Food in Process: pasta with zucchini and fishroulade

In previous posts, I've announced about undergoing the cavemen diet
this week, where I'm only allowed to eat veggies, fruit and protein. 
Its my 3rd day today and I have to say: its pretty tough. I miss eating
rice so badly. And cheese. And adding milk to my earl grey tea. 
But I'll continue and finish this week because one more week: 
I'm free of school!

And of course, I've made this recipe awhile ago. I wanted to
master this technique: baking fish in the oven, and maintain the tender & 
juiceness. I've drizzled some olive oil with breadcrumbs on top and 
turned the oven 175°C 40 minutes. Bad idea as I stare angrily at my
overcooked fish.
Yet still tasty because of the seasoning. I guess next time I should lower
the temperature and the time? Any tips/advice are welcome really!

Da Recipe: any kind of pasta, 1 zucchini, 500gram mushrooms, 1 chopped onions, 1 clove garlic, 250ml crème fraîche (1 cup), 30 gram roasted hazelnuts, any oil

This walnut-oil smelled really nice actually!

The still warm roasted hazlenuts adds a really nice texture! 

Da Steps:
1. Cook the pasta as usual, reserve 1 cup this hot starch water, drain and rinse with cold water. Set aside.
2. Heat a wok with oil and saute the onions and garlic. Add the zucchini and the mushroom and stir fry abit. 
3. Add the starch water and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, roast the hazelnuts in the oven at 180°C for 5 minutes. Once that is done wrap them in a cloth and smash them into small chunks with a heavy pan/rolling pin. 
4. Add the crème fraîche and stir fry. Add the pasta and stir fry. 
5. Serve it up on a plate and sprinkle the roasted hazelnuts on top.

Good luck!

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  1. mmm ziet er echt super lekker uit!
    Ik kan echt niet zonder rijst leven haha.
    Ik wist niet dat je crème fraîche mocht eten tijdens zo'n dieet, maar blijkbaar wel:)!
    Succes met je dieet x

  2. This recipe is pretty mouth-watering though i would prefer chicken instead of fish (=^.^)°
    I guess for maximum level of good taste i would also prefer walnut oil instead of 'any oil' ;3

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  3. This is such a mouth watering recipe!! I just had a 3 hr tennis session and I wouldn't mind having this hehe!

  4. OMG looks so good ! And the pictures are really pretty !


  5. I need to focus more on my diet too. I think cooking more and eating out less would be a great solution for me.

    7% Solution​

  6. Maybe if you put the fish on baking paper to make a "papillote" (sorry, I don't find the word in english) it will be better. It will keep the juiciness and tenderness of the fish and you can put any vegetables or anything you want in the papillote. But it looks good already.

    I don't write lots of comments on your blog but I read every post and I really like it.

  7. Oh dear, I dislike fish from the oven so much but this recipe looks quite yummehh! Maybe I should try it without the baked fish, or don't you recommend that?
    Succes met je caveman diet, het klinkt super gezond maar best wel zwaar!!

  8. Oh wow, that looks so so good !! I might even try it already tomorrow (if I'm just good enough of a cook haha..)

  9. That looks delicious! I've never had zucchini in pasta, so I'll have to try it sometime... Good luck with the diet by the way, I know I couldn't have that amount of self control!

  10. oh wow.. that looks good!!! :D the sauce looks creamy and tasty!

    Click me for my BLOG!

  11. omg looks so yummy :) your blog is awesome!! following you now :D

  12. Seriously, we just need to be roomies so you can cook for me. ;)

    The first week is always the hardest, but once you get past it, those carb and dairy cravings slowly fade away. I've cut down on my white carb intake drastically and seen some good results due to it. Hang in there, you can do it!!

  13. Looks so delicious! Totally drooling now.

  14. looks nyummy!
    thank you for sharing

    style frontier

  15. im not reallly a fan of white sauced pasta but i must say this
    looks very appetizing another thumbs up!

  16. wohoo i accidentally came across your blog and i should say it's worthy. i cant stop clicking older posts haha <3


  17. wrapping fish in tin foil or baking paper, making a pouch with the seasoning and veggies in there too works really well you'd need to staple the baking paper pouch shut but i only had foil at the time and obviously that rolls around itself and keeps its shape well. this is the recipe i tried:

    definitely juicy fluffy fish!!

  18. mm yum, looks so creamy and filling! love mushroom and zucchini! :)

    Metallic Paws

  19. Oh my, niet slecht voor een dieet! Ik wil echt een keer bij jou komen eten hahaha.

  20. WOW! My mouth is watering. This looks SO delicious please share!

  21. i havent ate today yet... and i am seriously drooling right now! yummmm

    twitter: @jamiebgoode
    instagram: jamiebgoode

  22. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I'd love to try this :))


  23. looks great. need to try.. yumm!!

    Miss Aa

  24. OMG this is amazing!!!
    I want it!!!!! :-)
    I'm a food lover!!!

    Have a lovely day


    Piera Anastasia

  25. omg i'm literally salivating over the picture of your pasta!! that looks better then a lot of pasta i've had in restaurants!! omgosh drool looks so good heheh!

  26. This looks incredibly delicious!

  27. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    Love zucchini and mushrooms so much!

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

  28. Okay first of all, your pictures are divine!! You are so talented!

    And second, how's the caveman diet going? I have friends who have done it and feel great! I can't because I'm vegetarian so it would seriously limit my protein choices haha, but I've been trying to do clean eating more. We do what we can, right? :)

  29. I've never thought to add fish to pasta. Good luck with baking the perfect fish.

  30. Wow that looks so so delicious!! I am bad at cooking that type of fish.. it always turn out weird tasting haha. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)



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