Then Suddenly You Want Uggs

Argh. My country has been salted & peppered 
with snow today!
I wore a legging + 2 pair of socks to keep my
feet warm, but once again the nature beats me. 
My toes were frozen!
I despise shoes like Uggs, but when times get 
desperate. Desperate things like Uggs became 
suddenly your need. 

A day without photography is a unhappy day
for me. As you all know my current camera
is still broken so I've been using my old 
digital camera. I remember how happy I was 
with this old crappy device, and how 'pro' my
pictures will look from now on. Until I purchase
a SLR camera.

Now that's its broken, I feel
pretty disabled without my SLR camera :c

 At my school canteen! Super cute mini beanies, meant for a charity c:

I'm Feeling: schoolstressed
Music: Ed Sheeran - Wake Me Up - Fun studytime with his album, there is absolutely not one single song that I don't like. 
Food: chocolate
Drink: English milk tea style


  1. i so love those kinds of cookies

  2. thanks for the comment! I wish it would snow in the city. It makes me feel like I'm in a snow globe =)

  3. Don't be sad ;) you will get a new SLR soon?! (Ga je die Canon 600d nemen?)
    And don't forget: It's about the person behind the camera ;) not the camera itself!


  4. Ugh, I understand how you feel. Uggs are best for comfort rather than style, thus the name "Uggs," lol. Pretty pictures! I love butter cookies.

    xoxo, Taylyn.
    Always wear your invisible crown.

  5. Oh gosh, I know what you mean! I went 2 months with a broken camera and my heart ached! Here's to hoping you either fix it or get a new one soon. In the mean time these pictures are stunning!
    xo TJ

  6. Hoping your camera gets better soon! =) I know what you mean..I would feel so alone without my camera!
    I also love your post title. I suddenly wants uggs right now because it's so cold!

  7. Just had the same thing today too, My feet are frozen, german weather can suck from time too time -.-

    btw your blog is made so cutely!! love the whole design and the icons! had to follow you immediately! I hardly come across blogs like yours :D

    wishing you warm and dry feet from berlin!

  8. Extreme weather/temperatures really affect us ahah God, I miss my DSLR too, I feel naked without it x

  9. I adore those little beanies on the bottles! They can stay warm in the fridge, too! ;) I hope you manage to stay warm through all the snowfall and freezing weather.

    And the same thing happened to me in Turkey! They always guess Korean and Japanese first - I guess those are the cultures they're most familiar with in that region of the world, especially Koreans. I'm guessing it's because many Turkish soldiers fought in the Korean war so they became brother countries. :)

  10. Oe, die vanille suiker koekjes! Nostalgie haha.
    Die innocent sapjes zien er wel heel schattig uit :)

  11. i remember i used to be one of thsoe girls who says "never in my life will i ever get a pair of ugly uggs", until one button bailey uggs came out and i tried it on and thoguh "WTH it's so friggin warm and soft!" and i was sold! such a hipocrite i am.

  12. considering these were taken with a digital camera, they look pretty good :) hope you get your camera ok soon :)

  13. Welke camera wordt het? :3
    Die beanies zijn cute!
    Het heeft hier nog geen 1cm gesneeuwd,
    maar ik ben blij dat ik niet met de trein hoefde,
    want het was weer chaos... Ns...
    In Noorwegen kan je binnen 10 min
    na een sneeuwstorm al de weg op.
    En in NL is het meteen chaos. >_>

    Het was prima te doen om mijn trapfietsje vandaag! :3

  14. P.s. Try "Blackstone" shoes, lammy too, level 90000+ on looks over the Uggly's! :]
    It's too bad the smallest size is still too big for me! :[

  15. yum yum lve those smoothies
    much love

  16. Aah i know what you feel.. today I was looking like a teddy bear, because it was so cold.. Winter, you go somewhere else heheh^^

  17. Omg those biscuits look soo good, yum!

    Thanks for the blog comment :)

  18. i lovee those sugar butter cookies hahaa.. i look forward to the holidays because those cookies always seem to turn up haha :p

    aww omgosh those beanies on the drinks are sooo so cute!!

  19. Hope you warm up soon! I'm hoping to get a new camera soon too. ^^

  20. Coincidentally, I know how you feel about broken SLRs! Mine needs to be taken to the shop too and I don't want to part with it. My blog depends so much on it.


