Thanks December For The Kilo's

Today was the end of my 2 weeks holiday and. it.
was. time. for. school. sigh

My camera is still broken and today I went 
camera shopping but didn't buy anything yet. 
The salesman keeps trying to sell me Sony 
camera's because it has a built-in stabilizer that
totally beats the Canon (his words). 
Is Sony that good? 

And I didn't bought anything from the sale! Going
good and the shop less resolution c:

Learning this masterpiece by Ludo!

I'm Feeling: Tired
Music: Dog is Dead - Teenage Daughter - My favorite band at this moment!
Food: cookie cream ice cream
Drink: water  


  1. i have a sony "alpha 350"
    and i really love it
    but its an ooooold thing

  2. Einaudi, klassieker! Digital Rev heeft wel reviews over de sony vs. andere apparaten.. Shop less? Shop verstandig ;) !

  3. Hope you will soon buy your new camera!

  4. Adorable jumper and cardigan Mei! hmm.. I don't know if Sony is better than Canon but they're ok I guess?? I'm still using my really old Nikon D70 but I just can't seem to find a worthy replacement.. and have no money!
    Never thought about playing piano on a computer but that's a cool idea!

  5. Love your boots :)
    and hope you'll soon buy a new camera^_^

  6. great pictures! and lovely sweater! xx

  7. I love that song! Super cute shoes btw :)

  8. I wish I could provide some input on cameras, but unfortunately I don't have the knowledge :P Hope you'll find a new camera soon though!

  9. Ooh looks like we both went back to school today. D:

    Hope your new camera is awesome and good luck finding one!

  10. Loving all of these! Cute sweater!
    xo TJ

  11. loll... hmmm, i never thought of sony as a good brand for cameras. strangggee~ i think mostly everyone in my photography classes used either a canon or nikon.. or pentax. i personally own a canon that is gathering a lot of dust. haha, but im hoping to finally use it this weekend after so many years..

    thats a good new years resolution btw.. shop less.. genius!! why didnt i think of that??

    xoxo Sarah

  12. i like ur new blog layout btw :)

  13. Een stabilizer (IS) is opzich handig, bij langzame sluitertijden merk je het wel. Je hebt twee types, in the body of in de lens. In de body werkt vaak goed (Denk aan de OM-D van Olympus), maar de lens is niet slecht. Doordat het in de lens zet is het speciaal voor die lens en werkt het dus heel goed. Je kan voor beide wat zeggen.

    Ik twijfel nog tussen de OM-D en de panasonic G5, waarschijnlijk wordt het voorlopig de laatste ivm budget en betere grip, en het feit dat er waarschijnlijk een nieuwe OM-D eind 2013 aan komt. Ben benieuwd!

    Succes met schoool, ik heb nog even niks!

  14. hope you get to buy a pretty good camera soon

  15. thanks.. for viewing my blog.. :D xoxo

  16. Ik zou voor een canon gaan! Ga zelf morgen ook een nieuwe halen.. en ja, ik vind ze gewoon heel fijn. Heb nooit echt gekeken naar sony's dus zou niet weten of die nou echt beter zijn!

  17. I don't necessarily think it's a waste of money, since the content of each box is usually of more worth than what you paid for it. And if you really don't have a use for a product, you can always give them to a friend and make them happy :)

  18. That jumper is possibly the best I've seen in a long time!!! Will be tracking it down shortly!! :)

  19. Lovely shoes! And great winter jumper. =)


  20. Such a pretty sweater! I love deer ( but you might already know that since you visited my blog first ;)
    I'm listening to that song of your fav group later, right now the internet connection is too bad for any music :P

    Hey I'd love to stay in contact, you seem like such a sweet girl ♥ Will follow you via Bloglovin, anyways. :)

    And happy 2nd week of 2013! x

    Indie by heart

  21. Very lovely! I didn't knew you were Dutch haha. :)


  22. Ludovico Einaudi is my favourite piano player! I really love his compositions! And I would be sceptical relating to Sony cameras, too. Can't believe they're better than Canon.

