Peek Into My Life 28

I'm quite a positive and optimistic person but
if I keep facing turn-offs and criticism, I might
 face myself a turning point where I stop being
positive. Its this stupid school essay and its
driving me crazy really. I can't believe I spend
10 hours writing on it. I'm not the smartest,
but I do show my effort to it. Again, it-wasn't-
enough! Can't you see that this is totally
demotivating? Sigh.

I'm sorry for this
very grumpy post but I needed something
to get rid of this knot in my stomach.
Enjoy my more happier pictures below!

 Our delicious hotpot during CNY!

I don't eat pork/beef but this quiche pie had ham inside without me knowing it. And I ate it. And I felt bad and 
guilty cuz it was delicious. 

Me and dad went to visit mum. 

This chocolate is anything but gross.

 Pretty impressive close-up I think! I use this little coinbag for going out.


  1. yay for hotpot, i love hotpot! and i see a red packet ;) happy chinese new year!

    rachel x

  2. You can always wake me up for Quiche haha!

  3. So much yumyum. I love your "Peek"-Posts!

  4. Aw I know how you feel Mei; there are some subjects that I try really really hard in and still get bad marks's like why do I even try in the first place?
    but shit happens... if there's anything i've learnt its that you just do your best and forget the rest.

    xx annie / WEMAKEPLANS

  5. Cheer up! :)
    Use all the negativity and turn it into drive to push yourself, always stay positive!
    Great photos, I really love your hat in the picture where you are sitting on the bench.

  6. well being positive is such a great attitude
    but it's inevitable for people to somehow feel upset at times
    life isn't perfect afterall
    but still there's always a new day to start over again
    and with god on our side we could expect things to be great than ever

  7. i know what you are feeling, the best thing to do is not to lose hope as rewards will come for good work ^_^

  8. amazing, amazing pictures!
    oh i get what you mean. i would say i'm quite a positive person as well but there are times when i overthink stuff and let myself crumpled in this negativity. it's bad for myself. hahaha, so don't get discouraged. keep being positive! it's one of the things that keep you going! xx
    p.s. essay does take time :)

  9. Is het je scriptie? D:
    Die duif is gaaf, en de close up is erg leuk!
    Good luck!!!

  10. I love the mirror picture of the car! I also love all of your food pictures, they always make me hungry. We all get a little grumpy sometimes hehe, no need to apologize :3 Thanks for the help with my domain name issues, and adding me to your blogroll too!

  11. awh, dat is inderdaad heel erg demotiverend :(. De hotpot ziet er trouwens echt erg goed uit!

  12. aww dear I hope you feel better! I can relate to how you're feeling and it can feel demoralizing but just think of the end-result which will be rewarding right? The quiche does look totally yummy! I don't eat beef either (though I eat chicken and pork), but I get what you mean..the feeling afterwards after unknowingly eating an animal to which we did not intend >< An honest mistake !


  13. Happy CNY :)
    I love the 5th photo so much x

  14. You are an amazing person with tons of positive attitude =)

    Great photos!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  15. Lovely images! All that food seems delicious, and wishing you happy days ahead (:

  16. I can feel with you!
    Lovely little purse!


  17. Leuke foto's allemaal! Al het eten ziet er heerlijk uit like usual. : ) En aw, snap dat het demotiverend werkt, maar het komt wel goed. <3

  18. I love all the pictures!


    Yulia Rahmawati

  19. heyyy :) thanks for dropping by and the comment!

    hehe yes, i had a great time in germany in my life so far, but time to move on to a new life now :)

    ive just seen that we r actually neighbours! i live at the border of NL/GER and ive studied in Maastricht x)) Hiiiii!! hahahaha

  20. o.O is that a pigeon house lol so cute!

  21. That pigeon house is so unusual! The photos are lovely and I'm so sorry about your essay. I'm sure it's amazing and good luck with your classes! ^^

  22. hope you start feeling more positive, whenever I feel down because of an essay or writing assignment, I always tell myself that I now have room to improve! love these photos, so much yummy food!

  23. nice photos & post!
    Maybe we follow each other?!
    Let me know :)

  24. the food looks delicious, and 10 hours on your essay, yikes, I hope it pays off, they always say hard work beats talent!

  25. Having a positive attitude is really something difficult but can be achieved with effort. beautiful pictures looks delicious food.

  26. Don't let one essay bring you down! Especially when there's so many lovely photos of yummy looking food :)

    Carmen Ri.

  27. Aw, I hope you are feeling better. Don't lose your wonderful positive attitude! It's a shame when you put so much effort in something and don't get what you deserve, but don't let that deter you from optimism!

    On a brighter note, I'm loving your beautiful photos. That chocolate looks delicious, actually.


  28. Awwww I hope you feel better soon and chin up Mei! You'll do better next time =) I know how you feel though, once I worked so hard on a paper and ended up still almost failing it, I cried too because I felt like I pushed myself 120% already. >< Anyways life goes on, you're going to great places I can feel it!

    That is one impressive close up! I can barely do that with my camera I think lol, I wanna get a macro lens but dunno if there is any for my nex and also no money hahahahaa

  29. Oh I'm sorry - it is the worst when that happens. It can be incredibly disheartening. But all you can do is look at it as an experience and keep moving forward. I'm sure it'll get better! :)

    X i x i a ❥
    || Giveaway: win a shopping spree to FirmooGlasses!

  30. Aw I hope you feel better. c:
    I miss having hot pot! I had it all the time when I was in Hong Kong hehe.
    I love the 5th pictureeee!

  31. Great post! Love your style!

  32. The pasta and the quiche look yummy!
    Don't stress too much over an essay and don't lose your motivation! You can always try talking to the prof/teacher/TA and see what they are specifically looking for because sometimes what we have in mind is totally different from what they want lol

  33. Hey Mei! \(^ω^\) Try not to feel too bad about this essay! If they want more it's because they know you can give more?!? I know, I know it can be annoying but don't let them pull you down! Do as much as you feel like hehe :P omg maybe you know how much I love close ups... so I enjoyed this post so much!! I love taking macro pictures of everything (:

  34. Don't let school work and other negatives get to you! Stay positive.

  35. Cheer up! As long as you did your best, everything will work out. Good luck.

  36. Don't worry so much about the essay! We all have some that we spend so much time on and don't get the best mark. I would say enjoy the great food you have here and try again in the future. Your efforts will pay off :)

  37. Nice blog and post.
    We can follow each other? Let me know! :)


  38. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. That pigeon house looks amazing! I know how you feel when everything cones crashing around you- I find blind optimism that things will get better helps. Basically ignore all the bad stuff then it allows me to realise it didn't matter that much in the first place

  39. school can be really hard sometimes, but don't let it bring you down!

  40. Hey love,there's always ups and downs in life but whatever it is, you gotta climb back up. We are all never the smartest because we are all just mere mortals but we are doing our best and that's very enough already. You just give yourself a pat in the back for accomplishing that essay, which took 10 hours of your time!! I can't remember the last time I took such long hours and putting in so much effort for a piece of school work =P

    And you gotta recommend me that push up bikini some time! >D

    I've followed you on GFC and hope to see you on mine too <3

    Yay to no word verification >D It's killing my tiny eyes =P


  41. ciao,

    very nice post! would love to follow each other . Just leave a comment , and I'll follow back

    have a great day


  42. Awwwh chin up dear! I'm sure you'll get through this. Add oil! Good luck!! <3

  43. AH I know what you mean when hard work doesn't pay off :( Hopefully it does next time :D


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