Sai Kung

This years Hong Kong was great because I visited a place
called 'Sai Kung - 西貢'. I love this place! Sai Kung is
actually in my opinion a nice place for tourists
because of the beaches, the laid-back small restaurants/cafe's
and the peaceful, not-so-populated areas. Hence the
many Western people that I've spot here. Even Dutch
people haha.

Sai Kung is also famous for their fish markets and seafood,
which is also another reason why I love Sai Kung!

My day in Sai Kung was rainy and wet and wore
(a-hum) my 'superfancy' yet futuristic-ish raincoat all
day long (I've kept it as souvenir because of the memories that was
created with). Even tho we barely saw any blue skies,
the fluffy, foggy, smokey air was worthy enough to re-visit
SK. And. I had a great lunch - enjoy my pictures!

I regret for not filming it and make it into a gif. image, because it was literately pouring hell. 

 Dangerous skilled photographer than I am. 

I thought she dressed up lovely c: - yay for the sun coming up! Even you lasted for 2 minutes...

The fishmarkets takes places on these boats. After you have decided which fish 
you want, the seller place your order into this long net and hoover it up for you. You place the payment back into
the net and your deal is done. 

 Straight into my soul. 

 20 bucks for the SPCA. They sure know how to 'use' the dogs. 

I have never had these 'mantis prawns' before but my dad says they are delicious. 

 People in HK want their food as fresh as possible. All type of seafood are maintain in fishtanks for longer freshness. 

 Then it started to train. 


  1. Great shots dear! Oh I miss HK so much! Btw, Sai Kung is my favorite of all times, love all the food there, they have a tea shop that makes the best milk tea, love this post ;))

    ❤ Jenny Tsang
    – New Post: Cali Dreamin' –

  2. These are such lovely pictures! I'd love to go there x

    Jodie Marie | à la Jode

  3. Cool pictures !!

  4. Awwww, those dogs are way too cute :3 - and in very healthy condition ♥ they know how to take good care of them ♥
    The mantis prawns also look kind of...scary a prehistoric animal!
    It's rainy season in Asia, you can see the humidity in every photograph (*.*)

    XOXO from Germany :3
    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  5. i want to go to hong kong one day! i've only went once when i was like 2 haha

  6. I enjoy looking at your pictures so much. They say more than anything :)

  7. So nice! :]
    Aww, lijkt wel een herder die puppy! :3

  8. Wow, I love how fresh everything looks! And I never knew that this place was in Hong Kong!

    xx Denysia Yu

  9. Prachtige foto's!
    Ik wil echt een keertje naar de vismarkt in Sai Kung gaan.
    Het lijkt mij zo leuk om dat een keer te ervaren!
    De zeevruchten zien er zo lekker uit haha. Mijn zusje houdt heel erg van ' mantis shrimp '.
    Ik ben er niet zo gek op :p

  10. I really love those pictures. I miss China!

    Loves. RJ

  11. Nice photos!

  12. looks like you had a great time, even though the sun only lasted for 2 mins!

  13. Omg what?! That dog, yes I'll take him now please, trade my soul for him? no problem! Hahaha they are adorable! I don't think I've ever been to sai kung but I know all about the rain in HK, I'm glad you were able to get such a fancy raincoat lol and still have a lovely time =) You're photos are lovely as always, I think you always are able to capture unique moments.

  14. God, I hope they know with dogs, and they'll save more.. From what I know, Chinese people treat them awfull -.-

  15. Great pictures! This looks like a really neat place to visit, and the sea food looks delicious and fresh! I want to visit HK next summer, maybe I'll check this place out :)
    Love your travel posts!
    - Kar Yan

  16. what an amazing place, i want to visti HK some time soon! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  17. Love your photos!! Which camera do you use?


  18. Wow, these photos are lovely! I wish I had time to visit when I was in Hong Kong, those views look amazing.

  19. I don't think I have ever been to Sai Kung! We usually just stay in the tourist bound areas and shop haha but I would love to visit next time I go to HK. It looks beautiful and really gives an insight into local culture :)

  20. Your photos are so lovely and I would have loved to visit Sai Kung with you! According to the aquarium near me, mantis prawns have a punch similar to a bullet. I didn't know you could eat them. :o

  21. great photos!!! well documented

  22. Awesome photos! That place looks really interesting! :)

  23. I like your rain poncho. Those boats look like they could be made from origami.

  24. nice post!

  25. Really amazing pictures! They remind me of Vietnam and this strengthen my longing for a trip to Eastern Asia, sighhh. This dog, goosh, it looks so adorable!! Should have brought him to Netherlands haha :)

  26. THOSE PRAWNS!! O_O Wth!? They look like figures from outer space, or like they came straight out of an older Miyazaki film :o But the photos are so good, the dog is so cute!! Good to know you had such a lovely time despite the rain!!

  27. I adore 西貢, such a sweet old timey place. My cousins live there and I always like going fishing with them and exploring a quieter area of HK! xx

  28. Wow, wat een prachtige foto's weer. Het ziet er echt geweldig uit. Puppy's!! <3

  29. Wow, all that super fresh seafood looks amazing! It's really cool how you can buy the seafood straight from the fishermen's boat! And the puppies were so adorable, I want to hug them, lol.

  30. i love these photos. sai kung sure is pretty and very people oriented. i like that.

  31. Beautiful photos, Mei! o:
    It's been a while since I've visited Hong Kong, but this place looks really gorgeous~ It's a nice contrast with the modern Hong Kong. c: It sounds like it was raining a lot? o:

  32. Very beautiful photos! I'd love to visit that place too. It looks very adventurous and I would really like to try all that seafood! :)
    The woman with the monsters, inc. bag caught my attention, I want one too!
    And the paper boats with the chinese characters look awesome, could be a nice decoration idea...

  33. cool rain coat hehe, and lovely shot,
    those dogs were really cute and those shell fish, tho i don't
    like them it all looks great

  34. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing!
    Mafalda ❤

  35. your polka dot dress is so adorable! <3

    pls do follow my blog, i'm sort of new and i'd be really grateful to have you follow me :)

  36. Oooh it looks amazing over there! Too bad it rained so much, but that can be cool to, right? :D (though the sun is always welcome!
    I adore the way you dressed! I wish I could go there too some day ^-^


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