I don't want to know how much calories bubble tea has

Last week I have spend quality time with my aunt,
uncle, cousin, cousin's boyfriend, my 2 little brothers, another
aunt and of course my dad. And we're no Asian without having
dimsum at the local Chinese restaurant! 

My cousin is pregnant for about 13 weeks and I'm happy 
for her. It's so weird because we used to play alot together
when we were younger and now she's having a baby! We are
all growing up and getting older including myself. 

Afters stuffing our belly with '下五茶' we went for a walk 
and to shop to lose some of the calories. I remember how sunny
and warm the day was so I suggested to have a drink of bubble tea
I can't believe my cousin never had bubble tea before! Bubble tea
is so yummy and I love chewing the bubbles a.k.a tapioca! 

Do you like bubble tea? 

We went to the restaurant called 'Oriënt Parel' and it was surprisingly packed when we arrived! The food was nice
and the service was good!  ADDRESS: Kruiskade 72-76 Rotterdam HOLLAND  //  Food: ♥♥♥♥ Service: ♥♥♥♥ Interior: ♥♥♥ Price: ♥♥♥ 

 Despite the cute things, I didn't bought anything tho those Hello Kitty chopsticks were so cute :c

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I'm Feeling: happy, relaxed
Music: Alicia Keys - One Thing - such a sensual song with lots of soul. Frank Ocean co-written this song!
Food: egg
Drink: milk tea  


  1. I actually love bubbletea, but i have not had one for about...uhm,almost a year?! - since our favorite healthy bubbletea store( i blogged about it here:
    Coy and Dan's Bubbletea ) has closed
    because of unknown reasons. Well, the hype of bubbletea here in Germany is over as far as i can see...now everyone here goes for Frozen Yoghurt^^.

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  2. never tasted it, haha
    hmm congrats to your cousin may she have a safe delivery!

    anyway cool stuffs

  3. I'm so jealous that you have so many different Chinese restaurants in Holland :< And I loooove bubble tea! :) We have a bubble tea shop in Helsinki also, but the prices per one tea are way too high.

  4. ohh, je bent naar rotterdam geweest =D x. vind de bubbletea te waterig daar >.<"

  5. ooo i love bubble tea... problem is those bubbles have a ton of calories haha i was told the bubbles in a drink are the equivalent of calories in a bowl of rice.. and that's JUSt the bubbles! since i found out i try to control myself... but i do treat myself to a drink whenever i feel like i deserve it hehe :)
    and ooo dim sum. who doesn't like dim sum?!

    rachel x

  6. oeee, bubble tea ♥. En yummy dimsum!

  7. Bubble tea is so good! And there are so many good places to get it from! :D

  8. ahh i love dimsum sooooooooo much! Seriously could eat it everyday :P And bubble tea is so delish, depending on the bubble tea place :P But definitely do not ever wanna think about how much sugar/cals there are in there... haha

  9. Love bubble tea and dimsum. Sounds like a perfect day!

  10. nice pics!!!You have a great blog!Kisses!

  11. Oh man, I love bubble tea so much! I always want to try the different flavours but restrain myself, especially since it's so bad for me... Tapioca pearls are my favourite, though :)

  12. i love all of the hello kitty items in that store! and i love bubble tea!

    lindsey louise


  13. i don't want to know how many calories bubble tea has either. it would make me sad. very sad. :P

    love, moon
    blog | twitter

  14. Fun fun family day! Congratulations to your cousin, I know she is so excited! :)
    I love some bubble tea, I used to get it all the time at this little Chinese restaurant in college, now I don't get it so often here because the million other choices at cafes.

  15. The food looks so good! I can't believe she's never had bubble tea before. I used to love boba, but I've switched to having jellies in my drink now. :D

  16. Ik heb het eerlijk gezegd nog nooit gedronken hihi!

  17. Love bubbles tea! Love reading your blog :)

  18. Oh damn. Your title now has me thinking of the calories in bubble tea! And I'm also craving one right now. XD

  19. nice nice outfit!!


