Did a man really walked the moon? Cuz we ate the moon

Oh yes, its that time of the year: Mooncake season among 
the Chinese people which also named the Mid-Autumn Festival. 
I don't know much about this happening except that
people eat the traditional mooncakes, a cake with a 
red bean/lotus paste filling with in the center a salted egg
yolk, that suppose represents the moon. Hence mooncakes. 

Too be honest mooncakes were never really my favorite
and I prefer eating them without the smelly egg yolk. More
preferable the 'snow skin mooncake', that comes in fruity

In my family, my auntie F. is like our pastry queen and
she's really master in making mooncakes. So when I was
HK, she taught me how to make them! Enjoy the
pictures below!

Homemade red bean paste? Check!

Eggs ready? Check!

Wrap up the red bean paste, shove it in the mold and press! 

This hideous one is made by me - I lost control of the mold..... 

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  1. ohmygosh this looks so delicious! mouth watering thats for sure :)

    xoxo, Charlene

  2. Well done for making them! I was going to and then never got round to it (made custard egg tarts instead!) because my it looked too fiddly and I'd have had to order a mould online. I don't think your one turned out too badly haha. We've got a box of TRIPLE yolk moon cakes at the moment - I'm in heaven!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  3. This looks yummy and easy to make!!! <3

    We have those in my country but they're slightly different and they're called "hopia".

  4. i'm not really a fan of these, but i'm so impressed that you can make em. And damn, i love your gifs (post below). I'm going to attempt one soon!

  5. Happy mooncake day!
    you can make mooncake too?! girrrrrrrl, what can't you do!

  6. Yees, mooncake season! When I was younger, I hated it especially because of the egg. But now I really love eating them and you're also right, the snow skin mooncakes taste the best.

  7. Aaaaah, onze zijn gisteren op gegeten haha xD. Happy mid-autumn festival!

  8. Looks so yummy.

  9. mmm it looks so delicious!♥ lovely post!:) oh and I just checked my facebook and found out that I'm not following you! That's so strange! anyways, I liked your fb page now with my personal account (petra lorencová)!;) kisses♥


    Lorietta Facebook page

  10. I LUVVV red beans <3
    Ik weet nog dat ik in China allerlei soorten mooncake probeerde omdat ze zo mooi waren, maar uiteindelijk vond ik er geen een die ik lekker vond, lol :P Maar toen was ik nog niet gewend aan de smaak van rode bonen, I bet yours are yummy!!

  11. Ziet er echt lekker uit, maar ik ben helemaal geen fan van red bean paste haha.

  12. I've promised myself that someday I'm going to make these myself instead of buying them store bought all the time. Happy mid-autumn festival!

  13. beautiful mooncakes! happy mid-autumn festival. in korea, it's called chuseok! i think i'll have me some songpyeon tonight! :)

  14. These looo so yummy! I love the shape of them!


  15. Ahh super leuk dat je ze zelf kan maken!

  16. Wow, kan jij die zelf maken?? Omg master teach me. Leuke mold :p wist niet eens dat die bestonden.

    Ik vind het eigeel juist het lekkerst! Wij moeten samen zo'n mooncake eten. Perfect combo, jij neemt de lotus en ik neem het eigeel haha!

  17. I definitely prefer them without the yolk too, they are so much better that way!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. I've never eaten mooncake before because i don't like the texture of the traditional mooncake ^^;; but i tried the snowskin one a little...just because i feel eating the snowskin one is like eating an ice cream cake :P it's not bad,of course. it's sweet so i try to avoid it, especially after knowing that snowskin mooncake has the highest calories compared to other mooncakes T__T
    omg you can make your own mooncake *o* haha i'd love to see you make the snowskin one :3

  19. MAAN CAKE! ♥
    Dat ziet er goed uit. : D


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