Peek Into My Life 31

I can't believe we passed half of 2013! And there are
so many things I want to do and need to accomplish: graduation.
I'm really struggling with this paper of mine, what a work
and time consuming really. Tomorrow will be monday and it
will be another day hitting the library.
I'm also going to attend summerschool, to profile my

Don't worry I'll be still celebrating summer! Not somewhere
far from my country but: Czech Republic - Praque. I've heard so many
good reviews from people about this city. I want to soak up the
historical and cultural experience c:

Where are you celebrating this summer?

I have never played DDR (DanceDanceRevolution) before but I'd love to try it out someday! 

Delicious mini creampuff! 

Having a walk and taking pictures at 'Veerse Meer' - its a nice place with a lake. 

This is actually a still working steam locomotive which also function as a museum. 

Accompanied with a friend while enjoying €1 breakfast.

 Uh herro, camels from a circus! I feel kind of sad to see these animals being used for entertainment. 

Some of you were wondering what material I use in making miniature jewelry: Fimo clay! 

 I can't remember what ice cream I was eating here... something with blueberry. 

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  1. Blueberry ice cream ♥.♥. Me gusta! En gaaf dat je naar praag gaat zeg!

  2. The food looks delicious! And the necklace looks gorgeous! :D

  3. Amazing photos as usual!
    Ahhh I am so jealous of you spending summer in Prague..
    I am planning to travel in September so till then I am pretty much stuck here.
    I will still be going to pools,water parks and beaches tho :)
    I like your face in the last picture :D

  4. yumyum for the foods and lovely outfit and great shots!
    i wonder what would you do on that clay now

  5. Lovely!!
    I don't think I'll be celebrating summer this year :((
    I've never been to Prague, it sounds beautiful~
    I hope you have fun!

  6. Never played DDR!? Whattttt!? You should really try it, it's a simple fun game and it gets you moving :)
    &&I really enjoy looking at your pictures, where ever you went to eat, they all look so delicious !

  7. Wow, sounds like your summer will be AMAZING! Prague is a place I've heard so much about~ Take lots of gorgeous photos there, please! >u<
    I've never tried blueberry ice cream before. *A* Looks yummy though!
    Wonderful photos as always~ c:

  8. I guess we'll both we celebrating summer classes, so lets through an online Blogger study party haha. CRAP. Which reminded me that my unfortunate classes starts today *tear*

    I know, I can't stand seeing animals used for entertainment. I can only imagine what some of the trainers to do them to get them to perform certain acts behind closed doors :(

  9. I tried playing dance revolution once and was so bad at it i've never attempted it again!

  10. I love those posts with so much random stuff haha :D
    And I also think that it's really unbelievable we're already in sixth month, time is passing way too fast!

  11. Omg DDR! That was THE arcade game back in the days... I wasn't that good at it to be honest :)
    The mini cream puffs and fresh juices look yummy! Hope u got to have some~


  12. Wow!Is this a DDR? There is this in Japan!
    Your photos is so beautiful.I love cows photo.


  13. Aww good luck with that paper! Sounds like you've lined up some cool summer plans. I might be visiting Prague this year so I'm looking forward to hearing all about it :)

  14. Hema ontbijtjes zijn zo lekker haha!

  15. These shots look gorgeous and those cream puffs look so incredibly enticing!

    Good luck with your paper :) xx


  16. Good luck and have a lovely time in Praque!

  17. Good luck with your paper! That place with the lake looks so nice. Your food photos look just as good ;)

  18. hahahaha!!! that gif of waves is really funny...!! :D

  19. adore this post! i heart peeking into people's daily lives!!! i think it's what really connects bloggers!!

  20. amazing photos!


  21. I thought the modeling clay was a klondike bar. I guess I'm hungry? :)

  22. I've never played DDR too! and I sure want to try it someday...

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  23. I ♥ the creampuffs :3 - let me know if you might have a short stop-over in Frankfurt before you are leaving for Prague :D
    Oh and there is a comfortable and cheap (if you book early) bus line who is travelling to Prague (but it also depends from where you start) - so just in case you did not already plan your trip - just let me know...because as long as we are students we are always happy to save some bucks or rather spend them for delicious food xD

    Love from Germany
    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  24. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Such lovely impressions, makes me want to visit you someday! :-)

    Have the best week ever,

  25. Ohh how exciting! I've never been to the Czech Republic but I'd love to go sometime!

  26. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    Prague! How exciting I'm so jealous, I'm working all summer :( but I am going Egypt in October

  27. I loved all those animals shots the the delicious looking drinks!

    7% Solution​

  28. Praag! Tof zeg, daar wil ik ook graag nog eens heen ^^

  29. I just watched that gif for a good 5 minutes, it's so relaxing to watch! I had hoped this was going to be a productive year but it hasn't been so far so hopefully I'll have a productive summer rather than being my usual lazy self! Good luck with your paper!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  30. Isn't 2013 just flying by?!?! It's crazy. Seems like you have some great summer plans, along with summer school! I don't have any as I just graduated and now about to start the real world! Exciting and scary! Great photos as always, Mei! :)

  31. Fantastic pictures. I love the second one, it is fascinating.

  32. Beautiful photography! Have a wonderful time in Czech Republic!

    Suzie Q

  33. omg~ i remember ddr! hahaha. that used to be horribly popular back in high school for me? i was never very good at it.. but i was good with my fingers on stepmania! lol. its all very fun tho, give it a try!

    oh yea.. and within a week, my green onions were ridiculously tall. i brought my cup of green onions home though... and my mom cut them all up and used them for dinner. loll.. so no more green onion plant for me T-T

    - sarah -

  34. Have fun in Prague! I would love to visit the Czech Republic one day. Let me know how it is, please! I'll be in Paris this summer. :3

    Also, the circus looks interesting. I've always wanted to go to a circus in a big tent!

  35. All the food looks so yummy, and Praque sounds so fun! I love travelling. I wish I could go traveling this summer, but I'm still saving up for a trip with friends next year. Love your blog, following on GFC and Bloglovin! :)

  36. Ah I'm so jealous that you live in Europe and can so easily visit so many countries just by train!! I'm going nowhere this summer..and I'm also taking a class TT. I am living at the library as well haha. Lovely photos, as usual :)


  37. I like the pics. Have a great day.

  38. Very cool pics! I can't believe it's June already either, time flies...

  39. Wow, amazing pictures! Really love it! :)

    Follow you on Bloglovin. Follow me back?


  40. yaay! I live in Prague :) we can meet each other in the centre if you have some spare time :) The weather is crazy here, I hope it will get better soon! kisses,

  41. Nice different outfits !

  42. you always have such amazing photographs!! love the gif of the water :D

  43. OMG the cream puffs!! Beautiful!

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  44. Maaann, your pictures are awesome. Succes met school, gaat je vast wel lukken!! :)
    En summerschool???


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