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This weeks Monday was an awful day (aren't all Mondays?).
We had an conference that day includes a reading from a
professor, a presentation and a debate. The professor was
a really funny dude and kind of woke me up a little bit in the
early morning. After the reading we had to prepare ourself
with the upcoming horrible debate.

I was teamed up with 4 other students for the debate. I
like watching debates but I really suck at defending myself
at debates. I'd just stand there flabbergasted. You wont see me
standing in the political situation! At the end, the debate
itself wasn't so bad. I was more upset that the school let
us prepare this debate for 2 hours and the debate itself last
10 minutes. Grrr.

So me and my fellow friends/classmates decided to eat
icecream to eat our school-anger away.

Yummy wholegrain, seed and nut bread! Topped off with orange marmalade.

My aunt send me over these adooorable candies! Taste like peaches. Japan is a master in packaging design.

I Feel: relaxed, desperate
Music: Jhameel - White Lie - I found this guy at one of the ASOS catwalk background music. I thought this Korean dude sounded like Mike Posner. Anyway totally addicted to his music!
Food: chocolate nuts
Drink: hot chocolate


  1. *Hungry* :o
    Ziet er lekker uit!

  2. debates are stressful for sure. esp when you disagree with the statement and you have to force yourself to agree with it! hopefully next week will be better for you!

  3. Oh I hate debates and public speaking in general. Your food looks so yummy :D


  4. I love the taste of Japanese Peaches...
    haha, and on the second photo the packaging looks like as if there was a huge 'peach butt' on it xD

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  5. Yum! All that food looks so delicious. I'm not very fond of Mondays either. Bleh. I hope your weekend goes well, however~

  6. Those Japanese candies look tasty! The granola looks good too, haven't had any in a while!

    It sucks that the debate was so short! I'm only good at debating over text when I have some time to think about it LOL. In person, I'm pretty terrible too.

  7. Looks delicious :D
    very interesting


  8. I hate public speaking too! In my mind I feel I could say a lot of things but when I'm right on the spot..BOOM! Where are those freaking thoughts!?

  9. Lovely :)

    A chic kiss ;)

  10. I love the way yu photographed the bread!


  11. Debates are tough. :c I'm a rather seasoned public speaker, and I still get nervous at debates, because I keep on thinking: "what if I don't have a rebuttal?"
    At least it's done and over with! c: The food looks so yummy! *A* My stomach is growling just looking at these photos~ *A*

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  13. I love the song White Lie! :D Thanks for sharing!

  14. i love noodles! those chopsticks are really cool too :)
    ice cream is such a good stress-reliever! i would've done the same!

  15. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!

    Ice cream is a very good way to get frustration out of the way!

    Have a great weekend,

  16. Yikes on the debate, but hooray for ice cream!

    Debates have never been a favorite, but I love to argue because I always make sure I win haha. But the time they gave you is horrible!

  17. Wow they look so yummy. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours

  18. it's been a long time since my last visit to your blog..
    you always able to find cute packaging snacks.
    that candies are super cute! :)

  19. Beautiful photos, it looks very delicious.


    Style of Purity

  20. That candies looks really lovely sweetie!


  21. Ohh yumm! Dat ziet er allemaal lekker uit zeg!
    Ik krijg er spontaan honger van haha.

    XO The Daily Fashion Drug

  22. Love the look of those sweets - I agree, the Japanese are awesome when it comes to packaging!

  23. The candies look goood~~
    Awesome photos as always :)


  24. Sorry about school! Hope it gets better for you! The peach candy looks so adorable!

  25. Ice cream can solve so many of life's problems. I hope you're feeling much better (and much more relaxed) this weekend!

    Also, I'm obsessed with Jhameel lately! My co-worker showed me his Facebook page a few weeks ago as a joke and now we both can't stop listening to him.


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  27. They all look yummy! :9
    Well cute blog anyway..

  28. i don't like debates much either. my arguments always come after the fact but i can't be like.. oh yeah.. about that comment you said like 10 minutes ago... :) your pictures are amazing as always!

  29. Ughhh totally understand what you mean about debating. I really admire who can stay cool as a cucumber during debates, I always just get emotional and flustered >.<

    Btw, holy crap, I just listened to the jhmeel and dang...I'm surprised he isn't more popular! Love the song!

  30. I love marmalade so much, a piece of amazing bread with a thick spread of chunky marmalade on top sounds like an amazing snack!

  31. Nice blog! Gorgeous sweeties! Im Your New follower! (bloglovin and gfc)!

  32. such a yummy food diary *____________*
    And I have the same problem with debates. Usually I just end up being the awkward one just standing there and saying nothing xD


  33. love Japanese candies, (and pretty much everything else) they're always so adorable!

  34. A master in packaging design indeed, my goodness everything looks delish! Ah, and debates suck. :/
    Dit zijn trouwens de recepten die mn zus had gebruikt voor de ichigo daifuku:

  35. "eat our school anger away" haha, that's cute. I hated debating and the only reason why I hated it so much was because I had to talk, lmao. It's so exhausting to defend myself and the team, haha.


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