Peek Into My Life 30

I have always used Mozilla Firefox for my internet but over the
past weeks it crashes and freeze occasionally and it really
 pissed me off and lost faith in the orange fox. So I decided
to step over to Google Chrome.

The weather in Holland is terrific! It was 20°+ degrees
for weeks! All my wintercoats are washed and my wardrobe
re-vamped with new spring/summer items!

So my life is pretty relaxed. Maybe this warm weather is
making me lazy. Either way I'm still writing my paper and essays
(what a surprise!) and you can find me in the library very
often. Lately I quit watching Beauty and the Beast after
ep. 15. The show became so... nowhere. What a shame because
I think the concept behind the show is good.

I'd love to know what show you lately watching at!

At one of my favorite kitchen supplies shop: Dille en Kamille. They also sell stationary, food, gardening tools, bath stuff and toys! 

I thought these icecream chairs looked funny! My favorite ice cream flavor: blueberry yogurt. And mint/chocolate. 

 I love that this library has a piano c: 

 Who orders salad at a fastfood restaurant, uh, me. I've tried this new ' goat cheese salad'  by Mcdonalds and it tasted awful

 Outfits I wore in April. 

 These facial wash gel and day/night creme were on sale. 

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  1. Mooie foto's! Ik vind de tweede outfit mooi, pastelkleurtjes <3 & het mintgroene tasje is geweldig. Alle foodpics maken me hongerig :D

  2. Love the outfits and the simplicity of your blog.xx

  3. Welcome to the chrome family haha!
    Ik durf nooit salades te nemen bij de mc.. iets in mijn hoofd blokkeert mcsalads :p
    Super leuke looks by the way! :)
    X Jessy

  4. Sooo many nice and interesting pictures, however, I'm too lazy now to comment each one haha.
    This dog looks so cute hahaha, really adorable how he watches passing cars like he's thinking about something :D
    Love your first outfit, seems to be quite rock'n'roll and casual!

  5. Great pics!

  6. I love the outfit pictures! And the food looks really good. Except for the Mcdonald's. Lol.

  7. Thanks for the greeting and the sweet comment!

    I used to love firefox too but then it always crashed. Switched to chrome and never looked back! Lol! Welcome to the club! lol

  8. Oh my gosh! So many beautiful photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your outfits so much :'3 you should post up where your did you buy your shoes in the third outfit :)

  9. YAY for chrome :)) best browser for sure~ haha and love your outfits--they are so cute! Love your pix as always


  10. Amazing<3! I like the fifth photo, icecream photo, outfit photos, and uuhm I think I like them all... :P


  11. Beautiful photos as always! :) I love the piano in the library! I'm just wondering if it's too loud for a library because of disturbing the other readers or only you can hear what you're playing...(?) If it's "silent", I should get one too, 'cause I guess my neighbors got tired of my performances lol. :D
    Btw, love those ice cream chairs and your great style! ^.^

    xoxo Hani

  12. we have the same laptop... snap! haha.
    i hope my firefox browser doesn't crash... i don't really fancy changing to chrome -_-

  13. I love all your photographs - just a little peak into your wonderful life :) I switched from Firefox to Google chrome too. I like it better, but the only thing is I can't comment on blogger (weird?) so sometimes I have to go to Firefox to comment! (like right now)

    PS. I like the ice cream seats - I think they're funny too haha.

  14. I recently switched over to Google Chrome as well! *A*
    I'm jealous of the good weather you're getting! >u<
    It's a shame that Beauty and the Beast isn't living up to your expectations. :c I was hoping to check out the show too, but from what you're saying, it seems like it's not really going anywhere. :c

    Love all your photos, as always! I only wish it was warm enough for me to wear skirts. xD

  15. well i'm not watching tv lately, though i was kinda in tune with american idol and walking dead which jsut ended can't wait fo the nest season, anyway great shot's as always, yumyum for the foods!

  16. I love blueberry flavored things. I wish they had blueberry juice at more places. ^^

  17. Great pictures! And those ice cream chairs are so cute :) Plus your outfits are great I really like your sense of style.

    x Gi

  18. So much to love about this post, especially those ice-cream chairs! Holland seems like such an amazing place too, all those shops and cafes look so stylish :)

  19. Wonderful photos, oh the ice cream looks so delicious. Nice to hear the weather there has been good, it's murky here with a chance of rain, I'm actually happy!
    Google Chrome is my life saver haha.

  20. Ik krijg er honger van haha! Mooie foto's!<3

  21. kitchen supplies stores are so amazing... i can spend HOURS lost in the aisles.
    the blueberry yogurt ice cream looks delish and so fresh!
    i wish libraries here looked like yours... i would hang out there all the time.
    cute blog btw! i just discovered and i'm definitely going to follow :)

  22. Yummmy ice cream :) Good luck with your paper! At least it's warm out to enjoy after your paper is done :) Also, team google chrome yaaaay. After I made the switch, I haven't look bad

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  23. Cute photos! Google chrome is the best :) Hahaha it is around 20-24 degrees in Sydney as well. What is the first photo of? x

  24. Leuke foto's!
    Google Chrome is erg nice! :]

  25. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post! I always highly appreciate it when you take time to comment!
    This shop looks to die for, and your outfits are all really pretty!

