After tuesday, the calender goes W T F

 I don't like when a season of a very, very
good show (Once Upon A Time) ends and I 
have to wait for a long time for the next season
going to be aired. To fill up this empty spot, I
start to watch this Korean drama: Rooftop Prince.
At ep. 7 already! 
When I watch tv I mostly do some knitting at 
the same time as well. Working on a scarf that 
I can't wait to show you guys! I've also stocked up 
some Easter snacks, because I can't have tv 
without snacks. 

Looking for a new book to read!

Proud of my DIY earrings!


  1. I initially thought that photo was your own book shelf! :) Have you watched gentleman's dignity? Its a korean series as well. :)

  2. ROOOOFTOP PRINCEEE. ik vind die zo leuk en grappig haha! :) die malteser paas ding zjet er goes uit! Erg leuke diy!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous photos as always~ Did you make that earring yourself? *A* It looks so pretty!

    Also, I'm just starting Once Upon a Time, and I'm super excited about finally getting around to watching it! >u<

    Can't wait to see your scarf~

  4. Malteaster. That's so cute!

  5. Ooh I've only seen a little bit of Once Upon A Time.
    I think I follow too many TV series haha.
    I love eating while watching TV as well. c:
    And your earrings are so cute! :D

  6. lol. i thought that too miemiemie! i was like, wooooow mei reads a loooot!! :) i like the title of this post. i never noticed the week day initials spelled... that. xD

    love, moon
    blog | twitter

  7. Cute photos! And you watch Once upon a time too?! I love that show! I don't remember if I tol you this but I can't watch dramas anymore because I get too hooked and never get anything done haha.


  8. woah, i love the cafe! somehow feels like those cafe places in some korean drama XD or maybe it's just the lighting that makes it look so good? XD

    1. will b going back to germany after a year, but dunno if i will b staying in germany or in hk for good… depends on how my job is going :) i live right at the german border to holland, so going bk to germany is like going bk to holland for me hahaha

  9. Your DIY earrings are so adorable! I've see these Malteaster bunnies everywhere, even in stores here, so I think I'll have to try one :p

  10. Cute DIY earrings <3
    Following u :)

  11. I love maltesers! Haha I get what you mean, sometimes I get withdrawal symptoms when a tv show ends HAHA >.<

  12. the foods and the earrings looks yummy haha

  13. I've been watching Once Upon a Time too! I watch it online though so I have seen all the episodes they've aired in the US hehe.

  14. Know that feeling... I can't wait to see the next season!
    And I also do some knitting while watching TV, hehe.

  15. You earrings are adorable!

  16. Most of the time during this holiday i fill it wf watching endless series of korea n vampire diaries+reality show. Very jobless..gah

  17. Can't wait to see your scarf! And did you pick out a good book?

  18. love these photos darling! and I really like that show as well! xoxo

  19. Your book collection is so neat!


  20. knitting.. thats something i still have to learn. and i see you are wearing your earrings that you made. so cute! you should open up a web store or something. or do you already have one that i dont know about =___=

    ahhhh and i love the show once upon a time too. hehehe. although i've only watched the first season.

    xoxo Sarah

  21. I hate season enders too. I hate counting the months waiting for the new season to begin. Which reminds me, I have watched Season 1 and Season 2 of Teen Wolf but there seems to be no news as to when Season 3 will start. Season 2 ended early last year. Boohoo... I've been wanting to watch Rooftop Prince, my cousin told me about it and she says the storyline is super cute.

  22. AHHH. you're a sweets addict too? from food to earrings! lol. :""> i need to buy a new book too! hihi.
    Drop by my blog too dear?

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  23. omgoodness, the food!!! And good job on the diy earrings, they are very pretty! <3

    I know that feeling T_T At times I purposely watched SUPER SLOWLY when I know it's reaching the end of the season because I just don't want it to come to an end!


  24. the dessert looks yummy, and your diy earring is great.

  25. knitting is a great hobby! very productive :) can't wait to see the scarf!

    Metallic Paws

  26. Nice pics!!!

  27. I haven't kept up with Once Upon a Time, I started, but then got busy. Love your DIY earrings. x/Madison

  28. ooh cant wait to see your scarf!! i like to knit too when im watching stuff :)

  29. MaltEaster! Seriously the cutest haha.
    The perks of me being a lazy arse: not having to wait because I always watch my favourite shows really late.

  30. Suuuuper gaaf en schattig je oorbellen!

  31. O, your DIY earrings are so cute! Your scarf will surely be as adorable :) Thank you for popping by; shall we follow each other?

  32. Love the DIY earrings
    S xxx

  33. oh my gosh I've been meaning to try those malteser bunnies! Tell me they're good!


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