I'd shave my legs for you

I woke up in the morning and saw how this butterfly
twirling around my bedroom. I have
did some research and I've learned that this butterfly is
 namely called the 'small tortoiseshell'. Interesting!
And what a surprise to have this flappy friend in March!

We sorta hung out together as I completly let myself
go with the 'macro' lens of my camera. I've noticed by his weak
motions that the butterfly will die soon. And it did :c I've
still have him in a jar, not to know what to do with. 

So I've almost finished watching this Korean drama 'Rooftop
Prince. I'm pretty sad that it ends so fast. Even tho Rooftop
Prince has good reviews, there were (quite many..) parts that
didn't make sense at all. My favorite parts were after ep. 14 
really. And I reaaally dislike one of the maincharacters. She's
real evil. But no drama without troublemakers right? 

What is your latest show you've been watching at?

Scary insect legs.

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I'm Feeling: tired, okay, schoolstressed
Music: Dido - No freedom - I love that she's back in the music industry! Really missed her, and can't wait for more upcoming songs!
Food: fried red curry rice
Drink:  tea


  1. such pretty photos of the butterfly, hmm maybe leaving him to rest near some flowers?

  2. wauw, supermooie close-ups, zeg! ik heb altijd al van vlinders gehouden, ze zijn echt de meest schattige, kleine beestjes ooit (samen let lieveheersbeestjes tenminste!)

  3. That's a pretty enchanting gif you have there. Maybe preserve the butterfly? Like how they do in science labs? (That's a totally far-fetched idea but it still a sort of good one if you want to remember the pretty butterfly...)

  4. Oh wow I really love the gif that you've did. And yes it's very pretty! But I am not a big insect lover > <

    Sorry to hear that it passed away ._. Make a bookmark out of it? Since it's so pretty and it has hung out with you ._. Would be a pity to just bury it >w<

    Hehe well not everyone has the quirk of saving the best food for the last because some comes from a big family and if you do that most of the time the best pieces is already eaten up by your siblings =P


  5. Love the gif of the butterfly! Poor buddy though, may he rest in peace :( Maybe have him in a shadow box?

  6. such a beautiful capture of the moving butterfly. did you use your DSLR camera for the video? do you use auto focus or manual focus for it? i've been watching a lot of reruns of Friends lately... lol.

  7. I love the shots you took of the butterfly! I'm amazed you were able to take photos so up close.
    Right now I really want to watch IRIS 2! I haven't seen or read anything about it but my friend recommended it.

  8. Awww how inspiring <3 i love love love it!
    Have we followed each other blogs yet?? Cause i'd love to! <3

  9. What good luck!
    When a butterfly lands on you (or as I just say, in your general proximity!) it stands for good luck :)
    Something exciting must be happening to you.

    Especially if this little guy was patient enough to let you get photos!
    tiana of l'esthetique

  10. I love butterflies! They are such pretty creatures! :)

  11. Aaaw, this so so beautiful and sad at the same time :(. Isn't it a it early for butterflies here?

  12. Aaah, die stiefzus is echt zo gemeen! Ik vind het einde zo zielig wilde liever een andere einde zien xD. Als je de time traveling leuk vond moet queen inhyun's man, time slip dr jin en faith proberen :). En huh hoe komt er nou weer een vlinder in je kamer :o

  13. Wat een prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt, echt heel mooi! <3

  14. lovely gif and photos mei! (as per usual, you got the best photos). the butterfly reminds me of this huge one i spotted once in taiwan while on a family vacation! i find them pretty to look at but when they're huge and you get really upclose to look at them..they start looking a bit scary lol. i dont watch many asian dramas so i can't say but recently i've been watching american idol...great show to unwind and watch some contestants sing i say! :D

    Joyce @carouselstreet.com

  15. how sweet to have a beautiful butterfly twirling in your room! :)

  16. Seems like as if the hope for spring has died with him (T.T) -how´s the weather in Holland? - it looks so warm on your photos (*.*)

    In the Philippines they are showing a lot of American TV shows like 2Broke Girls, Suburgatory and so on...but i don´t watch TV here *^^* - to hot to just sit at home and watch TV - better go to the cold mall where there is a lot to hear and watch (real life entertainment *yay*) :D

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  17. Poor little and beautiful butterfly - great pictures btw!
    I also wanted to watch Rooftop Prince! Can you recommend me a website where I could watch it? Viki doesn't offer this drama anymore :(

    Lots of love, Maho

  18. thatwas indeed a beautiful butterfly!
    and your shits were awesome

  19. What a lovely butterfly! But yes, I find them a bit creepy really up close~
    But the poor thing :(

  20. coool!!! How do you make it gif? or made it into animation? (O u O) I'm still noob about animation in photography loool~ XO

  21. De kleine vos~! :]
    Leuke gif! :]

  22. Poor beautiful butterfly! ;u;

    I've heard many raves about Rooftop Prince, but I haven't watched it yet. >u<

  23. Gorgeous closeups of the butterfly! I love this photography :)

    Trendy Teal

  24. Wauw wat een mooie close-up foto's!

  25. wuaah Mei! You're so lukcy! :) the butterfly looks magnificient - they're so interesting! Very lovely photos and cool gif =)

  26. Oh the butterfly pics are amazing, great lens and photography. Yes, butterflies only last about 3 days or something. I liked Rooftop Prince too, it was good but you're right, some bits didn't make much sense at all!

  27. omg this is amazing! that gif is beyond gorgeous! what a beautiful post <3 :)


  28. hehehe you are so cute! Beautiful image of the butterfly!


  29. That butterfly animation is gorgeous. I think you should give him a proper burial :( Maybe with flowers and a little prayer. That would be nice.

    Took a listen to the Dido as well, I love her voice. I didn't realize that she had stopped with music at any point. Anyway, glad to see she's back!

    Castle Fashion

  30. wow the butterfly is so lovely! I've never been so close to butterfly like this. Every time I get closer, it flew away! you;re so lucky :D

    Capturing Reves

  31. This is beautiful!
    Come by soon!

  32. These shots are so stunning!

    Have a relaxing Sunday,

  33. So pretty!


  34. I love butterflies =)
    I hope to see the first one soon...


  35. Those butterfly pics are exquisite. Great job.

  36. So beautiful and how sad that it died! Your title is so funny too. ^^

    Right now, I'm so hooked on The Hills. It's my favorite reality TV show.

  37. aww it's a butterfly, so sad that it died though :c

  38. Lovely photos, and RIP Butterfly!

    I LOVED Rooftop Prince SO MUCH. I didn't move from my laptop....it was bad. She was actually my favorite character even though she made me so bad, and the Prince. Ahhh KDrama obsessed, even my friends from other countries love KDramas. I haven't caught any new ones lately, last one I watched was Dong Yi.

  39. Adorable pictures. Lol @ "scary insect legs". I've been wanting to start a k drama, but I'm never sure which one to watch; I'm really picky with shows, but I'll check 'Rooftop Prince' out.I've started watching a BBC show called Luther. It's very dark, but intriguing. Happy I found your blog :))

  40. Wow, did you make that butterfly gif? it's so beautiful and mesmerizing. You live a beautiful life:) You're such a lucky girl.

    d a n i e l l e | daniellewu.com

  41. What a lovely story Mei. I am so sad that the butterfly moved on on, but it is in a better place. Glad it spent its final moments with you. Your photos came out beautifully!


    P.S. I made sure to follow you on Bloglovin since Google Reader is going down, come by my blog and do the same!


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