Things I'm bad at: spending cash. Things I do a lot: shopping

 I love shopping with my friends but I also
enjoy shopping alone. I love walking alone at
the shoppingcentre and daydreaming with myself. 
Sometimes when I walk alone, I got a feeling
that some people labeling 'loner' on my forehead,
while I just do nothing more than having a
 moment with myself.

For the people who follows my Facebook knows
that I recently bought new pair of Vans! They were
on sale with one pair left for 35 bucks. In my size
as well! So lucky, because mostly sale items doesn't
have my sizes anymore. So I was really happy to have
these Vans!

I have also bought baby oil, BB cream and 
some lingerie's from H&M.

What's your latest purchase?

These are actually my first pair of Vans. I was always a Converse girl but I want to have Vans as well, so these are my
first Vans 

They are  mint  peach  colored lace bra + matching undies. 

Ice Pandora's April Wishlist:
 1. Book 'Norwegian Wood'  // 2. Blouse: Glamorous // 3.  Earrings: Misselfridge // 4. Handbag: Modcloth // 5. Shoes: Vagabond // 6. Skirt: Romwe // 7. Sandals: Bergdorfgoodman // 8. Necklace: RocknRose // 9. Cd 'Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire'


  1. I love shopping alone too. It's so much easier because there is no hanging around the bit that you are not particularly interested in.
    I really like your bag and necklaces.
    The cake looks yummy :)

  2. I can only really shop alone. I hate dragging people round after me through shops!

  3. i actually prefer shopping alone. how's that body shop bb cream?

  4. those winged sandals are awweesome xx

  5. ohh you´re not alone.. I´m exactly like you! Love shopping alone :D

  6. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  7. I love shopping alone as well! xD But shopping with friends can be fun too. c:
    Love the vans! :'D
    Also didn't know that the Body Shop had its own bb cream! o: Let me know how it is~ c:

  8. Ik vind het soms ook heerlijk om alleen te winkelen! En leuke Vansjes! XX

  9. I always shop alone. I think it's fine to just want some alone time. I love vans, they are super comfortable! :)

  10. omg same here! I love shopping alone - a lil peace and quiet time by myself does no harm, but I do feel self-conscious that people think I have no friends lol.

  11. Wonderful post,I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
    let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets nessa

  12. nice post! you have such a cute blog!

  13. I never shopped alone before! It requires courage, you must know!
    Love the Vans shoes!

  14. i love shopping too! retail therapy is also a favorite :) just bought a red scarf from anthropologie! love that my scarf collection is growing :)

  15. Hi!
    These are so nice photos.
    A cake looks very delicious.


  16. omg those vagabon shoes with wings are so awesome!!!! can you imagine the wows people would give you if you wore those? ahah. sweet. :)

  17. Oh YUMMY treat! I enjoy shopping alone sometimes, it's a nice change to having your own piece of mind, and I feel like you pay more attention to what you buy.

  18. I like shopping alone too, it's kinda calming:) And oooo I want a galaxy print skirt too.

  19. Loving your style in photo number 2. Anyway, I sometimes enjoy shopping alone but when it comes to deciding which one should I buy, I need shopping partner hoho

  20. I LOVE norwegian wood <3 and you look so cute!!!! that cake looks amazing <3

    High-Stitched Voice

  21. I love to shop alone too. Lovely buys!

  22. Dat rokje staat ook nog op mijn wishlist! <3

  23. cool stuff and yummy sweeties
    well in my case i enjoy shopping alone, it's kinda awkward to shop
    with friends haha

  24. Yay somebody else who enjoys shopping alone too! I think it's better because I always end up buying a lot more stuff but sometimes with company it's good too :)I love your new pair of vans and you got them for such a great deal!

  25. Ik vind alleen shoppen ook prettig. Wat een geweldige rugtas heb je! De ketting van je wishlist zou ik ook wel willen hebben; mooi! Liefs

    PS: Ik heb je portfolio bekeken; wauw wat een mooie dingen. :) Ik ben je gaan volgen!

  26. Those sandals are really lovely! Never seen a pair of shoes with angelic wings before. A really cute idea :)

  27. I love the skirt and sandals on your wish list! So pretty. I have yet to own my first pair of vans; trying to find the perfect pair hahaha

    dreamdustx | Urban Decay Giveaway

  28. The vans look so rad. Great bargain for 35 bucks. Have you tried the BB cream yet?
    I still look for a good one :)


  29. the title of the post made me chuckle :) but who can complain when the things you brought we lovely - and the cake looks so yummy! I think so sandals have made it on my wish list too! xx

  30. Beautiful blog. I follow you now, follow you back? Xoxo

  31. Leuk!
    Wat ziet je blog er mooi uit zeg!

  32. Amen!
    and Amen! haha
    But at least you got some amazing finds out of the deal :)
    And you never look anything short of amazing–so in my eyes, its worth it!
    tiana of l'esthetique

  33. I also like shopping alone but went for a little shop with my friend today and found a really cute dress. Hurray!

    Have a great week,


  34. Haha I'm the opposite and I always feel weird shopping alone :P But I admit it's quite nice sometimes! Love your purchases! They look really nice and versatile :)

  35. I actually really love shopping by myself! Mostly because I tend to be really picky, and because I don't worry about boring the other person or people with me. It also gives myself lots of time to do whatever :P

    I gotta buy myself a new pair of vans! I love them, they're so comfy!

  36. Totally relate to your post. Although, in the end, I think shopping alone wins out for me on a general note. It's probably because I only prefer certain people to shop with since only a few are REALLY honest with me. =)

  37. I used to be a Vans person until I switched to Converse! Haha, we're opposites, but Vans are really comfortable from what I remember. Also, their kids' sizes run big, so you might be able to fit into the children's sizes and they usually run $10 cheaper.

  38. I love shopping by myself as well.. it's the only way I can shop & not just socialize haha. Cute finds!

  39. ahh, I enjoy shopping alone too sometimes. It just make me feel free and by that, I can wisely manage my time in every single store I like to visit.
    keep inspiring dear, and I love your vans ♥

  40. Cuteness!

  41. Nice pics, thanks for your coment!

  42. I heard that Body Shop BB cream is very good! I wonder to get me one too since I haven't found a nice BB cream yet :P anyway, cute sandals on your wishlist! <3


  43. I know exactly what you mean! I LOVE shopping alone because then there would be no one hurrying or clicking their tongue just so that you can shop faster. I can walk repeated through each aisle as much as I want, of course ignoring the stares from the mall's staff but who cares, I am having fun =P

    I mean at times I would crave the company of some friends to go shopping with me but at times I really just want to shop alone and have some alone time, who cares if they brand me as 'Loner' =p At the very least, I am one Happy Loner! Hahhaha!

    The baby oil looks so cute! What do you use them for actually? As make up remover?? :D And that BB cream bottle is absolutely beautiful! I have the same series, but hand cream lol, not as nice as the packaging though :< Let us know how the BB cream works out?

    HUeahueaheaue I am a bit of a shopaholic QQ Gotta avoid all malls man ;_; Lol I am one that falls in love with a man and then get fed up of it ._. Hence I am single and happy now lol, Idk, I think I am not meant for coupling up QQ


  44. i love that book!! I really enjoyed reading it. Also, that blouse is lovely! x
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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