Food in Process: blackforest chocolate cake

My wi-fi is being a pain lately, it keeps disconnecting my
internet and according the troubleshooter, there something
wrong with the router. When I bring my laptop to the
library, the wi-fi there works just fine. So I don't know
whats going on so any advice are welcome c:

Anyway, I've made a black forest chocolate cake recently
using Grub-Towns recipe as base. God I love this foodblog,
it has amazing recipes and beautiful photo's!

My black forest cake doesn't look as pretty as Grub-Town.
because the cake has lift up in the center, making the layers really
uneven (darn!). I think I'm going to use baking powder the next
time instead self raising flour. But the taste was really
nice tho! Not too sweet or too rich.

Da recipe: 50 gram self raising flour, 20 gram cacao powder, 20 gram corn flour/maizena, 3 eggs (seperated - yolk = 50 gram sugar, egg white = 15 gram sugar), pinch of salt + vanilla extract
250 ml cream, 180 gram pure chocolate 70%+, fresh fruits 

Devoured with pleasure! 

Cover flaws with fresh fruit, ha. 

 Da steps:
  1. Grease a 16-18 Ø cm pan with baking paper, pre-heat oven to 170°C. 
  2. Sift the flours, cacao powder and salt. 
  3. Whisk egg yolk with vanilla extract and 50 gram of sugar until thick, creamy and doubled in sizes. 
  4. Sift the flour in the egg yolk mixture and fold fold. 
  5. Then whisk egg white until soft peak. Add the 15 gram of sugar and whisk until its glossy. The egg white should not fall out when you turn it upside down.
  6. Add 1/3 of the egg white in the egg mixture and fold each it each time until fluffy and well combined. 
  7. Pour the mixture in the prepared cake pan and bake it for 25 minutes. You can check it by poking a skewer, if it comes out clean its ready. Let the cake cool inside the cake tin completely.
  8. Time for the chocolate cream! Melt the chocolate on a bowl, above hot water. Don't let the bowl touch the water tho! 
  9. Beat the cream until light and fluffy. Fold the cream in the chocolate gradually until everything is well combined. Let it cool down in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  10. Time to assemble the cake! Unmold the cake out of the pan carefully. Use a knife and carefully cut the cake horizontally. I have cut two layers, but it depends on how high the cake you have baked. 
  11. Get your chocolate cream out of the fridge. Use a palette knife and spread the chocolate on the first layer of cake. Place the second cake layer on top when you are ready. Repeat. 
  12. And finally, place the fruits on top and its ready to serve!
Good luck! 


  1. This looks delicious! You make some really amazing looking food! :)

  2. Ha, I thought this was going to be another one of your fake mini foods that look real and then saw there was an actual recipe. It turned out well - looks delicious!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  3. Your cake turned out so well! I really should get back to baking. I enjoy baking and trying what I made, but after I take a bite or two, I don't know what to do with the rest. D:

  4. This looks damn delicious! I didn't have any cake to eat since forever! Might be time to upgrade my baking skills with your receipt, haha. :D
    Your photography is just incredible. You make the whole procedure of baking & cooking look tasty! When I get to bake things It would be more like a mess and not tasty at all until everything's finished. (and the outcome of my bakings are not always good looking OTL )

    much loves,

  5. Oooo, that still looks pretty good. I made Black Forest cupcakes last weekend but they didn't taste as cherryish (new word - hah) as I would have liked

  6. That looks amazing! You've done a great job.

  7. You are KILLING me ♥___♥ Looks so good I wish I could bake as good as you do!!

  8. Wow it looks lovely !

  9. Wow! Delicious. I also enjoy your food photography. They're also so beautiful! And the only time I ever made Black Forest Cake was on Bakery Story! I was so addicted to that mobile game! :)

  10. Dat ziet er echt zo lekker uit! Kan ik het recept misschien ergens vinden? :)

  11. I WANT IT! Het ziet er zo onwijs lekker uit hmmm!

  12. Dat is zó lekker, ik heb het maar twee keer gegeten maar ik houd er zoveel van haha!

  13. I actually read 'breakfast chocolate cake' and I was like WUUUUUUUUUT??! And then I read it correctly and I instantly got even more excited. Super nice, ik ga dit zeker binnenkort eens proberen. Ik vind het echt zo'n nazomer taart!

  14. i have sometimes problems with my router, so i know what you feel :c
    it looks so amazing, mmm <33

  15. OMG Mei, this looks so delicious! Your food always makes me hungry! Unfortunately I don't have any experience in technical support so I can't give you any advices on your wi-fi :(

    Oh, and I've been so busy and distracted, I've been meaning to answer your question about the domain. I actually went through Blue Host, but I heard Go-Daddy is a good place to get a domain. I just wanted to do it soon before it got taken! Let me know if you need any help with it! :)

  16. Looks good too!

    Hm, ik weet niet welke provider je hebt, Ziggo is nogal bezig de laatste tijd. Heb je de stekker van de router/modem er al uit gehaald of een reset gedraaid? Evnt kan je nog je internet op je laptop opnieuw instellen, lijkt me niet de oplossing, maar je kan het proberen! Succes!

    P.s. Ken jij nog iemand met animatie skills? Ik wil graag een mooi intro maken voor een docu en bewegende grafieken met percentages etc.

  17. glad it worked for you! the cake looks lovely!

  18. Black forest cake is one of my favorite's! <3
    It look's scrumptious >.<

    I invite you to join my first "giveaway" which is open international!



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