HOTSPOT 15 'Chino cafe'

The other day, I was walking in Chinatown Rotterdam, when I saw
this new bubble tea shop called 'Cafe Chino'. Being a bubble & tea love, I had
to go inside and try out their stuff. I have already been there twice actually.

They also have regular tea & coffee but I was here mainly for the bubble
tea of course.
When I was there for the first time, their black tea was temporary out of
stock so I could not order the classical bubble tea (sad time). So I had to pick
something else. I decided to give the #7 taro flavored a try. After my 2nd
comeback I finally had tried the classical bubble tea.

So far I think the 'Yo Yo' bubble tea is the best I can get in Holland.
Maybe Cafe Chino will make me change my mind.
Have a look at the pictures below and read my verdict!

They have Korean lemon tea on the menus! I really like how varied their menu is. It seems I have a new mission here: try all the flavors!

So after I got my taro flavored drink with tapioca, I went to this comfy looking couch.....

....... sat down on my butt...........

.... and took a picture of my drink! What a surprise -cough-
The taro drink was good, you could taste the taro flavor. Tho the drink was quite thick. Is that normal? 

and also, I wish to have more bubbles, it was like gone within a minute or so. :c

Then the classical bubble tea! This one has a strong tea flavor and tasted lots of sugar as well, so definetely going to request for less sugar next time. And it has better flavors than the Yo Yo one I think.. 

ADDRESS: West-Kruiskade 2a 3014 AP Rotterdam HOLLAND
Food:  4/5
Service: ♥♥♥ 4/5
Interior: ♥ 4/5
Price:  3/5

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  1. I love love bubble tea, I'm always a bit worried when I drink it though because of all the bad rumors about it having PCB's in it... I don't think they're true though.

  2. That bubble tea looks soooo refreshing!! I've never tried the taro flavor, but I need to! You've got me craving boba now haha! :)

  3. Je hebt die chick mooi op de foto gezet zie ik 8) hahaha

  4. i'm still so suprised as to how popular bbt is in europe! noms, i'm craving some now!

  5. I love bubble tea! this stuff looks so good :)

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  6. This place looks amazing! I personally love visiting cafes because of the ambiance :)

  7. I can't resist bubble tea! I used to get it all the time in the mall when I went to college in the U.S. But, it just didn't taste of the same as bubble tea around here. What a nice discovery :)

  8. I love this series, it's so nice taking a peel into cafés like that!

    Have a fantastic day,

  9. I am intrigued, I wonder how this tastes... :-)

  10. Yum yum! Ik vind tot nu toe ook die van Yo yo fresh het beste :) Ik neem altijd coconut ^^ xx

  11. Yum yum! Ik vind tot nu toe ook Yoyo fresh het beste, heb Chino bubble tea nog niet geprobeerd. Ik neem altijd de coconut, mmmm ^^ xx

  12. Wat ziet die cafe er leuk uit zeg! :o ik heb hem nog nooit gezien toen ik in rotterdam was, misschien ben ik ook nirt in die straat geweest haha

  13. oh I just love bubble tea!:) I tried it in Taipei a few years ago♥

  14. I fell in love with your blog. Your pictures have given me hungry ;)

  15. They have a very nice concept if you look at the deco and the designs..
    Ik ben benieuwd naar de smaak! Als ik de kans krijg ga ik een keertje langs :)

  16. the decor of bubble tea shop is so pretty

  17. Taro bubble tea is usually on the thicker side, because of the taro. c: Looks like a nice place to relax with friends~

  18. Ahh bubble tea! So good and addictive~ My favorite is also the classic, but taro is likely 2nd best :)

    Joyce @

  19. We have a store at home too, but I still haven't tried it! I don't know, perhaps the bubble thingies in it makes me think it's not so nice?

  20. There is a huge bubble tea coffee shops trend in Barcelona right now, I have only tried the green tea version but I definitely should try the classic. Great review!

  21. the menu is really nice and the prices aren't bad either. i should definitely go to cafes more often instead of just looking at pictures of them, haha. xx

  22. thx for stopping by my dear


    nice blog

  23. Ik was hier laatst geweest en ik had ook de classic besteld al vond ik 'm niet zo heel erg lekker, die van yo yo vind ik toch beter! Maar qua keus is bij het chino cafe wel meer.

  24. Yummy, looks delicious! <3
    Thank you so much for your comment, what about following each other?


  25. wowza, I wish this chain came to Italy, seems good!

  26. Wat een leuke fotos, ziet er goed uit!

    x Mounia

  27. I've never had bubble tea before, I really wonder how it is like haha.

    xo' M

  28. I love tea places and can't seem to get enough of them. I really like taro milk, but for me, it typically isn't think. It usually has the same consistency as milk. ^^

  29. Once again, you've given me a huge boba craving!

    7% Solution

  30. hey daar was ik pasgeleden nog!! XD wist niet dat je vaak in Rdam ben ;P
    misschien lopen we wel langs elkaar whahhaa

  31. Yo Yo opent binnenkort in Amsterdam een vestiging, yay!! Ik ben van plan binnenkort een keer weer naar Rotterdam te gaan omdat er een expositie is in het Boijmans dat ik graag wil zien, maar ik denk dat ik ook maar even wat bubble tea ga scoren daar! Thanks!!

  32. i was craving taro bubble tea all weekend but i never did get to eat it! you know when i was living in new york everyone called these bubble tea and then i moved out to los angeles and everyone called them boba tea. i remember people looking at me weird when i asked for bubble tea. i can't seem to recall what they are called in the city that i am in now. :)


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