My paleo diet

Some of you know that I have undertake 1 week diet called paleo diet
awhile ago. The reason? Well, I want to detox my body, 
gain energy and I want to see how strong my willpower is because 
with this 'cavemen' diet you are not allowed to eat refined sugary 
food, deep fried food, dairy products and all grain products.
Like, oh crud.

This idea shocked & challenged me as I'm so used of having my 
bowl of cereals in the morning and rice in the evening. Luckily
I can have all kind of fruit and veggies (except legumes) and meat which
in my case: seafood.
And if you think you can eat 5 steaks in a row you're wrong.
'a real' cavemen don't have steaks within their reach.
So you have to think (and maybe hunt) like a cavemen and eat
in small portions. 

Being a  first-timer this diet is do-able. Absolutely. You do
have to be honest with yourself otherwise this
paleo diet might be not the right diet for you.

Here are my positive findings and enjoy my picture spam of
1. Creative in cooking (no ready-made food so you are forced to make food)
2. Gained ALOT more energy -- my body felt so young haha. 
3. Lost 3 kilo in a week. 

Fruit juices are okay, as long they are 100% pure fruit. 

 First time prepared stir fried shrimp dish for my lunchbox. Should do this more often!

Gotta be my favorite dish of my paleo days: brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes and grilled salmon! 

One of my breakfast: kiwi and apple, dusted with nutmeg and cinnamon. 

 No chocolate, chips, cookies as afternoon snack but nuts and dried fruit. 

One of the lunch I have enjoyed: assorted veggie omelet with avocado, rocket and granny smith salad. 

Rocket sald with peaches and grilled salmon. 

I think my fiber is very alright as well, I've been eating green salads everyday! 

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  1. Everything looks healthy !

  2. Oh my Gosh sweetie all looks so delicious, the strawberries looks so delicious!

  3. *Mouthwatering* i can't believe that this actually is some kind of diet food :O
    My favorites:
    The veggie avocado omelet & peaches and grilled salmon salad ♥

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  4. I wish I had the self-discipline to stick to something like this!

    Jodie Marie | à la Jode

  5. What a healthy menu, this looks like such a special food plan. All the meals look very yummy, thanks for sharing. You have such a wonderful blog, feel free to check out mine. xoxo

  6. Oh WOW! This looks super healthy! o: I think I'm going to give this a try when I'm back in Toronto~ Thanks for sharing this! >u<
    It looks like it takes a lot of willpower though. D':

  7. Everything in the pictures look so yum and healthy!!

  8. Waaah. All these delicious food photos are making my mouth water. T_T

  9. OMG, this looks absolutely delicious.. I never thought that paleo diets could be so awesome.. I will definitely try it x

  10. So... yummy... ughhh!
    I want what you're having, haha.

  11. seems like so much work yet so refreshing and yummy. love your photos as always!

  12. Omgsh this looks soo delicious! I just had 2 eggs, a tomato and an avocado for lunch and I feel so gooood!

  13. WOW the food looks good too!
    This diet looks interesting, I think I need something to detox my body and gain more strength too. I've actually never done a diet but this looks very interesting. It'l be difficult for me though, aha!

  14. Everything looks so simple and delicious! I should try this kind of diet, too! But I guess, I couldn't abstain from meat and sweets, haha. However, congrats that you already lost 3kg a week - that's incredible :)

  15. oooh they actually look really good! the diet doesn't sound as hard with seafood around. c:

  16. ziet er heerlijk uit... en ik zou het graag ook eens doen!

  17. You deserve a medal for this, I don't know how I'd be able to cut all those foods out because they're the staple fo my diet, haha.

  18. Het ziet er allemaal super lekker uit! Ik ben echt rampzalig in de keuken, ik zou zo'n dieet nog geen dag overleven haha.

  19. I tried the Paleo diet once, and gave in after 3 days to the temptation of cereal and chocolate. It's tough being a vegetarian on Paleo diet, but your dishes look appetizing and varying I'd give it another go! ;)

  20. It looks amazing!! Wanna do it too^^
    Did you follow any food-plan or just searched for recipes online? :)

  21. Ik had zoiets ook graag willen doen, helaas werkt de rest van het gezin niet mee!

  22. I'm under the same kind of diet at the moment, so your pictures are really inspiring.
    I always eat super healthy but it's not enough for me to lose weight (I guess my body is used to it?), so it's also a motivation when you say you've lost 3kg in 1 week by doing so! ^O^

  23. Looks great, except voor de spruitjes. Juck! D:

  24. Damn it all looks GOOD! Who would have thought? I bet you are one healthy lady :-)

  25. Hooray for being healthy! Have you thought about juicing? Best thing ever! Detoxing is a lot of fun, very much I would recommend once every 2 months. :)

  26. i really admire people who can do this. i've been meaning to go vegetarian and then vegan but have failed! it was just too hard to cook and come up with dishes so that i don't eat the same thing over and over again. the pictures you put up are fantastic. and so good that you are feeling more energized!

  27. This is kind of random, but the cherry tomatoes you have are huge. The ones I buy are around the size of a grape.

    Anyways, congrats on finishing up with your diet! I could never handle that, since I live off of noodles and processed foods. D:

  28. Now i'm curious :)I wanna try it!
    since i love veggies & fruit's i think i can do it :D


  29. Thank your for sharing your experince with us Mei! I was so curious about it :D the food looks exactly like food I could eat every day and love it. So fresh and colourful! I don't eat a lot of processed food and am on a diet myself right now. Not a very healthy one though.. maybe I'll write about it later ;)
    The 3kg definitely showed off!! I think that's a lot of kilos for one week and such an amazing result!

  30. your food made me so hungry

  31. Woooooooooow, heb je nog meer leuke (en lekkere ;D) lunchbox ideeën? Jouw lunchbox ziet er zo yummy uit. Ik eet namelijk bijna nooit brood als lunch :P

    Denk je dat je door blijft gaan met Paleo?

  32. just enought to prove that healthiness and yumminess can
    blend too, haha very ideal and i would love to have those

  33. oh wow you make me so determined to eat healthy with all these delicious looking food!

  34. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
    Not sure whether I can do it as I'm a veggie and then a lot of the allowed stuff wouldn't be for me!

    Have a fantastic day,

  35. You always look like you're having such well-rounded meals. =)


  36. Everything looks so good, I'm hungry now omg


  37. Wow I think I would be starving if I were to be on this sort of diet. However your meals still look delicious!

  38. I want to do a detox and try to eat healthier and i think this was just the push i needed! Everything looks so good! I actually love salads so it wouldn't even feel like i'm deprived of anything! Saving some of these photos for inspiration c:

    à la foliee


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