  21. noooo! no Uggs Mei!! stay strong ;) It has been snowing here too but somehow I don't feel the cold so much until now... I know those cookies..! We had those too when I was younger.. I think they're English? anyway, I still have the tin box :)

  22. super cute! D: I wish our school canteen is also like that DX

  23. Lovely shots. I feel you. Don't worry you'll get your dslr soon. (Mine's pretty sick too huhuhu) Have a great day Mei. xxx


  24. beautiful photos! you are making me hungry!!

  25. GEEN UGGS!! XD whahaha ook al gebruik je je oude cam maar het effect is wel mooi! vintage :D wahahah ohh en die butter cookies! at vroeger altijd whaha tegenwoordig is die smaak van vroeger heel beperkt te vinden! allemaal net een tikje andere smaak. Reply: idd die snacks zyn van Muji :D xx

  26. Leuke post meid!!!

    xx Mounia

  27. totally want some of those cookies and girl in desperate times we call for desperate measures ie the toes need to feel warmth ahah.

  28. Oh my god I sooo know what you mean, I am in North of England and it is minus 5 degrees C right now with blizzards and 30cm of snow forecast. I spent the day in thermal leggings and a woolly jumper my Mum knitted for me, soooo comfy and warm (on my latest blog post if you wanna giggle at me haha) Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am now following you. I think your photos are lovely even on your digital camera, can't wait to see more.

    Janine xx

  29. Yo~ sorry for the LONG TIME NOT REPLYING but my timetable has been absolutely packed Dx

    Anyway, it seems the past few months have served you well (from flickign through =P)
    I guess schooling has resumed for you uh?

    I dread to get back there ;(

  30. I wish it could be that cold here.
    Those beanies are so cute... >.<
    Those cookies look yummy :3

  31. Great photos and I understand exactly what you are going through =)

  32. Can't deny but to love Uggs! They're coming up with more cool looking designs though. Not as Ugg-ly anymore =P

  33. it looks delicious!

  34. Amazing!!


  35. lovely photos darling :) the snow looks so beautiful!
    xx rae

  36. I am so jealous that you've got snow! It doesn't even snow in Sydney :( Hopefully your camera gets fixed soon x

  37. Dont worry! You still got to take pictures =) And that's what counts! I hope you stay warm!

  38. We've been lucky to avoid snow so far in NY this winter but it's coming. I hate being without my camera as well. Hope you get your SLR soon.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Shabby Apple Necklace Giveaway!

  39. We don't have snow in this part of the UK! :( Those pastries look delicious.

    The Style Rawr!

  40. Aw I know what you mean about Uggs haha...refrain though - refraiiiiin!

    Lela -

  41. awww the mini beanies are sooo cute :D

  42. I agree~ nothing is more warming than Uggs!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  43. I heard Uggs are very comfy and warm, though I don't like how they look very much either :P

    Kale is a kind of vegetable. Kind of like lettuce, but it's dark green and very bitter! It's really good for you, though~

  44. Agreed! I was without my camera for 2 weeks and it was torture, haha.

    xo from NY

  45. I actually really love uggs and I have a faux uggs - I've only used it once for a photoshoot though. It isn't exactly my boots of choice, living in Borneo. Ha.

    I love the mini beanies! And I also love that the soft grains in your photos. x

  46. The juices look so delicious as well as the cookies! Great post:)

  47. Uggs are the way to go when the weather does not permit anything that looks remotely nice. I hated them until I owned a pair and they look horrible now haha.


  48. Awww, the beanies are so cute! ;3
    Don't worry about the school stress ;) Try to take as many useful breaks, when you can enjoy the time off and everything's going to be alright

    Have a nice weekend,

  49. It's okay Mei, now you can join the rest of us with bad cameras/no photography skills LOL jkjk and yes! No matter how much you hate uggs etc. there's no arguing they will keep your toes warm! But I think they're actually not waterproof which I think is very contradictory! I love the drinks with the cute beanie~

  50. The juices look so buy wow gold delicious as well as the cookies! Great post:)
    thanks for the comment! I wish it would snow wow gold in the city. It makes me feel like I'm in a snow globe =)


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