    Have a great day,

  26. Nice outfit in Apr ! Don't know how long will take if I go to that kitchen shop ^_^

  27. oh i love using chrome! i don't think i can ever go back to mozilla
    your mcdonald's has so much more interesting food than ours! we only have 1 type of salad at mcdonald's in melbourne and it's only lettuce, cucumber and a few cherry tomatoes. i ate it today and it tastes nice for only $2
    i love all your outfits; it's so chic and cute

  28. Oh yes I'm a google chrome user as well haha! I occasionally go back to mozilla, but rarely to be honest! Ah yes, I'm quite often in the library as well, exams are just around the corner! :( Love the outfits you've posted! It's been so hectic with uni and work, I barely have time to watch tv shows :( Though I'm a follower of Suits and White Collar! You should definitely give those a try! :D

  29. That kitchen supplies shop is heaven, and so is that ice cream ;) The little clementine jam is adorable - I remember one of my friends had a tiiiiny strawberry jam with her once, while she was eating pretzels.

  30. very pretty pictures and outfits! :)
    Iv been watching the mindy project, really funny.

  31. awesome post !
    visit me :

  32. I switched to Chrome when Mozilla stopped working too. :( I enjoyed your photos and your choice of places to eat. The food looks delicious.

  33. oh wow beautiful photos and I love your outfits...!!!

  34. great post! those ice cream cone chairs are so cute! thank you so much for stopping by ldotcdot, i loved looking through your blog!

    xx. LC

  35. hehe great post! All these pictures are wonderful :). I adore the icecream :) and your clothes are cute xx

  36. Warm weather definitely makes me lazy in general. Five minutes in the sun and I feel groggy! Good luck with all your essays though. If you don't already, I recommend Game of Thrones!! I'm soo into that at the moment. And I love your mint green bag in the second outfit photo, very cute!


  37. i love your pictures! ice cream chairs, the one in the tunnel (jaw drop!) and doggie inside a bus! :)

  38. Nice images! We are having good weather in Berlin as well :) Finally spring!

    Thanks for your comment, yes the pics are all taken by me :)

  39. You never failed to amaze with your photos.

    By the way, As a mom, I think I'm doing good. Enjoying alot.

    Keep on posting beautiful photos. Spread the inspirations :)


  40. i am finishing up watching arrested development on netflix. its fun, and theres a new season coming out exclusive to netflix. anyways, yay!! chrome is awesome and its wayy better than mozilla.

    btw, i started growing green onions. i just put them in a cup with water earlier today. we'll see how they turn out!

    xoxo Sarah

  41. It isn't warm on my side of the world, it is scorching hot, hot hot. It gets soooo hot I just feel lazy all afternoon. Tsk tsk...Oh and great photos. And those ice cream chairs are soooo cute. I've been hooked to Vampire Diaries ever since it came out, I also watch: Once Upon A Time, Revenge, Grimm, and Beauty and The Beast.

  42. That ice cream chairs are very cute^^

    And hey, I love your styling pics. I adore your mint sachel bag so much!!

    Dreamy Princess

  43. Awww deze foto's zien er bijna uit alsof het zomervakantie is (behalve dan in de bibliotheek). En de tweede outfit is echt heel cute! Ik krijg honger van die tosti's, ik heb nog niet ontbeten, hehe :')

  44. The ice cream chairs are too cute!

    You look lovely, my dear


    Come and see my new post on :


  46. omg the ice cream chairs are really adorable!
    And I have the same laptop as you except in PINK! c:

  47. Great pics! I've always loved yours ;)

    Would you like to visit/follow me?<3

  48. ALTIJD maar dan ook ALTIJD als ik op je blog kom krijg ik honger... ;p
    Hele leuke foto's & outfits

  49. sooo nice seeing your pictures, they are so lovely and I'm sure you have a great day (:
    anywaaay, I love your outfits shoots, I love the first one. and I love the way you put the dark-moon-sky picture as closing haha

    great day!

  50. Those ice cream chairs are soooo adorable - I want them!
    Lovely photos as always! That last image is so gorgeous. You manage to capture things beautifully

  51. The ice cream chairs are so cute! Love the outfits too, I really like the mint green bag :D

  52. I much prefer Chrome over Firefox, hehe welcome to the dark side! And those ice cream cone chairs look very interesting; I've never seen anything like it. However I know there is a restaurant in Taiwan that has a toilet theme.


  53. Yeh Chrome's pretty amazing!
    Can I borrow 'Peek into my life' idea from you? It's really great way to post regularly!

  54. I really like the pictures on your blog..! I'm sure you hear it all this all the time, but there's a dreamy quality I like about them.

    Anyway, I'm 100% on the Chrome bandwagon now. I was such a Firefox devotee for years, but I started using Chrome for work and now I'll never go back to anything else.

  55. Yum! Het ijs van Fresco is inderdaad heel lekker! Ik keek naar je foto's en in eens herkende ik Middelburg! Leuk!


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