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Sarah and Maia tagged & awarded me with the 'Versatile blog award'!
Thank you girls!

Tomorrow the color orange will be dominating Holland: Queensday!
Queensday is a Dutch holiday, celebrating our monarch. You can find fun
events and fleamarkets everywhere. This years Queensday will be special
because a coronation of our crown prince 'Willem Alexander' will
take place to be our new king! I got my orange dress ready!

7 Facts of me
1. I am a proud Chinese born and raised in The Netherlands. So yeah, I can speak Dutch (hallo, hoi, doei).
2. I don't shower everyday. And I wash my hair 2x a week.
3. I consider myself half vegetarian: I eat seafood and chicken still. I'm trying to cut off the chicken
but they are too delicious :c.
4. Wants a pet hedgehog.
5. My phone is superold. I can't download any apps or having Whatsapp/Instagram etc. I call it a
dumbphone, opposing a smartphone you know.
6. I don't like horror movies, but I'm totally addicted to the show 'Supernatural'. And loyally following
'American Horror Story' and 'Grimm' every week.
7. I have never dyed my hair before.

Who I tag next: everyone who is feeling to expose their 7 facts about themself! I'd like to know your
7 facts as well

These candies are from Audrey's giveaway that I've won (Thank youuuu)! So yummy especially those fruity ones

Never thought that peanut butter and yogurt + cereals are so well together!! Mhmm..

Starting today: 1 boiled egg to my every noodle soup. My protein level is scary low. 


  1. mmm de yoghurt met banaan, pindakaas en muesli ziet er echt heel lekker uit! Ik ga dat ook eens uitproberen :)

  2. Dumbphone xD. Geniaal, nooit geweten dat jij Nederlands kan :ooo. En yummy noodles!♥

  3. those look delicious!! Eggs are really good for protein!! (I know because my protein is low too!!)

  4. Haha, dumbphone. you're too cute!

    food looks good! I love noodles. I have a weak spot for candies, I like fruity ones as well.

  5. Oh they show Grimm in the Netherlands too? It's the only tv show i watch :D

  6. hehe I've never dyed my hair before either :3. The food looks so yum <3

  7. Orange dress! Would love to see! And I love your top in the second photo! I love these lists and fun facts! :)

  8. Wow loved the facts about yourself (: Mmm everything looks so delish! I want some sweeties of my own now hehe
    Fashion Ganache.

  9. Good idea putting an egg in your soups. I do that a lot too, it makes a big difference in my energy!

    Love, Moon
    blog | twitter

  10. interesting facts about you huh!
    and i agree chicken as just so irresistible
    anyways yummy shots

  11. Funneh dumbphone. Nice word invention :)

  12. Congratulations on your award :)

    Oh! I can't wait to see the photos when you enjoy the holiday. We have a Holiday here tomorrow, too. But....I forgot which one! Opps. It's a small one. xx

  13. Haha, dumbphone sounds quite funny! And I also didn't dye my hair before, I find that strange as I really love natural hair colors.

  14. interesting facts, I also havent dyed my hair ever!


  15. Love the candies, look so yum!!

  16. I consider myself half vegetarian too, and i'm also trying to give up chicken! Definitely could survive on seafood! The food looks scrumptious too! x

  17. I love PB! And yes China blocked blogger (boo) but I managed to get through the wall !

    Lovely post and food pics!


  18. those noodles look sooo goood <3

  19. kaunis <3
    folow me

  20. omgosh everything looks so yummy! *u*
    maybe im a half vegetarian too cos i dont eat any other meat besides seafood. :x

  21. Yummy foods. I like the peanut butter + cereals. Mhhhm. I see banana! <3 I like watching series too. Supernatural, ftw. I'm planning to watch American Horror Stories this week. Have you seen 2 Broke Girls season1&2?


  22. mmm asian gummy candies are my favorite! and I would never be able to be a vegetarian :P

  23. Gosh those noodles look yummy, boiled eggs are so good with noodles - they're one of my favourite things to add! I don't like horror movies either...

  24. I'm so glad you got your prize! Filling out the customs form was so confusing for me, especially when they asked for the weight and price of everything which I made up on the spot, so I was worried you wouldn't get it. XD

    Happy Queensday! It sounds like such a fun holiday and that must be so exciting to have a new king! (:

  25. Cool share abt urself. congrats on the award. Chicken can be quite difficult to resist. :))

  26. Love the candies!

  27. ohmygod! the candies look so cute and the noodle soup photo looks so delicious...!!!!

  28. congrats on the blog award - and I love your facts. Really interesting

    HANNAH †

  29. HAHAHA dumbphone, I actually like how it sounds! I know, smartphone can be so frustrating sometimes!

  30. Congratulations on the award! I hope you had a great Queen's day! I also love cereal and yoghurt! But I don't eat chicken! I liked your "facts about yourself" very much!

  31. Oh my god, those noodles look fantastic & it was so wonderful reading more about you! Your new King and Queen seem so charming!

  32. i had fun reading about you! lol i dont shower everyday either, and i wash my hair about every 2-3 days. but wow, you've never dyed your hair! good for you! mine has been overly dyed recently, lol. hmmm.. i have to check out Grimm! I've never seen it before :) thanks for sharing!!

    xoxo Sarah

  33. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    I also only wash my hair twice a week (well, except for my fringe that gets washed more often)! I mean, if it's not greasy, why bother, right?

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

  34. Oehh misschien moet ik toch maar eens zo'n toko binnen lopen, dit ziet er heerlijk uit!!

  35. Haha :) just like me, i hate horror movies OMG!!! I have silly night mares when i watch lol, your blog is beautiful and your noodle soup looks yum!!!
    Am your new follower.Follow me on

  36. Lol, just checked am already following your blog.

  37. Hi, cool blog..sure we can follow each other, I start following you via gfc, if you will follow me on gfc and bloglovin I'll follow you via bloglovin as well :)

  38. :O omgsh that looks soo delicious and congrats on ur award :D

    xx mooshi

  39. Ahh delicious food! Congratulations on receiving the award and great facts!
    I want to visit Netherlands one day - mainly to attend the hardstyle events hehe :D


  40. ohhh very cool that you speak both english and dutch do you speak chinese too?? if so that's amazing.. i speak english and mandarin.. but i wish i spoke german better it's so hard to get around without being able to speak fluent german! i loved amsterdam because everyone spoke english haha. i know i sound like a stupid american hahaha!

    yumm i will have to try that i eat yogurt and cereal a lot but never thought to add peanut butter that sounds delicious!


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