Time for a hotspot post!
The numerous of restaurants, cafes and bars in Hong Kong 
makes it nearly impossible to make a choice. Traditional 
(dimsum, snake soup), fastfood (Mos burger, Cafe de
 Coral), worldwide cuisines - there is nothing lacking in the
food business of HK really. And I thought Asians prefer 
keeping the taste palate oriental.

During my stay in Hong Kong, I have lunched at a 
Vietnamese restaurant called: Mini Paris Vietnamese 
Restaurant. Vietnam had once been a colony of France, 
hence the 'Paris' in the name. I love eating Vietnamese
noodles so I was looking forward for this one. 

Lets check it out shall we?

 The interior. We sat on a nice lounge sofa. 

I've ordered 'satay' rice noodles with shrimp. Its spicy with crunchy bites here and there thanks to the bean sprout
Very delicious! 

 My cousin ordered something with pork.... 

 Together with a nice peppermint jelly drink that came along. The peppermint flavor really extinguished that spicy taste from the noodles I had first. Also put down the funky breath, if there was c:

ADDRESS: Shop 58, G/F, Waldorf Garden Shopping Arcade, 1 Tuen Lee Street, Tuen Mun HONG KONG
Food: ♥ 5/5
Service: ♥♥♥ 3/5
♥ 4/5
Price: ♥ 5/5


  1. omg, tuen mun die ga ik onthouden haha. Ga je nooit naar fairwood? ;o Ik ga meestal naar fairwood haha en heel soms cafe de coral

    de jelly drink vind ik echt gaaf eruit zien ^^

  2. De satary noodels lijken me echt super lekker, vooral het pittige met de crunch gedeelte!

  3. Jelly drink?! Looks funny but I can believe that it was very refreshing C':

  4. I don't think I've EVER had Vietnamese food!? But you've given it a 5/5 so I'll take your word for it that's it delicious. I don't tend to stray from dim sum and pastries when I'm HK! Although I won't lie, it got a bit of thrill visiting a McDonald's last Summer purely because I was able to use my Octopus card to pay for it hehe.

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  5. Het eten ziet er super lekker uit!

  6. My kinda post. Die loempias (?) zien er zo lekker uit! My god.

  7. Ahh omg I haven't had viet noodles in such a long time and seeing this makes me feel like having it right away!

  8. Oh wow that place really looked comfy and the food really do look tasty!
    I wish I would have a chance to go to Hong Kong someday :3 It really does sound like a Food Paradise there!

    Now I'm seriously craving for that peppermint jelly drink.
    Especially because I am not good with spicy food.

    much loves,

  9. The rice noodles with shrimp looks delicious! And the peppermint jelly drink refreshing! One day, I would love to travel to Hong Kong and experience the culture that thrives in the city. Great pics!

    Simply Akshara

  10. Ah this looks amazing! I've heard that the food selection in Hong Kong is incredible... hope I get to experience it someday!

    Ellie | Ellalogy

  11. Your noodles look delicious! The decor in the restaurant is actually very nice, over here vietnamese food is thought of as super casual so most restaurants have minimal decor =P Peppermint jelly drink! I would have never thought of ordering that but I'm glad it toned down the spiciness and took away all possible bad breath!

  12. Omg this post has got me soooo hungry! Everything looks so delicious. I've never tried anything like the peppermint jelly drink! I wouldn't even know where to go get something like that!

  13. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Looks so yummy!

    Have the best day ever,

    P.S.: Fabric paint is really not expensive, I think the large bottle was like 6 €?

  14. Loook so delicous!! love nooodles! :P

  15. Oh gosh, they have a branch of this restaurant right near my apartment in Tsuen Wan. Definitely craving some Vietnamese food now! xx

  16. I am getting hungry now, the food looks great :-)

  17. That peppermint jelly drink looks so damn delicious!

  18. The cafe looks so cute. I've never had pho like that before. Usually, the broth is very mild and clear, but this looks so good! I want to try it.

  19. Oh lucky I stumbled on your blog - I'm headed to Hong Kong in December! Definitely going to keep my eye out for that green bean bread, yummm!

  20. Oh dear that interior, is simply stunning!! Wow wow wow!

  21. The food looks great! That jelly drink looks pretty funky too.

  22. I am in love with your top in the first picture! It's so nice to have many options of where to eat, even though it may drive you crazy, and you want to eat at them all! :)

  23. Mmmm looks goood!!! Definitely missing hong kong at the moment

  24. i saw "cafe de coral" there and went, "i knew i just had to go back to this past entry and comment" haha i ate at cafe de coral in guangzhou like everyday when i went to shi san hang the 13 factories wholesale clothing market since it's the closest restaurant to go. i quite like de coral tbh :P i like their eggplant menu haha

    i wasn't aware that snake soup's a traditional at hk! wow. i like snake soup :p some people said it's good for medic purpose uh...i forgot, our skin maybe? lol do you have recommendation for snake soup in hk?
    ah, vietnamese food is heaven! one of my fav cuisines~ :3
    i've never been to new territories but now you make me wanna go there :o seems like you always reside in new territories, yea?


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