Feelin' Swaggy

Fall has officially began and the weather in Holland
fits the current season until this week, where mother
nature decided to make a 180° turn, with a result of 
warm (aftersummerweather! 

Actually I would love to see some fungi and mushrooms
and take pictures of it.

While I had to wore
a jacket last week, I went bare armed this week. 
And to respond to this OOTD post, I was feeling little bit 
swag it seems. I have also noticed 
that a cap is a great way to 'hide' yourself. And
to hide that bad hairday of yours. 

Hat: Quick Silver // dress shirt: Romwe.com // mustard skirt: thrifted from a friend // sneakers: Adidas // necklace: Mango

I'd love to see orange/red colored leafs as well.


  1. I like your tights!

    The weather in California has been really odd. This morning I was freezing in my sweater, but by the afternoon, I was wishing for shorts and a tank top. Apparently, it's supposed to be over 80 degrees tomorrow. :o

  2. Aww pet staat je goed. #swaggahhh !!

  3. Awesome sneakers! Je moet de bos in gaan, ik heb daar al wat paddenstoelen gespot haha :b

  4. Dat lange shirt is echt tof & die pet staat je leuk :D Het weer is idd een beetje vreemd deze week haha.

  5. Deze stijl staat je goed! Ik vond het weer ook al zo vreemd, vorige week een winterjas, nu zelfs bijna te warm voor een dunnere jas! Net nu ik de helft van mijn zomerkleren weer naar huis heb gebracht xD

  6. You're definitely looking swaggy - love that look

  7. Dat lange shirt is heel leuk! Cool outfit :)

    xo' M

  8. yes, yes. cap is a good way to hide what went wrong with the hair. i've been wearing a cap whenever i'm in campus because my hair's breaking off really really bad and so so easily due to overprocessing by chemical and heat styling -___-;; it's so fragile i have broken strands every now and then ugh *freaks out* must wait for a month before hair grows normally again so i don't have this stupid almost-bald spot on top :((

    i'd love to take pictures of fungus and mushrooms! i have a feeling they make adorable photography subjects :3 i just want to see them alive and up close hahaha *nature walker mode*

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  10. you look like a doll!
    man we have the same weather here. it's insane! can't stand all that heat again :/

  11. Oh die cap is echt heel gaaf!



    Personal Style Blog www.redreidinghood.com (Do visit, because I just posted a new vlog: The Chubby Bunny Challenge)

  12. love your swag outfit mei :) heh a bit of girl sway is always A+ in my book, gotta love edgy looks :)

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  13. Here the season is warm as well, I kind of like warm autumn days. ^^ I adore your outfit and the cap is really great! <3


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