Flying with Lufthansa

So I've booked an economy ticket with German airline 'Lufthansa' to Hong Kong
and landed safely in Hong Kong 2 days ago! I have previously flown 
with Lufthansa and I liked it. It was also one of the cheapest tickets I could find. 
Before arriving Hong Kong I had to transfer + wait at the Frankfurt airport
for my connecting flight. During my waiting time I just did some duty free shopping
and eating pretzels. Even tho its duty free, some stuff I find are in my eyes 
still pricey. Like the snack department (a pack of Wringley's gum cost 8 bucks!). But
they sure have fun looking snack packaging. 

My vegan plane meal that I've requested specially. 

 I thought this advert was so adorable!

 First time trying out the German pretzel. So salty!

 What I like about this Frankfurt airport is that they offering free hot drinks! This 'marocchino'  drink taste like hot cacao with a tad of coffee in it. Pretty nice!

I almost bought this Oreo tin can. 

 Killing time by doing some sketches. 
 My Frankfurt airport bill
1. Toothbrush                         €2,90    
2. Pretzel                                €1,50             
3. Danish blueberry                 €2,00  
4. McCafe chai latte                €2,69      
5. Bodyshop products             €14,50
6. Water                                 €1,00     
TOTAL damage:                  €24,59 (not bad huh, no?)


  1. Love your pictures !

  2. Great photos! :) Glad you landed safe! Spend as much time as you can visiting your grandma !Hope she's doing well ):
    The airport looks really nice !

  3. ♥♥♥♥♥ I love fly ♥♥♥♥♥

    You are soooo talented :)

  4. aaah, mooie schets zeg! haha, je totale damage valt nog erg mee :b. Die jelly beans potje zien er leuk uit! Volgens mij ben ik maar één keer via Duitsland geweest, ik ging paar jaar geleden via Finland :). En nice, dat ze rekening houden met vegans :o

  5. Great pics^^ Yeah, our bretzel are quite salty but I love them x3
    I will soon fly to Japan with Lufthansa for the first time^^ I'm looking forward now :3

  6. That really isn't bad for what you spent in duty free, I would have ended up spending so much more. I have no self control when it comes to shopping.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  7. glad you had a safe flight!
    oh your sketches are always so beautiful
    and the types of coffee are so different to the typical ones in australia. i don't know what half of the types of coffee on the machine is!

  8. Good to hear you had a good flight! :]

  9. Frankfurt Airport is indeed a very pricey area! I even wonder that they offer free hot drinks?
    Nevertheless, i would have bought the last Doughnut Bretzel xD - in this case i would prefer rather sweet than salty. How was the 'Bretzel' (besides salty) soft or crunchy? I love the soft ones *yummy*..the saltier the better *hehe* ♪
    Pretty cool drawing ♥ So i hope you did not get that much bored :D

    XOXO from tasty Germany :3
    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  10. Lovely photos! I nearly bought the oreo tin too! But the thought of eating all the cookies makes me feel sick~ :O
    Enjoy your time in HK! :D

  11. Fijn dat je een goede vlucht/reis hebt gehad! Je sketches zijn echt mooi, wow <3

  12. Great photos :) have fun!

  13. Nomnom.. everything looks good! I'm glad that they respected your vegan choices.. :)

    Hola Flo | Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  14. I miss hong kong so much, haven't been back for 1.5 years now and missing home so much! have fun dear! ;))

    ❤ Jenny Tsang
    – NEW POST: Edged In Black –

  15. Every time I fly Lufthansa, I always end up stopping in Germany for a connection and I would really like to visit Germany one day. Also, the blueberry danish sounds wonderful. ^^

  16. Have fun in Hong Kong, I miss shopping there! I normally don't mind connecting flights if they're a reasonable amount of wait time.. when I flew to China, I had to connect through HK because no flights were flying directly to that city and it was only a 30 minutes wait. Other times were about 1-2 hours :( Airport stuff is always pricey too.

  17. Nice pictures, I love the sketches :)

    Loves, RJ

  18. i've never flown with them before but the food looks good, and that giant oreo looks amazing!

  19. I love your sketch! I also really enjoyed flying with Lufthansa. they had yummy German food!


  20. Great post once again! Your photos are always beautiful. You make being in the airport look so fun, I usually look like a serious hot mess and I have a grumpy face the entire time haha I hate waiting around in airports :(

  21. LOVE that oreos tin and OMG your sketch is amazing.
    Have fun in Hong Kong, don't forget to visit SASA :p

    Kah-Feh Yen
    I'm currently running a MAC lipstick and other goodies giveaway.

  22. That Oreo tin is gorgeous, I don't think I'd be able to resist it! These photos are lovely by the way, who knew an airport could be so photogenic?

  23. glad to hear you landed safely. and omg! $8 for a pack of wrigleys?? that's .. wow! and i would've totally bought that oreo tin can. :)

  24. sketching is a great way to kill time! ;)

  25. I didn't know you draw. These sketches are awesome! Love!

  26. You've made it! Ah Germany, how nice that would have been :)
    I think it's so cute how you added your damage control prices for the airport there haha. Oh, I can't wait to see Hong Kong through your blog!

  27. Gelukkig ben je veilig aangekomen! En aaa die oreo koekjesdoos is geweldig! En wauw hoe je kan tekenen, mooi! Mag je wel vaker laten zien :D

  28. im waiting for your next post, had a good time reading your blog :)

  29. Yay, I'm happy you've arrived safely. That oreo tin does look quite awesome. And yay, I see you're using muji-stuff! I luuuuuurrvve muji!

  30. well i thought i had a lot about travel bookings at the office but then
    ill hear it here too haha
    anyway the foods looks yummy and the design of that place was artistically

  31. Glad to hear you had a safe flight. Your sketching is awesome. ^^ I wish I could draw. Dx

  32. Flying is really stressful for me but I do like some parts of it, like seeing what plane food they have an exploring airports, haha. Glad you got there safely!

  33. you've got great sketches there darling! have fun in Hong kong!

  34. I love our salty German pretzels, aren't they the best?

    Have a fantastic weekend,

  35. love duty free shopping! but i agree, still too expensive :P and 8 bucks for a pack of gum...thats crazy! cant wait to hear about hong kong :)

  36. Love your drawing~! c:
    I haven't flied with Lufthansa before, but it looks really nice! c:

  37. Fijn dat je een goede vlucht hebt gehad en wat chill dat warme drankjes daar gratis zijn zeg! X

  38. Love your photos..really inspired. Wonderful sketch :)

  39. WOWeee...the place is amazing to see!

  40. I love pretzels!!! :)

  41. It's too late to drop a comment but I wanna say "omg" Frankfurt Airport is totally cool having a free hot drinks machine <3 glad you had some fun in HK, Mei!

    Ps: you should buy the Oreo tin anyway :P



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