Till death do us part

Today is the day where its been a month since my cousin
got married. She got married in a Dutch town Leusden,
where I never been before and it took like 3 hours driving
from it. The ceremony itself started early and we got up 
at 5 crazy AM to make sure we didn't miss that out. We
got home at 11PM.

I wish the groom (LOL I wrote broom firstly) and the bride
a happily ever after and even the day was long - it was fun, alive
and warm. 

Do you like weddings? (I do!)

The cutiepies. 

 Arrived at the cityhall where we all waited for the groom and bride. 

 The moment of the rings. And they come out of a Pokéball it seems.

Throw rice for luck, prosperity and good food for the rest of our lives! 

This is where the wedding reception was held: Pannekoekboerderij De Hakhorst - which is a pancake restaurant, build in a cozy farm place. 

 Dress: ASOS // cardigan: H&M // purse: Hong Kong // heels: New Look // flower crown: DIY (click here for the instructions)

Love the interior. 

Finally food, I was starving. Lots of snacks, cakes and other nice appetizers. 

An awesome looking wine bottle in a shape of a shotgun. 

Me and my aunttttt. 

I thought these street lanterns reminded me of acorn. Very cute!

On our way to have dinner, where I spotted this enormous teapot (sorry photo does not do justice but its really huge) on a building. 

 To keep the impatient children sweet.

 When you marry a Chinese, you guarantee to have a big feast of Chinese dishes. And by the way, that's the largest
stacked up turnip cake I have ever seen in my life. 


  1. Yes, I love weddings! I get so excited when an invitation arrives.

  2. so nice photos! i really love weddings :) see someone's happiness is beautiful :)

  3. Wahh~ Looks like a good time! c:
    Congratulations to your cousin! I actually haven't been to a wedding before (all my relatives are in China, and my friends are still not at the marriage age yet), so your photos are extra enjoyable! c: Thank you so much for sharing, Mei!

  4. Congratulations to the bride and groom (lol broom) Was this the event you were find a dress for? Or was that something else? You're beautiful, Mei! Love your floral crown!

  5. WEDDINGS! I love weddings, and I know so many people who hate it! I wish them all the happiness in the world, too. Lovely photos, the food looks delicious, and you look so beautiful! LOVE the color of your dress :)

  6. The wedding looks lovely and I hope your cousin is very happy with her new husband!

    I've only been to a few weddings in the past, but within a few years, I will probably be attending a lot as my brother's friends get married and then eventually mine. (:

  7. aww i love wedding's! ❤
    everything is beautiful and cute :3
    I really enjoyed reading this post, Thank's for sharing it :D

  8. Great outfit :) It's adorable, I love the colour scheme! And the floral crown is adorable too!!
    The wedding looks fun and the food looks delicious, I love attending weddings! It gives me an excuse to dress up :)
    - Kar Yan

  9. Yay I love a good wedding - I love all the little shots from this. Like the Rilakkuma couple bears and all that delicious food. LOVE that giant teapot you spotted too!

  10. Who doesn't love weddings?? :-) I love them! Friends of mine are getting married in Japan next year (she is from there) and I am going there for the wedding. I look forward to it already!

  11. Leusden represent :)!
    Hahaha the pokéball. It would be awesome it was a real one :p

  12. I love weddings! Mostly because of the food you can eat but also the really solemnly atmosphere, the clothing of all guests (and new-weds of course hihi) and traditional ceremonies.

  13. oh i love weddings! especially because of the food&drinks hehe. i've only been to finnish weddings though. we also throw rice for good luck here even though it's not really recommended anymore. (apparently birds may get sick if they eat the rice) once we blew bubbles instead of throwing rice, fun C:

  14. Wat een mooi foto's allemaal! Dat jurkje staat je prachtig en al het eten ziet er zo lekker uit. X

  15. I've never actually been to a wedding! Congrats to the bride and groom, looks like it was a lovely one.

  16. Loved your outfit! The DIY crown suited perfectly, and the low waist on your dress is quite cute and interesting ^^
    That giant teapot is really cool - I wonder how they got it on top of the building 0.o

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  18. aaahhhhh weddings <3 when one gets together, and see the ceremony going all so lovely everyone looking so beautiful.
    and that is the coolest wine bottle!

    come follow my blog.. it would be an honor :) xx

  19. Gefeliciteerd! Wat een super leuke fotos!

    xx Mounia

  20. I like the subtile touches of cute! It's not an overload but still cute yet mature! Very nice!
    And that teacup, isn't that near Utrecht centraal?

  21. Congratulations to your cousin and her husband! Hahah broom =P I love the cozy pancake house, looks so nice for a quaint wedding and are those pies she had as a wedding cake? Or are pies more common there? Or perhaps that's how wedding cakes look where you live? Your outfit is adorable and I how your bandaged finger is much better now!

  22. great and worth reading post dear! I am totally liking your whole outfit.

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog Philippines by Kenny.

  23. Wat zie je er mooi uit! En schattig, die Rilakkuma bride & groom :D

  24. Nice pics! I've never been to a wedding, so can't tell :p

  25. Oh really beautiful pics sweetie. Your looks lovely with that blue dress, your looks like a fairy with your headband is so pretty and cute. The food looks delicious, like the most of your posts the food make me hungry!


  26. Ooh this is really great! I always like reading your blog :)


  27. That looks like a great wedding. I LOVE weddings - so full of happiness and love.

  28. I love weddings! You look so incredibly lovely Mei! That azure dress and the flower crown make you look like a fairy :3 and I love the "alice shoes" :) yummy yummy foooood! Everything looks incredibly good! I'm starving right now… I wish your cousin all the best for the future <3

  29. ooww 5 AM Ö that is soooo early Ö But I adore the place where the wedding too place, the food makes me hungry and I'm jealous of your amazing outfit :P
    I hope you had amazing time ^-^

  30. Oh maaaaaaaaan, ik ben nog nooit bij een bruiloft geweest!! TT__TT Het ziet er eigenlijk heel nice uit, vooral al dat eten, haha! Ik vind je outfit fantastisch, die schoenen en dat jurkje zijn zo leuk!

  31. You look great in blue and the impressive flower headband! Cute. Laughed with the broom misspelling, hahaha and love the pokemon comparision also my first thought ;)

    The cat, you and us

  32. Hahahahaha broom! All that food looks delish and I love the traffic light. You look gorgeous! xo

  33. looks like a really pretty wedding. I've been thinking getting it legal in a city hall and then doing a dinner is a way to go for weddings!

  34. The photos are so precious. They convey all the love and happiness which are present on such a day. :)

  35. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    These photos are so pretty, what a lovely event it must have been!

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

  36. lovely wedding and amazing food! i love weddings, too. so joyous! :)

  37. I love weddings, especially when someone close to me is getting married. It can be a bit awkward when the only people that you know are the bride and the groom. I always have much more fun when I know most of the guests. I, on the other hand, never had a wedding. We just made a quick stop at the city hall and that was it. I don't regret it, but there's a part of me that wishes we had at least a small celebration with our families.

    You look beautiful in that dress. I love the flower crown!

  38. Looks like such a lovely and beautiful time! Love your flower crown too :)

    fashion and tea

  39. Your flower crown really compliments the whole outfit! Nice choice of blue! ;)


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