TheWhenIComeHomeSnack 06

When I'm out of school, 
I try to be at home around 5-6 pm so that I can watch
my favorite cooking program: My Kitchen Rules. It's from
Australia and in my opinion this country has the best
cooking programs! I also enjoy watching Masterchef. 
The contestants and the cooks here are so friendly and 
down to earth! Totally no bossy attitudes or slandering
 each other. 

Do you guys play online games? I do! When I was younger 
I used to play Habbo Hotel. Not sure if you guys know this game
but I thought their graphic design (pixel!) were so cute! 
Now I play 'Zomg' at Gaiaonline to kill some time. Truly one
of my guilty pleasures....

A deepfrozen strawberry cheesecake that I've bought it from the supermarket! Not bad actually. Tho I still prefer fresh made ones. 

These are also my favorite midnight snacks really. 

I've count 13 sticks per satchel. They were so tasty and crunchy! 


  1. I like that pics. Have a great weekend

  2. Haha van die programma's krijg ik ook altijd honger :P Thanks voor je comment btw! Ik gebruik zelf nu steeds vaker de spirale versie, ik ga me altijd ergeren aan dat lijntje xD Binnenkort ook een patroontje waarbij de spiraal versie handig is ;) xx

  3. Masterchef vind ik altijd zo leuk! Antony bourdain and Donna hay don't have bad programs either :p

    De taart ziet er echt heerlijk uit

  4. I used to love Habbo Hotel when I was younger. :)

    Adrienne | Late Night Nonsense

  5. I like watching cooking shows as well! :D

  6. I somehow got addicted to smart phone games since few days ago... I'm slicing fruits and running a restaurant!

  7. Cooking shows are my guilty pleasure now, I'm sort of ashamed. But it's so fun! Wish they had My Kitchen Rules here, but maybe I can find it online :)

  8. Wow that's so cool how My Kitchen Rules is showed over there! I love that show, I watched it religiously as well as Masterchef
    Last night I started watching Masterchef America and my whole family immediately pointed out that the Australian contestants were much more nicer to each other :)
    I haven't played online games for years. When I was young I used to play Maplestory and Gunbound!

  9. Thanks for dropping at blog last time...
    So you're still active at gaia?

    Yea, I think the participants at masterchef australia are truly humble.
    They don't pull down other contestant.

  10. Ziet er zo lekker uit allemaal, hmm hmm HMM!

  11. Habbo Hotel :D!? I have been thinking only finnish kids play it (it's a finnish game).. :D Lol x)
    Oh my, I love Peko Milky <3
    x, Lara

  12. My Kitchen Rules! I was actually in one of the episodes, don't know if you're up to it yet but it was near the semi-finals and they had food trucks outside the supreme court in the city and we were on an excursion that day :)I've never played video games tbh haha I don't think I have the patience to learn!

  13. as of now? I wasn'y playing anything but I used to play dragon nest,
    as for your game, i heard it before but haven't yet plated it,

  14. My Kitchen Rules...sounds interesting!
    and I've tasted the corn flavored sticks before, they are pretty good :)

  15. Haha, sometimes I like to rush home to catch my favourite tv programs too ^^

    I think fresh made cheesecakes are ten times better than frozen ones!

  16. I love snacking! I actually just did a post on my favourite healthy snacks! I don't know if that interests you, if it does feel free to check it out. :)

  17. I'm a fan of your pics too :)

  18. That cheesecake looks so delicious!

    Have a great weekend,

  19. haha, I loved gaming too! I used to play a lot of various games when I was younger - including Habbo Hotel. But I didn't like that game since I was more into MMORPG.
    But nowadays I don't play anything due having no time.
    And mademoiselle, your snacks sure make me want to rush to the kitchen to find myself a little night snack... <D

    much loves,

  20. I snack all day long. In between breakfast and lunch, in between lunch and dinner, and then again a few snacks at night :-)

  21. I agree with you, Australia has the best cooking shows...I love watching master chef<3 You're blog is adorable, I love your layout :) I was wondering could we follow each other? Gfc, google+ and bloglovin. I'd like to keep in touch ^_^


  22. thanks for you comment in my blog!! nice post!! ;)
    follow me? and i follow you later! :D

  23. I HEART Masterchef. I'm based in the UK but have watched the one from Australia too, the critics are way better than the UK ones, ha!



  24. All the snack looks really delicious!
    The cheesecake looks delicious!

  25. Haha! Wow, I haven't played Gaiaonline in a very looonnngggg time. (:
    It use to be my go to site back a few years ago !
    Whenever I have free time I spend majority of it with my boyfriend or with my friends. I love socializing and going out. It's very costly tho >__<

  26. Mmm all your food has made me feel hungry!

    Oh my goodness I used to play habbo when I was younger - sneaked on when I was underage oops...

    But that was 7 years ago. Wow, getting old!

    Yinyin xx

  27. Oh my goodness i want to eat all of these right now! THe milky candy AND the corn flavoured pretz sticks. Yum!!!

  28. Gaiaonline!! I used to play that game when I was in highschool! *_* and that deep frozen strawberry cheesecake looks yummy~ I miss eating one D':

  29. I love milky!
    This is so cute.


  30. Oh wow, such amazing food closeups! Makes me hungry :)

    Trendy Teal


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