TheWhenIComeHomeSnacks 03

The temperature is so nice lately in Holland! It's
and warm with temperature around 17° Celsius. 
 I didn't need to wrap my thick knitted scarf

Today I woke up with hearing the news about
the bomb explosion in Boston. That really made
me upset and even more upset because I have
relatives living there. All my thoughts and prayers
goes to Boston! 

So today I had an exam. It went... alright I think?
It was an open exam where I had to write my answers
down. I like open exams, because if you are unsure 
about an question, you can write as much (nonsense
 or not) as you can. Because somewhere between
these nonsense, you hope to written atleast one 
good answer.

And OMG Psy has a new song and it's called
Gentlemen. What do you think about this new song?

This is 'turnip cake' made by papa - and it's a very delicious dish which happens to be one of my favorite 'dimsum' dishes!

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  1. Everything looks so delicious!! <3

  2. Beautiful!!!
    I am your new follower No 1067
    Follow me on

  3. Ziet er lekker uit allemaal! En ik schrijf ook altijd bij open vragen zoveel mogelijk (onzin) op hahaha xx

  4. I've seen Psy's new video. I think it's kind of weird, but the song is catchy! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  5. I love snacking all the time too! Don't think I've tried turnip cake before but it looks yummy. Psy's new song is...interesting. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet.

  6. Ahhhh kaneelbeschuit!
    Ik hoop dat alles goed gaat met je familie!

  7. What happened in Boston is such a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone up there. I am sure you did well on your exam. Your food looks delicious.


  8. Eeeeek, I love turnip cake! my auntie makes really delicious ones. what happened in Boston makes me angry, because the people there were just running a marathon. people are supposed to be happy, a tragedy like that wasn't supposed to happen.

  9. I love how people in Europe consider 17 degrees warm :P In Australia, it would be considered pretty cold and the temperature is like that during winter haha. The snacks look so cute! And as for Psy's new song, I haven't heard it yet haha not sure if I want to!

  10. YUMMMMM!!!! but I hope not too much! ;)

  11. I want to gobble up the turnip cake!! Looks so yummy! If there's some chili it would be even more awesome buahahhaha <3

    What they did in Boston, they really should not have done that. I heard one of the 3 who died is a girl, where the boyfriend is waiting at the finishing to propose to her and she, well, she did not make it. =/ It's a sad day after all.

    And yeah, open exams is cool >D Writing an entire page and letting my teacher pick out the right one hahaha >w<


  12. Mmmm turnip cake is so tasty =9
    Haven't heard Psy's new song yet but everyone's been talking about it haha

  13. you always make a great photo !
    may i know what camera did you use?

  14. Haha psy's video is ... weird but yeah I do agree that its super catchy but probably can't top off gangnam style!


  15. Oehh die kanaal biscuitjes zijn heerlijk! Ik schrijf bij open vragen ook altijd zo veel mogelijk op haha

  16. Yeah...I guess we're living in a crazy world! My prayers go to those in Boston. Hope your relatives are okay.

    On a lighter note, I'm sure you did great in your exam. :) Yes, open questions are the best. :P Oh....i watched the Gentlemen video a couple days ago! It was another hit! I heard it got over 20 million watch in a day? That's crazy.

  17. I LOVE turnip cakes! Anyway that Boston bombing was really surprising. Hope everyone is fine there :(

  18. Oh die kaneel beschuitjes zijn lekker!
    En dat nieuwe liedje van Psy is verschrikkelijk, wat we van hem gewend zijn haha.

  19. that news on what happened on boston was really devastating
    and so heartbreaking hope they cope up on that

    i haven't really heard the new song of psy tho i've seen some part of it's video

  20. Thanks so much for your sweet comment, it means a lot!
    Never heard of turnip cakes, sounds delish!

    Have a great day,

  21. Cool photos dear! I introduce to you my friend Elena, I hope you'll like her photos: ♥ Mina.
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  22. Can't say I'm a fan of Psy lol He's jut so annoying now
    Also I love lo bak gou too!
    Fashion Ganache.

  23. Het beschuit ziet er lekker uit <3
    Ik vind de nieuwe van Psy wel tof :D Gangnam Style overtreft hij toch niet meer, dus dit is wel goed genoeg als opvolger, haha.

  24. 17° Celsius!!! I'm so jealous haha. It's getting warmer every day here too though, yay :) We had only open exams in high school so I know the feeling of writing a 3-page answer to a question even though I really don't know what I'm talking about haha! xx

  25. OMG you're making my mouth water agh :(
    ahaha so yummy yummy


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  27. they seem healthy though~ I love Ga-in and loved their dance! Still not as good as 'Gangnam Style' though.... :P


  28. Hope you did well in your exam!
    What's happened in Boston is so terrible and saddening. I really hope they catch the culprits soon~

  29. Hello!! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, I just discovered yours and I like it a lot!! You have a new follower ;) kisses

  30. I was upset when I heard about Boston too, and yummm those cookies look delicious, I'm so hungry right now haha

  31. Here in Bavaria we have it really warm, too :)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  32. yummy yummy snacks ^_^.The weather in my area was finally warm the other day too~
    I hope all your relatives in boston are okay! It's such a tragic and unexpected event :/

  33. Share some snacks! :)

    Finally the weather is warming up everywhere, it was so hot yesterday I could not breathe in the car. The Boston incident was so tragic, people are so evil!

    I thought the video was awesome haha. Psy came to a free concert to my city and I didn't go, because I didn't really care too much for him, but I think he's grown on me!

  34. haha so many yummy snacks!! i just listened to psys new song and its pretty catchy :)

  35. Turnip cake seem really surprising, I wonder how they taste like...(Turnip!)

  36. yum seeing that lo baak gou has made be seriously crave it!

  37. 17 is warm? It's call autumn temperature over here in Sydney. Hope you did well in your exam.

  38. dankjewel! mmmmmm heb nu honger gekregen haha :(

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    Soooo I Follow it <3

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