Klorane dry shampoo: review

 Something that I normally don't do: beauty reviews. 
But since I promised Sue to do reviews from
her giveaway, I would like to introduce you the 
dry-shampoo from the brand Klorane. I'm pretty
thrilled and skeptical about dry-shampoo's. 
They claim to have the same effect as normal
shampoo. How can it be when technically the
dirt is still on your hair?

Normally I wash my hair 3x in a week and my 
hair gets greasy after 2-3 days. A challenge for
this dry-shampoo to clean my 4-days old hair!

Of course I did a little homework by researching
Klorane. They actually have a pretty huge assortment 
in hair & eye products with some being awarded as well!
With press features and Gwyneth Paltrow giving approval,
I'm totally ready for this try out!

 Shake well, spray on the roots/scalp and wait for 2 minutes. Then brush hair thoroughly and you're done! 


 Before - After
Sorry for the two different lights, the sun decided to hide behind a cloud at the end... I hope you still 
see the difference! I'm happily surprised with the results. My hair looks fresh and clean throughout the day.
I would say that dry-shampoo is a perfect solution when you have little time to wash your hair but still
wants that clean look! Tho I still prefer shampoo involving water.



  1. wow, je ziet het verschil echt heel erg goed zeg! :D dry-shampoo is ook gewoon fijn wanneer je haar opeens vettig is wanneer je geen tijd hebt om je haar te wassen, haha

  2. Oh sweetie I never try before a dry shampoo. But I usally used a shampoo than does my hair some dry and don´t get oily so easily.



  3. ich schreib jetzt einfach mal in deutsch^^:
    hab mir auch eins gekauft, aber bei mir funktioniert das irgendwie nur anfangs, dann sind die haare wieder fettig^^

  4. Haha oh Mei don't feel pressured to do the reviews at all! But I did enjoy reading this though, glad you liked it! I've tried several different brands and Klorane is one of the best. I'm using a Lush powder one at the moment which has lasted me for months already and I still have SO much to go!

  5. I always wonder how the dry shampoo works.
    I must wash my hair everyday because if I'm not, it will be so oily :(


  6. I really want to try dry shampoo, but I just don't see how it can clean your hair without washing all of it out. I guess I'll just have to get some and see for myself. ^^

  7. Interesting! Seems especially useful for travel or plane rides, when a shower isn't readily available! This is awesome!

    d a n i e l l e | daniellewu.com
    Giveaway: win a shopping spree to FirmooGlasses!

  8. Haha, you look so cute in the static picture! I like your sweater, too. I've never tried a dry shampoo before, but it's probably because I don't need to shampoo my hair often. It's terribly dry so every 3 or 4 days in between shampoos is good for me.

    (Yes, Kai is my boyfriend ^^)

  9. interesting. never heard of dry shampoo before. i would have thought the same as you... how can it be clean if there is no water? <.< still, interesting, and as you say - practical for those speedy mornings!

    love, x
    blog | twitter

  10. Sooo unique that you have some natural grey coloured hair. I find that quite cool :) However, a really nice review.

  11. well it really works huh,
    i could clearly see the difference

  12. Ooh I've never heard of dry shampoo before but it looks really convenient. :D
    I guess it would be good when you're short of time but I'd probably prefer washing my hair with water as well haha. c:

  13. Wow I can actually see the difference! When I first tried it I didn't notice much but might be because of my hair. Dry shampoo will never replace my normal shampoo - need to wash my hair every day :(


  14. Hmm.. I'm not so keen on those dry shampoos.
    Does it feels clean too? Or does it just looks cleaner?

  15. Oh wow, it worked really well! I don't really like having to use dry shampoo - because the smell just reminds me of dirty hair. Purely psychological though I guess.

  16. I like Klorane! it's quite good I think (: the before/after pics speak for themselves :D you hair looks so shiy and healthy~

  17. oh i love dry shampoo, usually I just use it on my fringe if I've been out all day then don't have time to wash it before I go out in the evening!

  18. I think I would really need one of this. My scalp is altering and while I used to wash my hair once every 2 days, I can't get by a day without washing recently. Sometimes I'm so tired that I would not wash it despite feeling a little greasy. I would really need to check out if my country has this.

  19. This is a very useful product indeed ^-^


  20. I can see the difference! Hm, maybe I might try it out, I've seen my old roommate with the dry shampoo from Tresemme, but I always avoided them. I guess it's good for in between washes.

  21. best for gym fresh quick solutions i suppose.

  22. I love using dry shampoo though I never really notice much difference, it does smell clean haha it's good for me because I don't like washing my hair everyday but like keeping it clean

  23. Oh wow, klinkt goed! Maar ben zelf eigenlijk geen fan van droogshampoo, alleen op festivals. ;p XX

  24. This is cool. I can see the difference!! :D

  25. I absolutely love dry shampoo, but I haven't found any for red hair yet, and I don't like the white residue on it!
    Thanks for commenting!

    Have a great day,

  26. Wat een leuke, vrolijke foto's!
    Over droogshampoo ben ik zelf geen kenner :)

  27. I've been looking for a dry shampoo...thanks for the review!

  28. i've always wanted a dry shampoo. hahaha, but idk, i did research on it a while ago and the reviews didnt really win me over. i guess you can't expect it to beat physically washing your hair with water.

    btw. you are brilliant! i am going to try to use the dotting tools for my super sculpey clay. muhahahahahaha :D

    xoxo Sarah

  29. Ooo, this worked really well! There's definitely a difference!

  30. seems like a really nice product! your hair looks more great!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  31. Okay, I think I should try dear - thanks fpr the advice...
    xx the cookies
    much love

  32. Ik heb eentje van Schwarzkopf maar ik vind al die witte stukjes na spuiten irri XD kost me teveel moeite om die eruit te halen whahahhaa! heb je dat ook bij dezE? xx

  33. Thanks for tutorial.. i think i should to try this hehehe <3

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    your voice are really important for me
    "The Sunny Day is taking Over"
    Thank u so much <3

  34. I love this product too! You have a lovely blog x

  35. Indeed the difference is visible, I would like to try this dry shampoo!

    ♡my blogspot - www.veraanda.blogspot.ru

  36. i usually use batiste and i'm very happy with it! it does wonders, however this one looks great as well, maybe i'll give it a try sometimes! :)

  37. Nice review, thanks for sharing :)


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