Why isnt Ed Sheerans voice a candle scent

There is not one single song that I
don't like of Ed Sheeran. I've ordeded
his album Plus '+'! 

Saterday is a day where I clean up the
house, sleep until 11 am and do some minor
schoolwork. I am also strolling around the
electronic shops for a phone and a tablet.
It's funny when I say 'tablet' and most people
think about the computer tablet like an  iPad
but that's not what I'm looking for. Nope, I'm
looking or a  drawing/design tablet, that
allows you to draw things on the computer
instead of a mouse!  

Saterday is also a day where I pamper
myself a little bit with a luxurious breakfast.Yum!
Relatives out of China send dad this lovely-looking letter!

On my way home in the train. A dad and his son were playing Angry Bird, it was such a cute view!

Yogurt, honey, nuts, cereal and muesli.


  1. The last picture is making me hungry ;A;

  2. Listening to Ed Sheeran never gets old. And that last pic is making me crave honey coated cereals!!

    Jade x

  3. The design on the envelope is so pretty!
    And all the accessories there too! So cute!

  4. I've been wanting one of those tablets as well! I also took a look at the one you linked to. It's always scary buying a product that I'm not familiar with! But hopefully one day I'll make the leap and buy one!

  5. Ooh, what's your favorite song by ED Sheeran? I should check him out. ^^

  6. looove the pictures! & YES OMG ED SHEERAN IS AMAAAZING<3 Stop by sometime!

    xx, Shirley

  7. The last picture makes me hungry!!

  8. I really like the pictures in your blog~
    that envelope does look nice too.. :)

  9. I haven't heard all of Ed Sheeran's songs but his voice is quite nice. c:
    I wanted to get a tablet, too but a lot of the nice ones are really expensive!
    Lovely photos - the drawing on the envelope looks so nice!

  10. Yummy muesli :)

    Lots of love, Maho

  11. Good lucking finding a tablet! :]
    We have one here, but I can't really draw on paper, let alone on a tablet! XD

  12. I loveee Ed Sheeran! My favourite songs are probably Legohouse and The A Team :)


  13. Graceling is a fantasy/romance YA series! x) if you're into YA books, READ IT :3 Ah i see! I'm sure the manga is muuuch better, moreover its much longer & still ongoing.

  14. Lovely pictyres! Ed Sheeran is amazing <3

  15. ed sheeran sure has a great voice, i love his lego land
    but have you heard boyce avenue's rendition?

  16. great photos! Ed Sheeran is a classic artist

  17. Sounds like the perfect day!

    Have a relaxing Sunday,

  18. yoghurt and honey sounds so yummy :)
    thanks for the comment too, i hope uhad a great new year and start :)


  19. I love days like that! Sadly most weekends are busy for me - it's kind of weird that Wednesdays are usually my day off. Luxurious breakfasts are the best.

  20. Je ontbijt ziet er lekker uit! En ja, wow, ik hou van Ed Sheeran, hij is zo goed live. :) XX

  21. i have an old and tiny wacom tablet, haven't been using it that much lately though!
    i've heard many people say they love editing photos with them, it's much easier C:

  22. Nice pics and I like that letter. I need to write more letters, not only emails. Have a great monday.


  23. Yummy breakfast. that is one cute father & son couple ;)

    Issa x

  24. Nice photo's! Especially the last one, looks amazing!

  25. LOVE the photo quality so much! <3 Im such a huge fan of Ed Sheeran! I'm glad you got his album!


  26. hahha!! i totally agree with you on ed sheeran!! love his voice and his genre of music!! :D really soothing to the ears!

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  27. Prettiest envelope ever. I love how you tastefully pixelated out your address- most people just black it out and it really affects the aesthetics of the photo. Good work (Y)

  28. u know, i've never heard of ed sheeran until i had to work on some graphic design stuff for him o.O hes not very cute, but he sure does have a nice voice!

    xoxo Sarah
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