HOTSPOT 14 'Gaia Veggie Shop'

I think some of you know I am a semi-vegetarian: I skip
all meat except seafood. When I was in Hong Kong this summer I 
have visited this pretty nice vegetarian restaurant called Gaia 
Veggie Shop.

Yeah, you
might not get too excited of the word 'vegetarian' but this one is
pretty special: they have pork chop noodles, sushi and meatballs. 
Yes, that's right, they have it on their veggie menu! 

That's because the chefs use green ingredients and turn
them into 'fake' meat food. And they look so scary real that 
you almost forget its all made for vegetarian!

Check out the pictures!

Me and my family did a '下五茶' a kind of happy hour. 

We have ordered fake sashimi. See how real it looks? Tho the texture is a lot different than the real sashimi, the taste was pleasant nice. 

These lamb skewers in satay blew me away. They are made of potato and they tasted good! A recommendation!

'Lo mai gai' rice with chicken wrapped in lotus leaf. Really delicious as well. 

Their tea is lovely. 

ADDRESS: Shop 433, 4/F, Tsuen Wan Plaza, 4-30 Tai Pa Street, Tsuen Wan HONG KONG
Food: ♥ 5/5
Service: ♥♥ 2/5
♥ 4/5
Price:  3/5


  1. Oh no I am getting hungry XD
    looks so good! I also only eat fish, vegetables etc. (no meat) ;)
    This would be perfect for me :)

  2. Hahah toen ik de foto zag van de mall, wist ik meteen dat het in tsuen wan was :'). Dat is zo awesome! Ik ging ook een keer naar zo'n restaurant maar dan in tsim sa tsui. Ik dacht elke keer weer dat het gewoon vlees was, gewoom grappig dat het zoveel.op vlees leek

  3. wow! This is perfect fo rme since I am a vegetarian!
    It does look super really though! That tea picture is so cool! It moves hehe!

  4. WOOOOOW - looks soooo good!
    Haha ik vond die sashimi al raar uit zien. Gelukkig dat je eronder had gezet dat het nep was.

  5. Cute pics!

  6. It looks really good! There's a place near my grandma's place in Taiwan that serves vegetarian meat as well! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  7. That's such an interesting concept! I've never been to a restaurant that had vegetable sashimi and lamb skewers that were actually vegetables. That's pretty cool!

  8. Looks so yum!


  9. aah yum! looks super interesting :9 would love to go there someday


  10. Sounds like a great place! I am a vegetarian myself, a full vegetarian :-)

  11. nice post! cool place! follow each other on gfc?

  12. how interesting. my friend once took me to a restaurant that was tied to a buddhist temple and some of their dishes actually tasted like meat (which it wasn't).

  13. Makes me want to go to Hong Kong. I miss HK...
    pretty place and the food looks yummy!! :)

  14. yummy! i want to go to HK to eat and shop so two favourite things..xx

  15. I would love to be vegetarian. i would be like in a heartbeat.
    But my hubby isn't fond of the idea, and he's like ah you need to be careful and eat everything etc.
    But that shop is really great!! i would love to visit it some day!

  16. My goodness, my parents would love this place. When we were in LA we went to a Chinese veggie restaurant and everything was really tasty

  17. this looks so delicious, like always!

    xo' M

  18. lo mai gaiiii *o* i was never interested in it before but trying it out in hk last month made me think twice...i think i like lo mai gai now or maybe just the hk version *whacked*
    anyway, wow this restaurant is! and tricky! and creative! haha the chef's really good to come up with the "fake meat" concept. i wish my parents can handle being vegetarian for a day -__- psh. my mother can't avoid pork herself especially when china says pork almost 24/7. and my father's too in love with meat. i myself am a pollo-pescetarian...wanna be a vegetarian but i can't because too in love with fish :))

    close up, the sashimi actually looks kind of um rubber-like :p like they're not... flaky or slimy enough like the real thing :)) haha but yea they DO look kind of like the real sashimi. again, good job for the chef :)

    p.s: i went o_o for a moment because your tea..just went all swirly lol


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