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Mhmm, how I love weekends! No need to wake
up early and figure out what to wear and how you
want to present your hair. Even tho most of my weekends
are still filled with work from school and such. And
it reminds me that I have an exam in 2 weeks! Ugh. 
Dear, school my brain is overloaded of the past 4 years
of knowledge I have gained from you. I just can't 
wait to graduate. Some of my classmates/friends wants
to continue studying after this. I have considered about
this but I think I'll pass (its rather lazy or i'm just 

Straight to the jobhunting after graduation like the other
million people? As far as I know
there are minimum jobs available at the moment. And for that, 
no income for me. Ugh I feel stress is boiling up again. No wait! 
I still have my ambition to start an online-shop! That will be my 
new 9 to 5 job! How to gain customers? How to keep 
customers happy? What if I get scammed! Oh no.
Not ánother form of stress!? 

Serious. Time to eat away the stress: 

Not edible but these DIY cake earrings were a fun thing to make c: I have received compliments about it!
Tho some people didn't believe me I made this. To learn it: click here!

I was happily shocked to see Jayesslee on tv! Because they are my favorite cover artists at Youtube! My favorite
song of them is: Taylor Swift - Safe and Sound - and I don't even like Taylor, can you imagine!


  1. Wauw die oorbellen zijn echt mooi gemaakt!

  2. Nice photos! I love the earrings!!


  3. Good luck with the job hunt Mei! You can do it :) It's definitely hard in the beginning but with passion, you can do anything. I can relate to the feeling- was also jobless after graduation but after a lot of hardwork searching and landing some interviews, i secured one after 2 months. Best of luck dear :) and i couldn't agree more- i love weekends to..just being lazy and natural and good sometimes hahah without having to get all done up and polished!

    Joyce @

  4. did you open your jewelry mini shop yet? if not you totally should! those cuties would sell quickly!

    love, moon
    blog | twitter

  5. I feel so hungry now. Shouldn't be looking at pretty pictures of food at 11pm!

  6. I love the earring they're so adorable ^^

    恵美より ♥

  7. i have an exam this upcoming wednesday, but i've beent too distracted to even look at my notes! hope you are well sweetie. enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

    xx james

  8. Boo for exams! I decided to pursue my Masters after I graduate sometime next summer, oh boy!

    I think you will do just perfectly fine in your online shop if you decide to open up. It'll be a hit! :)

  9. Aww your DIY dessert jewellery is always so cute. What are those waffle-like things? They look good!

  10. Squeee! Your lil earrings are so cute! Don't stress about after school. I'm sure things will fall into place for you. I'd just focus on getting your schooling done so you don't over-do yourself. :)

  11. The waffles look so tasty and good luck with finishing up school! I'm sure your online shop will do well and if you need help with it, I can always try to help spread the word or whatever you may need. ^^

  12. Just try it when its your dream!! I love your earrings, i wanna make them to :D

  13. Job hunting after graduation will be a pain, but wishing you good luck in advance! On a side note, those little cake earrings are adorable!

  14. yayyy i love jayesslee too! my boyfriend actually surprised me with their concert tickets in malaysia last year hehe :) love em!!! my favorite jayesslee cover is "i wont give up"

    rachel x

  15. uuuh i want to eat that diy cake earring! LOL ❤

  16. Those earrings are incredible. Love them so much. I love Jayesslee too, watch them on youtube all the time.

  17. Mmm those waffles will definitely put me in a good mood!! x

  18. you take good pictures! job hunting is not easy..but don't stress too much enjoy your youth

  19. Stroopwafel ♥♥. Je moet gewoon proberen! Bijvoorbeeld op etsy ofzo ^^

  20. haha well i think it was a good idea for you to do an online shop
    selling those polymer accessories i'm sure it'll be a hit
    i love those two girls

  21. good luck! and the food looks yummy! hope you had a great weekend

  22. Gosh that bowl of instant noodles with snow pears and some pork looks sooo yummy or maybe it's cause I'm starving right now hahaha Sigh it is that dreadful time of the year again isn't it? Exams!

    I think there needs to be a course that all students need to attend that prepare for the big bad world out there and it should teach things like dealing with job hunting, stress etc. I know these things are offered as counselling services but seriously they should be mandatory! Sometimes I get tempted to go more schooling because that way I don't need to worry about getting a job for a good three years but I'm just running away from my problem then ><

    If you do open up your online shop I wish you the best of luck! With your talent I know it will be amazing and sure there will be stresses but it might be worth the reward that comes out of it too =3

  23. hey dearie!!! cool post and i loooove you blog! landed here accidentally today! would be a pleasure to stay in touch! maybe mutual follow via bloglovin? let me know and i'll follow back asap! love & cheers, tones. <3

  24. Die oorbellen, echt te schattig!!! En de chubby stick is zeker een aanrader voor als je iets subtiels op je lippen wilt, de kleur die ik heb is niet zo heeeeel opvallend. XXX

  25. the first picture looks soooo yummy!!!!

  26. I love it the weekends too. But this weekend I have to wakeup early u...u
    The food looks delcious.


  27. wah, that close-up of ramen just makes me so hungry! Love your taste in food and fashion~

    d a n i e l l e |

  28. Great photos Mei!

    I also like Jayesselee!
    And the last picture, it makes me hungry!

    By the way, nice blog! ^^


    - Stéphanie T.

  29. wahh I feel you dear~ i have exams next week and I'm half crying at the thought of all the things I don't know yet :'( And even more crazily.. I decide I will pursue even more school.. ><


  30. Pretty pictures<3
    You just made me hungry!
    Btw thanks for your visit in my blog!;)

  31. I love the weekend for those same reasons too! xx

  32. Wow the earrings look so stunning. Awesome Diy <3



  33. De oorbelletjes zien er heel leuk uit! Mooi gedaan. En nu heb ik dus zin in stroopwafels, haha!

  34. Lovely earrings!

    New post:

  35. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
    OMG, these earrings are just perfect!! I need to make them, like, now!!

    Have a great day,

  36. those earrings looks so yummmeh~ <3 good luck on the job hunting! >w<

  37. YUMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY and good luck on the job hunting :)

  38. those noodles just made me super hungry!!! hahaha!

    Click me for my NEW BLOG

  39. Good luck with job hunting! Aw your jewellery is always super adorable and lovely!
    Ooh I love Jayesslee as well, especially their cover of I Won't Give Up. (:

  40. The earrings are so cute and pretty, you're so talented! Jobhunting is horrible when there are so many people applying as well and you don't have much experience.

    dreamdustx | Urban Decay Giveaway

  41. I've been having a bit of a ramen craving so that last picture is perfect. I'll have to check out those artists on youtube!

    7% Solution​

  42. I wish I was as efficient as you on my week-ends! I just found out yesterday that I have an exam tomorrow.. :3 stupid neko.. but I'm used to it o.0
    I'm so amazed by your skills with those earrings! they look so pretty and edible indeed!
    the waffles look delish~

  43. nice post :)

  44. OH MY GAWDDDD..... Strop waffles! looooove them.... drollllll

  45. i love your earrings and i normally eat stress away too :p i hope u do open an online shop!

  46. oh mijn god die diy oorbellen!! zoooo ontzettend schattig :)

  47. haha im a firm believer in stress eating! and i decided not to do grad school either- my brain had enough, thank you very much. good luck on the job hunt after graduation! it's been two years since i graduated and i *still* havent figured it out (i know thats not very comforting haha).

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


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