoes. They look gorgeous and also your buy does! I'm madly in love with maxi skirts, I feel like they make your feet look so much longer - I only own a white piece but would love to have that black one, too ;)

    much loves,

  10. Love that rocky boots dear.,
    Have a nice day with that sushi<3


  11. sushi is so wonderful! if you ever come to melbourne i have to take you to the best sushi place here! i think you'll like it
    and great bargain on the maxi skirt!

  12. Aww those shoes look stunning! xx

  13. My friends say the same thing about me! Haha, I LOVE SUSHI!
    I always go for the sale rack first when I'm out shopping - there's this really weird sense of pride when I manage to score a cheap item.

    And my god that boots! <3

  14. Mmmm sushi is delicioussss <333
    Although I'm not very good at eating sashimi :(

  15. Ziet er gezellig uit, I looooooove sushi. <3 En de maxi skirt ziet er zo ver ik kan zien, er tof uit!
    Een roomtour komt ergens hopelijk deze week. : ) X

  16. Great photos, love a bit of sushi!!


  17. Sushi is the best!! I wish more of my friends liked it AND that there were better sushi restaurants where i live!

  18. aaaaaaaah sushi is zooooo lekker!!!!
    En ja, ik heb je kleine wijsvinger-ring wel gespot op de laatste foto! superschattig!!
    Leuke blog!

  19. The question is: Who doesn't love sushi? Haha.

  20. Leuke post meid....sushi is heerlijk!!

    xx Mounia

  21. I love sushi too!
    Lovely photos

  22. Sushi and shopping, sounds like my perect day :)


  23. Such gorgeous boots and I love it when you accidentally stumble on a bargain, lovely skirt! xo

  24. It's great to snap up a bargain!

  25. It's great to snap up a bargain!

  26. dropping by :)you really enjoyed sushi

  27. your shots are amazing as always. I dont really like sushi.. but if my friends ask me to join them on sushi restaurant, I'd love to join. haha. have a nice day!

  28. that's indeed a lovely shoes
    well of given the money shopping is really the most fun thing to do

  29. i love the shoes dear! great stuff :D


  30. BIG BANG! *Q* VIP's Forever!!

  31. Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
    we can follow each other if you want :)
    xoxo Gloria

  32. Getting a great item on sale is probably one of the best feelings ever. And those shoes are really awesome - I'm jealous too hahah.

    And yeah, it's kind of depressing that Armstrong was doping the entire time...ugh. But I don't think you have anything to worry about with Big Bang. They're flawless.

    X i x i a ❥

  33. I really need to go shopping. I haven't been to my favorite mall in around two months now and it's killing me. D:

    Lucky you got to go shopping!

  34. Love your photos. Those shoes are killer!! Love them !


  35. loev the boots!


  36. sushi is literally just one of the best things to exist and it looks like you both had tons of fun. shopping is always fun though if you ask me! i don't really seem to b too invested in lance a either, but it is truly terrible what he did. oh and i would love some recommendations for cute cafes when i am in holland next. where exactly in holland do you live? if i went i would probably visit amsterdam again, so it would be great to know of places there!
    xx rae

  37. Wow! In love with the shoes!


  38. I love sushi too and sashimi and basically many other Jap food. Haha... The both of you wiped up everything!

    I didn't follow up all the news about Lance Armstrong and I do not exactly know about what kinda person he is though I hear many people lambasting his character.

    It is great to score something at a sales rack.

  39. Ooh, your friend's new shoes are amazing! But I also like your new skirt, and at $10 it's a complete bargain!

    Lance Armstrong's 'fall from grace' is quite incredible! I feel sorry for his family.

  40. Sushi is awesome !! Haha now I wanna bring all my friends on a sushi date lol !

  41. I love sushi and thankfully so does everyone else and it's so easy to get sushi here haha I'm so glad =P Don't tell your friend but I'd choose that skirt over the shoes =P I really want a maxi skirt too but have yet to find one that actually flatters me, I would probably also have to tailor it too to fit my short legs =(

  42. Hey!
    Thank you so much for your comment and your compliments!
    I appreciate it! <3

    I use a Canon 500D and my 40mm 2.8 lens. :)


  43. Those wedges are amazing! And the sushi and shopping combo totally makes the day for me. =)


  44. I love sushi too! so yummy :D And ooo your friend's shoes really are so cool! And your black pleated skirt is so pretty, haha one can never have enough pleated skirts :)

  45. SUSHI!! who doesn't love sushi?!?! hehe
    and shopping too! man, you indeed had the best day ever :) glad you had a great time with your friend and those shoes look awesome *o* nice skirt too! would love to see an outfit with it :D

    alex @

  46. I'm not that into sushi to be honest, no one's been able to convince me yet haha! Shopping and lunch sounds like a good combination :)


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