Food in Process: green tea chiffon cake

Sponge cake, one of the thing I find it difficult to make really.
There are so many methods of making sponge cake, like
whisking the egg over a hot pan with water or separate
the yolk and egg white. For this chiffon cake, I've tried the
last method: separate the egg white because apparently
it will give you the highest chance to get a spongy texture.

This chiffon cake is greentea flavored with sugar glaze
and coconut rasps on top. My first idea was to coat it with
white chocolate but when I saw that the glaze and the expiration date
almost reached, I decided to make use of it. It wasn't bad, but
I think the white chocolate would make a better combination.
Oh well.

Guys, I really want to make macarons but I'm to scarded!

Da Recipe:  40 gram greentea powder, 100g cake flour 1,5 teaspoons baking powder, a pinch of salt, 3 egg yolks, 3 egg whites, 60 gram sugar, 50ml vegetable oil, 75ml water

I loved the texture, it was so spongey and so fun to press on. 

I want to use this glaze to make cakepops, but yeah, expiration day was almost there. It would be a shame to 
throw this in the bin if I didn't used it. 

Da Steps:
1. Separate the eggs and sieve the cake flour, baking powder and the salt!
2. Add the yolk in a bowl together with the half of the sugar (30 gram). Whisk until combine and sugar is melted abit. 
3. Drizzle in the oil and mix well in the egg mixture. 
4. Drizzle the water in this egg mixture and mix well. Add the greentea powder and the flour mixture and mix mix! 
5. In a new bowl, beat the egg white in soft peak. Then add the remaining sugar (30 gram) and mix with high speed until the egg white has reached the stiff peaks. 
6. Add the 1/3 egg mixture into the flour/egg mixture and fold it. Add the next 1/3 part 2x. 
7. When the mixture is fully combined, pour it into a cake pan. Drop the pan a few times to release bubbles. 
8. Bake in pre-heated oven at 170°C for 45 minutes or until the cake surface turns golden brown. You can check the cake by poking it with a skewer. When it comes out clean its ready! 
9. Let the cake cool inside the mold completely. To get that cake out of the pan, just run with a sharp thin knife around the edges, but handle with gentle and care! 

Good luck! 

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  1. ;u;
    This looks so yummy!
    My mom uses the last method too, and the texture always turns out amazing! c:

  2. i freaking LOVE chiffon cake!!! (pandan chiffon cake to be specific)

  3. I love chiffon cake - looks like your cake turned out very well!

  4. yummyyyy. ziet er zo lekker uit :D !!!

  5. OMG I need to try it !!

    New post on my blog--->

  6. Aaaah, I love green tea-flavored cakes! So good~ Coconut flakes makes everything yummy, too :)

  7. So yummy! If only I had an oven! But I still won't know how to bake :D

  8. OMG it looks divine!

    Everything green tea is just awesome, though.

  9. Oh wow, I've never had chiffon cake but this looks delicious! I may have to try making it now, I just love anything and everything that's green tea flavoured...

  10. loooks soo yummmy!!! >w< I miss baking ;_;

  11. loooks yummmyyyy !
    I have been into baking lately a lot! I made no bake yogurt cake and new york cheesecake :)


  12. Ik wil het heeel graag proeven! <3

  13. jsut so perfect! the way it looks and the softness!
    i'm sure it taste like heaven haha
    nice job!

  14. This looks really delicious! Now I kind of want to try to make this, this weekend!

  15. Hele leuke post, ziet er ook heerlijk uit!

  16. Very nice! :D
    What is "scarded"? :o

  17. Oh pff ziet er zo lekker uit! GIMME IT! xo

  18. Het ziet er super lekker uit!

  19. wow! Thanks for sharing! :) Your blog is nice. Want to follow each other via Bloglovin & GFC? Let me know in my blog dear. :)

    XX, IamJenniya

  20. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    My flat mate made green tea cake once and I don#t know whether it was her baking skills but I wasn't too keen on it. Maybe need to give it another try!

    Have a great day,

  21. Oh my, the texture is so soft and bouncy! This looks so delicious! I want to try this some time, but I bet mine will turn out weird, lol. I'm not very good at baking T_T

  22. yum!!! i love green tea anything! looks so yummy! your cake looks DELICIOUS!!

  23. I have yet to conquer the sponge cake... This sure looks delicious, Mei!

    Have a wonderful weekend <3

  24. Great blog!

    I am following you on bloglovin, follow me back!

    Rougeberry Fashion

  25. I like the video gif, so fun to see the cake pop up. I'll have to try this recipe. Since my friend bought some powder green tea for when she wanted to green tea cheesecake. Thanks!


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