I think of dieting, then I eat pizza.

Hello Monday! Its paper time, yay.
I spend 4 hours each day on my paper in a library.
I also try to work at home but for some reason, I
keep procrastinate. Home is making me want to
clean up, watch tv (Dr Phill, to make it look good) or
search entertaining cat video's at Youtube. So I need
to work outside home whether its in the library or
at a nice cafe with free wi-fi.

My town finally got Domino's pizza! Its a small take
away/delivery stand but still. I'm happy to have
a decent pizza stand, me and my dad ordered twice
already and it tasted good! They have this cool
hightech system where you can see the duration/status
of your ordered food!

Taken from the 11th floor from school. I hope tomorrow will be good weather with lots of sunshine!

Life size chess & a small exhibition: learning origami in steps at my library. 

I'm gonna call myself Pikachu in the next time ordering pizza. 

I did it once with Starbucks, too bad the shoplady didn't shout: "Vanilla latte macchiato for Pikachu" :c  

Weirdo's at my school, promoting something. 

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  1. Hahaha jij bent geniaal xD. Als ik weer is bij de starbucks kom dan ga ik snorlax zeggen xD. Aawh, good luck with your paper!

  2. I love eating pizza! It's really good! :D

  3. Hehehe I love the title of this post - story of my life! Love your photography!


  4. I love Domino's, it's such a standard takeaway for any towns over here. I love how the ones near my uni opens until really early hours in the morning to cater for the party animals and night owls. I get so sad when I go home and I get hungry at night and I can't order pizza because they close at like 11 or 12.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  5. Oh really beautiful and interesting photographs sweetie1
    Thanks for share your world!

  6. potato wedges look awesome!
    The guys in red are really weird!

  7. Domino's the best! Yay :) hahaha those spandex guys made me laugh!

  8. Amazing that you called youself Pikachu x') Only sad that she didn't call your name, must have been hilarious! :P I did call me Sakura and Piyo ones, but they only question where the name comes from, they never shout it here :c
    Ow, and your school looks so amazing Ö the view is beautiful! Ö

  9. O.O that's so cool! The dominos at my place is really dodgy.. doesnt taste nice at all. I should live near you :D

  10. Leuk die origami uitleg. :) De frietjes zien er heerlijk uit! Liefs

  11. hahaha vet grappig dat de mensen van starbucks ook echt pikachu erop geschreven hebben hihi :) superleuk!

  12. Lovely post!:) the title made me laugh! and for the last picture.. I dont get it:D what are they promoting? They look like weird spidermen:D


  13. Hahah cool! Show a picture if you're ordering again! :P

  14. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    I love the look if lifesize chess, I wish i could play that game!

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

  15. Good luck with your paper! I get what you mean, I procrastinate a lot at home because that's what I'm used to doing in the home setting.

  16. Looks like a really cool pizza place! hi dear! thank you for the comment on my blog, I'm a new follower and I'd love it if you followed back :D


  17. hmm those houses seems like toys haha
    and as for that origami it was cool
    and for those weirdos i wonder what were they

  18. they have the same ordering system in America, they haven't' messed up one order of mine yet. I like Dominoes but I usually prefer papa johns. Try it if you ever get the chance.

  19. vooral de schoenen van die jongens.. hahaha :p

  20. I am hungry!!!
    Love pizza,
    www.mywishstyle.com newpost!

  21. Haha, love that post title of yours :D
    Thanks a lot for your comment :)

    Love from Germany


  22. I want the french fries :) xoxo ES

  23. haha yay! i love dominos! :D and the exhibit of the origami is so cool! :D


  24. your post just made me super hungry and it's 9 pm here! :)

  25. Yumyum I lovee pizza as well ^_^ and I agree, I can never get any work done at home... I always gotta go to the library!

  26. Oh my! Spandex haha. This is so funny, I've had organic vegan/vegetarian pizza the last few days, been buying them and they are so delicious! :)

  27. WOOO ! Domino's Pizza is the bomb! Half a year ago they opened one up close to my house and my sister and I would always take walks over to grab some delicious pizza! I was amazed about how high tech they were with those machines too! Aha! Looks the Domino's chain is doing pretty well to spread internationally. I don't know what the origin of the chain is from, but I'm just going to assume USA?

    I've been spending my days writing papers too. ): Sad life.

  28. Fun photos!


  29. I procrastinate so much at home... It's the internet! D:
    I love the buildings where you live! They look so nice. (:
    Dominos is so good - I love their desserts as well!

  30. haha Domino is the very best! :)

  31. that would actually be awesome and epic when the barista shouts "pikachu" hahah that's so cool
    though too bad she didn't shout it :c

    and gimmee pizza, lol XD

  32. Leuke foto's! Heb nu ook zo zin in PIZZAAA

    Kiki | Chicks About Fashion

  33. Ahah, Pikachu. Awesome. Too bad she didn't call Pikachu. It would have been funny. :)

    Love, Moon
    Blog | Twitter

  34. working outside has its benefits. i think at home, we probably feel comfortable to just procrastinate (sometimes i am the same). yay for dominos!!

    Joyce @carouselstreet.com

  35. Ah, the first photo is so pretty.


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