  20. Merci for your lovely comment on my blog! ♥ I like your stylish blog and your beautiful pictures! These Cake Rings are the best!!! Can I buy them somewhere? I Would love to keep in touch with you!!! Maybe you want to follow each other?
    Love, Kyra


  21. We actually have a shop in town too, but I still haven't tried it!
    I must say, it's always very quiet in the shop :x

  22. I love bubble tea! Awesome photos too by the way. xx

  23. Haha I don't really like pearls, so when I go to bubble tea places I usually get aloe vera jelly as a topping!

  24. looks like you're having a good timee haha :DD anw those rings on you prev posts are wayy too adorableee ><

  25. FINALLY, someone who loves Bubble tea as much as I do! How can people not love it? It's like the best thing ever. Loved the pictures, very candid!


  26. hahaha oh geez, please do not remind me how much sugar and calories are in bubble tea and tapioca!!! but indeed, tasty and very sweet :)
    mmm dim sum! and congrats to your cousin! that's awesome.

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  27. loveeee bubble tea!! We have this place here that has kit kat bueno bubble tea and like calpico bubble tea etc soo good but so much sugar at the same time! :P

    RYC: yaa there are so many of those beauty boxes nowadays and sometimes I think their samples are quite generous but at time.. you're just like.. " i could've spent that on my lunch"! haha

    Grace www.ouihui.blogspot.com

  28. Now I'm totally craving bubble tea, haha!

  29. Ooh yum dim sum! I love 奶黄包! Bubble tea is so good - I love green tea flavour. (:

  30. I can't believe there are people who still have not tried bubble tea! I love it.

    Though... I think there are a ton of calories in it, especially if you try it sweet.

    7% Solution​

  31. I am not a fan of bubble tea haha but I love chewing on the pearls!

  32. congratulations for your cousin! i remember feeling really old when my cousin became pregnant for the first time. oh the nostalgia

    i quite like bubble tea. my favourite would be mango milk tea with pearls!

    love your outfit as well. it looks so warm and comfy. australia is in the middle of autumn now and it's getting quite cold. if only i could borrow your jacket for a little while! haha

    and alicia key's one thing is such a great song!

  33. hahaha yay I understood the Chinese part of it! YEAH! It's so weird because I actually don't like bubble tea that much even though everyone I know loves it haha. But I do like dimsum! And thanks for sharing that awesome Alicia Keys song, it's now my new favorite :)

  34. I actualyl laughed at the title of this post. I love bubble tea too and probably wouldn't want to know how much calories is in each one.

  35. omg the buns look sooo yummy!!! :D and i loveeee bubble tea :D


  36. Nom nom the food looks scrumptious :3

  37. love bubble tea!!! xxx


  38. love bubble tea!!! xxx


  39. omfg everything is so cute an yummy!


  40. I love bubble tea, but i love dim sum more.!

  41. that's exactly the same way i feel when i keep hearing everyone is getting engaged! like are we really old enough to do that?! and i LOVE bubble tea, i can drink that twice a day err day :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  42. Your day with the family sounds really lovely! :) It's so nice to be close to them.

    Food sounds and looks great too. I've never had bubble tea, but I believe you when you say it's good :D

    Thanks for stopping by some time ago! I've responded to my blog :>

    Indie by heart

  43. dankjewel! aaah je hebt echt zo'n leuke blog he. Heb je gevolgd


  44. Bubble tea is delicious! Unfortunately I've been scared off the pearls due to numerous sources saying that it's highly unhealthy ):

  45. I loveeee drinking bubble tea! I don't know any asians who have not tried a bubble tea before.


  46. Yummy bubble tea!!! *.* I've just drunk one, but want more after reading your post, hihi! ^^ It's never enough from it. Whatever calories... :P


  47. I've never tried bubble tea. I think I have to try it someday :-D


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