My humid, rejoicing, foodie days in HK 1

The tourist in me has bloomed up whilst in Hong Kong.
There are no days in Hong Kong where I didn't take
photo's. And those days always start with a good
breakfast. Followed with grocery shopping, filling our
bellies and even more shopping later on.

Enjoy my pictures! 

My breakfast. 

Strolling around at 'Yuen Long' market. Bought a lot of fruit! 

The adorable saleslady was kind enough for me to photograph her 'kawaii' nailart! 

Lunch with my aunts and uncles and my adorable baby niece at this 'Gaia Veggie Shop'. More of that soon!

All my days pretty much involving malls. Not complaining c: Here I am at Tsuen Wan Plaza. 

Catching our breath at some 茶餐厅. I've ordered this iced grass jelly drink. 

On our way home, we bought yummy 'snow skin mooncakes'. Afterall it's almost our Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival anyway! 

Enjoying sunset view from a MTR window. 

 In the evening we ate our fruit from the market and the snow skin mooncake (this has berry fillings)! DELICIOUSSSS.

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  1. the food looks absolutley delicous!
    aah krijg er alweer honger van ;p


  2. omg, berry filling? Nog nooit zo'n mooncake op gehad ;o! AAAAH AL DIE BROODJES OMG. Ik heb daar nu echt zin in! ;_;

  3. Ahh Ik wil ook naar HK! Super leuke nail art! En het eten is so yumm! ^.^

  4. Cool pictures ! :)

  5. these photos are SO COOL! that iced grass drink sounds so strange haha, and the sales lady's nails are SO awesome! are you visiting there for long?

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Dit maakt me zo hongerig allemaal hahah,
    Love the pictures!

    xo' M

  7. Wajow, die pomelo ziet er fresh and juicy uit *_*

  8. D: Another HK blog post of yours that has nearly reduced me to wailing tears. Love every photo! I've also noticed that it looks like they're opening a Monki in Tsuen Wan Plaza?! You'd be a great partner for me to eat mooncake with btw. I'd just have the egg and leave the lotus paste filling for you haha.

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  9. Everything looks so good and tasty and I love these pictures!

  10. ahh my por por lives in yuen long!
    how i wish to go back to hk for a holiday. was gunna go during christmas break but flights are so damn expensive -_-

  11. aww great pictures! these make me miss home... i can't wait to be back in hong kong! :)
    those snow skin mooncakes are definitely my favorite, there's a mango flavor one i used to be obsessed with!

    rachel x

  12. ah jealous, looks like you got so much good food! and that mooncake with the berry filling seems soo yummy! :)

    Metallic Paws

  13. Wow, Mei! The food looks sooo yummy!! And I am loving your outfit - the maxi skirt and tee - that's my style right there!!

    I know I'm probably really late, but I love your new blog layout! So pretty!! xoxo

  14. One of the reasons I love Hong Kong is because it's a food heaven - 食物天堂!
    I especially love to eat egg tarts there - so yummy, fresh and cheap hehe :)

  15. Awww I miss the shopping centres in Hong Kong! I only got to visit Sogo in Causeway Bay since I had little time during my recent trip :(

    Louise | Vanity Corner
    HAIR2GO Giveaway

  16. Oooo, I'm enjoying these photos from your time in HK! Looks like you are having a fabulous time, so jealous.

  17. Wat een heeeerlijkheid! Ziet er allemaal zo lekker uit haha. Die nailart is trouwens echt super schattig!

  18. Reminds me of the home country of my parents! Aww, Hongkong looks really fun and interesting. Wish to travel to that place, too :)
    And I love mooncakes - it's almost time to buy them again haha.

  19. You're making me hungry! ALSO I like your blog. *u*

    xo Kisty
    The Style Mermaid

  20. Everything looks delish! Wow!

  21. Oooh wat een leuke foto's! Het ziet er echt super uit daar! En die nagels zijn echt té cute ^^

  22. I love this post and the food looks so delicious, thank you for sharing and all the amazing photos look like you had a great time. Liked you on FB too


  23. All this FOOD! I am really hungry now. Time to get away from the computer and make myself some lunch :-)

  24. Oh god this post just made me super HUNGRY!!! Thank you for sharing these cute pictures!


  25. Hong Kong looks like such an amazing place Ö The food looks delicious, the shops look awesome and I adore your outfit! A maxi skirt really suites you :D

    The Mad Twins

  26. Man, I would love to eat my way through HK! And those nails are out of this world! :)

  27. Amazing photos!

  28. Fun pictures! You have such a talent to see beauty everywhere and capture it. Those nails are so adorable!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  29. I just adore that view. It's absolutely tranquil to look at.

  30. The snow skin moon cake looks so pretty and it like it would taste great. I haven't been to Hong Kong in at least eight years now and I was there for only 2 days, so I didn't get to see much. Next time I go, I'll have to explore some more.

  31. woow, so amazing photos! a lot of amazing meal, mm :D
    nails are very cute, beautiful <3

  32. This looks amazing and like so much fun!

    -Alecia with

  33. Milktea Hong Kong style is always d best! I miss Hong Kong so much ):
    Thank you for posting these nice pictures :D


  34. What a fantastic set of photos today!

    Have a fantastic day,

  35. Lovely photographs! Would love to go there one day.

  36. Wow!Kumamon~~!

    I love fruits pictures.
    These are so cute!


  37. It's true how HK is the place where cameras get to work most. I found myself snapping pictures for anything and everything in HK and of course, food is always in the list.
    I see you met pineapple buns there! did you try em? i know pineapple bun is one of hk's famous food but finding the right one isn't always so easy, i think?
    ah, so you were at hk's new territories! no wonder i was like "where is tsuen wan plaza" haha
    should have tried snow skin mooncake :( seems so good.

  38. yuuuuuum!! love asian bakeries. Those nails are amazing!

    à la foliee

  39. nice blog and pics :)

    follow you :)

  40. This looks all so brilliantly delicious! I'm so happy your Hong Kong posts aren't over yet. You were being a great tourist! Props for you!

  41. Those are some kawaii nails indeed - how can she get anything done???

  42. All your photos are so pretty as usual! Sometimes when I think of my hk trips all I can think about are sore feet hahahah we just walked everywhere, I think next time I'll take the taxi every now and then, probably more at night when I need it ><

    You're right it's almost time for moon cakes! Did you eat the ones you bought? =P This year my family and I are handing out sweet custard flavored ones instead of the traditional lotus seed mooncakes.


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