Goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean I'll miss you

 It pains me to see that Sephora is disappearing from my country. 
I'm not really a makeup-junkie but its sad that a great
beautyshop such as Sephora decided to go. I so and then
buy skincare products and gifts to birthday friends (I love
their giftwrapping!). Sephora held her last sales event last week:
20-30% off all products/buy one get one free!

I arrived there knowing that most of the shelves looked like they
got plundered. Even the 'testers' were missing!
I end buying the 'Yes to Carrots - Eye Cream' for less then 10 bucks.
It smells really  rich  and  ointmentish,  almost medicine smell. And
it feels quite  nourishing  around my eyes, so I'm happy with this

The same day I also bought tea, food and some stationary at
Dille en Kamille.

Do you use 'eye cream'? Which brand do you use?

I purchased these plastic containers to store not, specifically beauty stuff but oh yes: my craft works. 

Yuck :c

Free try outs ^_^  'mustard with figs'. I don't like pure mustard, but when mustard makes friends with other ingredients it taste so great! 

Chinese 'Oolong' tea for papa. I've also purchased these chocolate powder drinks. I cannot wait to try out this 'orange' flavor! 

Sephora were quite generous giving out samples, thanks! 


  1. jeeee, I'm not the only one on this planet who hates coconut water! :)I don't use eye cream, but I don't believe in the eye cream thing. I use moisterizer all over my face and it's working fine.
    No biggy :p

  2. Ik snap het ook niet dat Sephora weggaat! Niet dat ik er ooit wat koop, maar ze zien er altijd zo fancy uit! Btw je macarons zien er echt supercute uit in hun nieuwe huisje ^^ hihi

  3. What, Sephora is leaving your country?! I'm not a make-up junkie too but I love stopping by Sephora just for the fun of it.

  4. Awww... I hate it when a store closes down. Well at least you got some good deals! :)

  5. I visited Sephora once in Paris but I didn't like it that much.
    I don't like mass produced coconut water, I think it tastes a bit off somehow.
    Coconut water from fresh coconut tastes amazing.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  6. Whaa!? Sephora leaving your country for good? I thought they were doing well ??
    I'm not the biggest make up junkie either but I love going in there to test random products or sometimes even ask a sales rep to do my make up for fun :$
    "It's never a good bye, it's only see you laters." :)

  7. I haven't been to Sephora yet, I'd love to check it out though, next time I have free time. Whenever that will be. I usually go to MAC for my makeup, even though I'm not much of a makeup junkie either.

    Love, Moon
    blog | twitter

  8. Zo stom dat de sephora weg is! Awhh die mini macarons, zo lief! <3 Trouwens, als je van ananas houdt is de kokoswater met ananas wél heel erg lekker!

  9. well, as for me, I'm clueless on such
    thing haha,

  10. That's sad! Surely is a good place to get gifts.

  11. Thanks for your kind words on my last post!
    Too bad for you - I heard great stuff about Sephora!

    Have a great day,

  12. What :O I'm so surprised they left, I would cry if one ever came here so for now I settle for buying online. At least you got to enjoy the sale, and who knows maybe later they might decide to make an appearance :)

  13. How come Sephora's shutting down in your country? I'm not big on Sephora but I stopped by when I was in America just for the fun of it, because we don't have it here.

  14. That's strange Sephora closing up a shop D:~ I'd like to try that brand of coconut juice, I'm still looking for a favorite brand. :3

  15. I do not even know that Sephora used to be based in Holland,too. oO - so this is quite surprising for me!!
    Do you know why they are closing? I do not think that there might be a lack of costumers - i mean: it' s SEPHORA!! We have been longing for a beauty store like this here in Germany...(ok, it would be the biggest irony ever, if they decide to go to Germany ~~)

    Rainy greetings from Germany
    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  16. Wuuunderschöne Bilder! Ich steh total auf diese Sachen! :) Schau gerne auch mal bei mir vorbei - vll hast du Lust auf ggs. folgen?! Würde mich total freuen! Love, Kyra

  17. We never had Sephora in Korea at the first place, but I missed that so much when I had came back from the US!
    Aw I love Sampar products anyways :)

  18. Nice pictures!!

    xx Mounia

  19. how does the coconut water taste?? I really LOVE coconutwater, but only out of a real baby coconut... most of the processed coco-water products here in germany suck / taste like crap :( :(

  20. Ik wist niet dat Dille & Kamille ook stationary verkoopt.. eigenlijk leek het me altijd een saaie winkel, maar misschien moet ik toch eens binnenlopen ;) Ik gebruik nu een oogcreme van het Kruidvat merk, niet duur maar wel erg prettig :D

  21. sad that sephora is leaving your country :C but yay for the free samples and discounts!! i've never had coconut water but i'm not too fond of the taste of coconut so maybe i never will even taste it haha. xx

  22. aw that stinks that sephoras closing in your country :( ive dont shop there that often but i always love their free samples :D

  23. slim om zo'n containter te gebruiken! Maar je kan op ebay of ergens anders van die medicijnen bakjes vinden, misschien zijn die ook handig voor je spullen? :D

  24. Oh really beautiful pics sweetie!
    Was interesting containers from Sephora for non beauty stuff!

  25. You actually have the cutest stores in The Netherlands! If it makes you feel any better, Australia doesn't even have Sephora :(

  26. I really love your pictures <3

  27. i too like sephora. i don't shop there often myself but when i do, i'm never disappointed! glad you got to pick up some stuff before their last sale ended!

  28. We've never even had Sephora in Australia - how I wish we did!

    The stationery shop looks so cute!

    And to your comment, it's not a 35mm lens haha. It just means film. x

  29. awww sad it's closing :( But glad you got the cream! Sounds really cool:) And ooo the mustard and figs thing sounds really good!

  30. great post & nice photos ! i like it !

    Maybe we follow each other?!
    Let me know :)


  31. you craft that mini macaroons? OMG they looks cute and yummy.

  32. your craft works are so cute, and haha I think unless you live in a big city everyone thinks their town is boring probably. But then again there's only so much you can do anyway! :D

  33. aww that sucks, but at least you got an amazing sale!!!

  34. thanks for your comment pretty! ^^ Nice blog !!

  35. Sephora left the UK when I was a teen - I'm so sad and I still miss it so much! Whenever I am in the US/Paris, I always make sure to pop in.

  36. you make such awesome craft works ;m; envies you~~

  37. so sad that Sephora is leaving, it's an amazing brand. Now I have to go to Paris -.-" well, I hope it comes back someday. Dille and Kamille is really an amazing shop. I always get my tea from there :) mmmm... delicious ^^

  38. Got over excited when I saw the pic of all the stationary! I'm obsessed! x


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