Peek Into My Life 27

Don't you just hate when it rains you
forget to bring your umbrella and when
you finally have your umbrella its a day
 full of sunshine. 

This week was exam week. I had to do
presentations infront of the class. I'm not
a huge fan of presentations. Back in my
childhood I was pretty shy and you could
say I didn't enjoy doing a speech infront of
the class. I'm okay now but I prefer to be
an audience. 

Yummy snack! 
 On my way to school I saw this (I think its suppose to be a bench) enormous clothespin
 Why so serious classmates!

 My lunch last week. Japanese curry with chicken and rice, so yum.


  1. Body shop is the best and those snack things look SO tasty!! Making me crave marshmellow! you have really good photography skills xx

  2. The panda snack is so adorable! I wonder what the Hello Kitty tube is :o

  3. love love! die mentos kauwgom heb ik thuis ook whaha xx

  4. Omg thats the cutest snack ever ;___;

  5. The japanese curry dish looks yummy! ^_^ I like your color combination: Teal and black :D Looking good mei! Hope your presentations went well! I was much the same as a young girl, I was also shy. But as I got older, I broke out of my shell more.

    Joyce @

  6. I love japanese curry, it looks delicious!!

    Janine xx
    Bake, Glue and Trend!

  7. Zijn deze gemaakt met de nieuwe lens? Ziet er in ieder geval super uit!
    Ik wil dat koekje ook haha ^^

  8. oOoO~ that curry looks yumtastic! & what a cute panda treat ^__^ Reminds me of that Japanese mixing candy thing(?) Anyhow, 'Happy Friday!'


  9. how did you make that little video? it's so cute. :) i don't particularly like when it rains, but when i forget my umbrella and i get wet, i make the best of it and jump in the puddles two feet in! ah! lol. that hat looks adorable, i loooove hats, we should wear them more. how did your exams go btw?

    love, x
    blog | twitter

  10. Exam wee, EEEK! I love The Body Shop products! Even though I'm not a shy person, I CAN'T do public speaking to save my life, I don't know what about it that turns me into a mumbling idiot. Hope your weekend is going good! xx

  11. loved this post - i've been wanting to do a peek into my life or day in my life post but really can't find much cute shots in my usual office work days... kind of blah. but i loved how you made regular every day things look so cute and interesting... you've inspired me to give this a go too! :)

    rachel x

  12. I always hated when I forgot my umbrella on a rainy days.
    But in Melbourne a sunny day can turn to a rainy one pretty quickly haha. ^^
    I don't like presentations either. Public speaking always made me nervous!
    I love the panda snack gif! It looks so cute. c:

  13. Oh my goodness, the panda is too cute to eat ~
    I love your photography! =)

    Cherry Jade

  14. Yummy, that panda snack looks cute and tasty haha. Today evening will be Chinese New Year!!

  15. Oh what's that snack? It looks really nice haha. Those kidns of Asian snacks are the best!

  16. Leuke foto's! Die panda ziet er echt schattig uit!

  17. U have a beautiful the beautiful


  18. Yum the first snack! and that bench thing is soooo cool haha!

  19. Hope you did well in your exams. Japanese curry is delicious!

  20. that snakc was pretty cute but for me it would be hard to eat for i love pandas so much hahaha
    is that a table? cool!

  21. yummmm that curry looks so delicious Mei...! and cute cactus :3 I like rainy days because the don't make me feel guilty for hanging around at home.

  22. Cute Panda cake! :D
    Looks jummy!


  23. Those snacks look really yummy. I am so blown away by the clothes pin bench. It's cool to see regular everyday things become art.

    The Japanese curry looks oishikata desu!


  24. Now I'm hungry! D:
    Hope your exams went well! :3

  25. This is going to sounds really silly, but is the last photo of a cactus? Hope you did well on all your exams! (:

  26. Great stuff. That panda is so cute. I prefer being an audience as well. :)

  27. omg, i want that panda snack *-*

  28. All these photos are so lovely!
    Have a nice week!

  29. ahhh the panda cake is soooooooo freaking cute! :D haha all your food pictures are amazing :D

  30. The umbrella thing used to happen to me so often, now I always keep a small umbrella with me but then again it rains a lot in my city hahaha I'm also very paranoid that whenever I leave my umbrella in the umbrella bin someone will take off with it!

    The snack looks so good, I think I'm craving sugar, I just woke up =P The Japanese curry looks sooooo good and is that a cactus plant in the last photo?

    re: I personally really love and enjoy Harvest Moon, I've been playing it for years! But....I'm scared to praise it so much and then you spend 40$ on it and it's terrible for you LOL

  31. That big clothes pin is amazing!
    And the panda cake is ADORABLE!

    1. Such lovely photos! Love all the color and texture!

      Ali of

  32. HAHA I'm soooo lip balm crazy, it's really bad! Lately I've been trying to avoid buying new ones though and so far I've succeeded :D

  33. really sweet idea for a post and i almost all but forgot about japanese curry! damn now i know what i have to buy this week and eat for lunch! thanks for the reminder ;) really great photos and i love the short video at the beginning!
    xx rae

  34. p.s. how did you make the video?

  35. I hope you did well with the presentations~
    I hate it too but I can't help it because most of the time I'm appointed as leader =.=
    I guess I got used to it. But I still got nervous sometimes.

    OMG that panda cookie~ =wwwww=

    And by the way what is that Hello Kitty Product?

  36. I feel the exact way about presentations. But I'm actually pretty good at it, it's just the whole emotional ordeal of waiting for your turn to speak and then realizing everyone is staring at you.

    Panda cookie is so cute, I've been wanting to try one for a long time. Is it good?

  37. Thanks a bunch for your lovely comment!
    That snack looks so cute!

    Have a great day,

  38. the curry looks delicious!! and ya I know what you mean, I always forget my ubrella when it rains!!

  39. I love your photo diaries. Such crisp photos too ;)


  40. This looks fab! That curry looks absolutely delicious!

  41. Yes I hate when it rains and I forgot an umbrella but I think I hate it more when it doesn't do its job haha. At least you for your presentation over and done with :) that's always the best feeling in my opinion. The first 5 seconds in the speeches are always the worst haha. I actually have one next Monday as a matter of fact :( And the snack looks so cute! x

  42. thank you for the sweet wish! ;)
    you always have cue and yummy snack! super cute panda snack!
    hope you will do well for your exam and presentation!

  43. the photos are beautiful :D
    the panda snack is cute!! love the GIF. and all your food. really makes me hungry, especially the curry T____T
    I remember, really. every time I have to do speech in front of the class I will be really nervous. and when it's time I go back to my seat my mouth will feel so dry I don't know why haha :"


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