Food in Process: Charcoal bread

Haha, no, these bread are not
burned. They do make a good impression
of charred organs, idea for H'ween

No. Lets talk about charcoal instead. My
aunt send me these bamboo charcoal powder for
baking. And I've sprinkled some of these powder
to make bread-dough. The bread turns out
tasty and has nice fluffy texture with on the outside
a soft almost pastel gray color!

I've learned that bamboo charcoal is quite popular
all over Asia because of its believed purification
properties. It helps to absorb moisture and
unwanting oder and it detox your body as well!
How great is that?

 EDIT : the bread doesn't taste 'charcoally' at all, 
it taste like normal bread! These are special
(bamboo) charcoal powder for cooking so I
don't recommend to use craft charcoal!

 Da Recipe 140gr Bread Flour, 15gr sugar, pinch of salt
 3gr instant yeast, 1 tbsp beaten egg, 70ml lukewarm water, 15g butter
 10gr bamboo charcoal powder

Fresh bread is so good! Only a slight of butter is enough to enjoy!

Da Steps   
  1.  Sieve the dry ingredients in the bowl. Make a hole in the middle
  2. Add the 1tbsp egg into the lukewarm water and stir. Pour this in the middle of the flour mixture and mix well. 
  3. Flour a workspace and place the dough on it. Knead well until smooth, elastic and not sticky
  4. Add butter to the dough and continue kneading until its glossy. 
  5. Put dough in a greased bowl and cover it with cling wrap/wet towel. Let it rise for 30 minutes
  6. After 30 minutes, take the dough out and press the air and let it rest for another 30 minutes. 
  7. Devide the dough in desirable portion and sprinkle some water on top. This will help to create this soft taste.
    Bake the first 5 minutes 250C. Then bake for the next 20 minutes 150C.

    Good luck!


  1. ziet er echt apart en cool uit haha!

  2. wow, this bread looks so cool :D

  3. oh wow these look like a real conversation starter if someone saw you eating them!

  4. wow that's really interesting i want to try this!
    p.s. cute blog :)

  5. Oeh wow! :D benieuwd naar de smaak!

  6. ziet er nog best gaaf uit! :O Ik ben benieuwd hoe het smaakt!

  7. oh my god.. this is so cool! :D :D :D

  8. That's kind of cool - I've never heard of this kind of bread!

    xo Jennifer

  9. Oh so interesting I never think a acharcoal bread, looks really eair I´m curious about taste this.



  10. I totally agree that charcoal is all the rage in Asia.

    How did the bread taste? Isn't it fun exploring with different ingredients?


    <3 Yeasol from theferrytale

  11. This looks so cool! I'm curious to know what it tastes like :D

    1. I had this when I lived in Japan and also had friends bring some to me while I lived in Hawaii and the taste is incredible! I love it so much I ordered the bamboo powder to try to bake my own.

  12. it oddly looks moist hahaha <3 so kewl!

  13. Oh wow! That's actually SO weird, I've never seen it before. It looks so cool, haha.

  14. I'm totally trying this out!

  15. This is really interesting! I've never heard of or tried this before, really tempted to now!

  16. Sweet black stuff reminds me of black sesame. How does black charcoal taste like?

    It seems like it isn't the rage in Singapore now. We only have charcoal stuff for absorbing moisture to put in the wardrobes. Not for sprinkling and eating yet. Or maybe I wasn't sharp enough.

    How does the bread taste?

  17. Looks pretty interesting! I've never heard of charcoal bread before, but I didn't think you could use charcoal powder in food.

  18. I would eat that! Looks different and yummy :)
    You wouldn't not believe how popular charcoal is here, I remember one time someone tried to give me a charcoal nose treatment for blackheads and since this was a while ago I was like "WHAT?! No....."

  19. What does it taste like? It looks really grosh :p

  20. It's so curious! you've got an awesome blog!

  21. curious about the taaste! want to try ittt <3

    xx, riotouslolita

  22. Het ziet er echt heel vet uit!

  23. a black bread huh!
    cool! perfect for diet, coz i wasn't that appetizing haha

  24. That's so cool! Never saw such a BLACK bread before and I'm quite curious if the taste is good.

  25. Whoa, that's amazing!! :D I want to try ~

    Cherry Jade

  26. That looks really cool! WOuld you like to follow each other?


  27. Awesome discovery! I don't think i've had charcoal bread before but this sounds quite good! Especially for the detox benefits :) Thanks for sharing :)


  28. I've had it before too, it's interesting. Plus Charcoal cake is pretty popular too. Yeah we have some charcoal bamboo in our house too - they're great for cleansing the air and drawing impurities!

  29. this looks so interesting! i wanna try!
    do join my giveaway :)
    join chicnova


  30. Lovely post!
    Do you like to follow each other?
    Let me know...

  31. Yeah! I LOVE charcoal bread! It really is a very big hit all over Asia. There's charcoal bread, charcoal swiss roll, charcoal drink this and that but I guess it's really good for your body and hair! <3


  32. Omg this looks so weird ~!!! Can you make the bread chocolate or vanilla flavored? I think I heard about the asian charcoal thing before but I've never actually seen it used. This would cool if some dimsum restaurants did this to make their bbq pork buns or something hahaha

  33. I tried that in TW, didn't really go crazy about it. Liked the yam bread more :)
    But where does the charcoal come from? Out of the bamboo?

  34. Amazing blog!! I really like your post :)
    So useful!
    Check my new post in;

  35. So lovely post, good weekend! kisses

  36. That looks so interesting! Does it taste different when you add it to your bread?

  37. Woah this is sooo cool! Never ate it nor seen it but now I really want to try it, especially with the butter :3

  38. Wow!!! This looks incredible Mei!! Never seen nor heard of charcoal bread but now I would love to try it! :) When I was in Japan I learned how to cook rice with charcoaled bamboo… the taste was amazing and I totally believe in the effects you wrote~
    Will try this soon :)

  39. i love food too! OMG! I swear i'm drooling right now! gaaah! i wanna taste this bread! :">
    anyway, i have an on-going international giveaway on my blog! i hope you can check it out and join if you haven't yet because I would love you to win!

    Rae ^^)

  40. Wow, this looks so unusual!!

    Have a great week,

  41. the bread looks disgusting~ sorry for saying it~ >.<

  42. Oh my goodness, charcoal powder sounds like such an interesting ingredient! I like the idea of it helping to detox the body too.

    I'm really surprised by how fluffy the bread looks too :)

  43. That is really interesting! I think I heard of the charcoal being good for something - I've been a lot of other products (like soap, etc.) that include charcoal!

  44. i love the last picture; close-ups are always so pretty, i love details. so it tastes exactly like white bread? no special flavor? looks really interesting. :)

    love, x
    blog | twitter

  45. cool! I want to try hehe!! XD

  46. looks yum!! Definitely telling my sister to make them :) xx


  47. It really looks yummy! :))

  48. What a unique cake u baked here... O.O


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