  23. Awww, just found your blog and wow, your design is amazing! <3

  24. /reply/ De Expo is in samenwerking met National Geographic, bijna goed ;]

    IS is vooral handig bij mega zoom camera's, die SX40 die ik had, had 35x optische zoom, zonder IS is dat zonder statief niet te doen.
    Ik heb het daarvoor ook nooit gehad, maar de G5 of de OM-D hebben het dus wel.
    Ik had het bij de Expo wel handig gevonden hoor! :3

  25. Canon ftw in my opinion :p
    I love the photo of the clouds!

  26. Oh! p.s. dpreview is een goede site voor reviews :]

  27. I've had two sony cameras, alpha 350 and alpha 33! I think they're good but I've never used any other cameras really so I don't know... Love your blog layout btw! So cute :) xx

  28. Hi! thanks for commenting in my blog! I don't know about sony but I'm a canon user.
    since you were curious to know i currently use a canon 5d mark II, but i would recommend you to get your hands on something cheaper if you are not working as a professional.

    If i had to choose I would get me a 500D or maybe the new canon eos M which i have tried and i must say i found it freakin' awesome!

    I love your sweater btw!!


  29. I like fringe boots :3
    and the camera really depends on the the stats of each individual camera and not the brand. I'd look into specific cameras online and not listen to the store worker. Sometimes you can trust them, but you never know. Better study up yourself first :)


  30. Definitely checking out teenage daughter! I always love new music suggestions :)
    I'm absolutely loving those minnatonks as well! But as far as the camer is concerned, I've never used anything but a canon.
    Maybe that's because I'm biased :)

    tiana of l'esthetique

  31. I have heard a lot of good things about Sony, actually. But I think Sony > Canon in terms of video but Canon > Sony in terms of a standard camera. I'm am expert on neither. If you get a camera though, please let us know what you think of it!

  32. the cloud is so pretty!

    hi ^^ Join my first giveaway and win Thboxes accessories of your choice

  33. Hi, I'm your new follower.

    I love your blog.

    Come visit my blog and say Hi:


  34. Hey Mei,
    congratulation ♥ you are the lucky winner of my Charleston Girl ♥ Christmas Giveaway. I already sent you an email ;3

    If Sony is a good camera? - well, since Sony has its own camera Raw-Format which lately has freaking me out, you will not hear a Yes out of my lips at this time -.-°

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  35. Aww thank you so much! Lovely look so cute! :) x

  36. Darling thanks for your visit and kind commnet on my blog!! Lovely blog you've got here! Would you like to follow each other??

  37. happy new years mei! i dunno about sony but all i see and i hear about are canons! i heard that sony was no good because they make you buy their own products, but that was several years ago. not sure about now.

    cute shoes! hahaa, one of my new years resolutions is to stop spending so much money too! fingers crossed ;)

    alex @

  38. ik heb nog nooit foto's gemaakt met sony, maar mijn tante had volgens mij ooit sony of het was samsung de kleuren van de foto's zien er heel erg grauw uit vergeleken met canon . -het was afgedrukt in zelfde winkel in hk-

  39. Take your time and buy a new camera, no one can tell you what is 'good' for you. I honestly never see many people with Sony, but it's not bad, it's just as good as a Canon or Nikon. Of course because of the name people associate the best cameras with Canon and Nikon. It's about the person behind the lens really!

  40. I have a 230 alpha and it´s worth it´s price! I have had no problems in these 4 years I have had it. And I love those shoes in the first pic! Where have you got those?? :)

  41. Amazing pictures, first of all. I adore the clouds, very lovely!
    The boots and outfit you wear is really beautiful and looks very comfy ^^
    And I think Sony can be good. Canon and Nikon are very famous for there reflex camera, and I think most people buy them. You have very different types of course. But for blogging just a frame of 200 euro really can do, the most important is the lens you use (of course the frame plays a roll in that too. ^^) and the creativity, you better ask advise in a store and just ask what you actually want to reach for, they most of the time know more then the internet c:

  42. I am using a cybershot but canon is still the best, it is just that Sony is the one I could only afford. anyhow, lovely photos you got there dear :D


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