Muji + food haul from Hong Kong

I'd like to share some stuff that I've bought in Hong Kong.
When I am in Hong Kong, I never miss out a visit to Muji.
They sell food, clothes, home/deco, toilet stuff and my above
favorite: stationary! Muji design is so minimalistic, clean and
modern, you immediately recognize a Muji product. 

Other than shopping at Muji, I of course didn't ignore the
 snack and candy stores. Most of the time I buy them double, one
for me and for a friend/family/niceperson? 

Really cute squary packaging with inside 9 different chocolates it seems. Can't wait to try out that hotcake one!

The name says it all: mini ramen. Yet so cute! They have it in chicken flavor as well. 

But I'm no plain Jane when it comes to food so I've bought the 'kimchi' flavor one. Me and my dad tried it out
and we both agree: no kimchi flavor at all. But strangely we both thought it tasted like abalone? Weird. 

Dried shredded squid, YUM! 

You rock my day with any kind of greentea food c: 

My mission is to try & buy all Pocky flavors in this world. 

Brilliant instant-coffee packaging. Great for picnic I think! 

Next haul post: skincare and makeup stuff


  1. Oh my god, I wish I could eat that *v*

  2. The food looks delicious! I love the candy pictures the best! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  3. what. an. amazing. haul.
    i am so craving some snacks now. such a shame asian snacks aren't readily available where i live T___T

  4. so many goodies!! how often do you go to hong kong? i love all the colors in the packages- i'd be like a moth to a flame with that, haha.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. Je koopt allemaal dingen die ik ook lekker vind! En Muji is cool. De eerste keer dat ik een Muji binnenliep kon ik het niet waarderen maar ik ben echt 180 graden gedraaid. Het is zo simple&clean. I just love it!

  6. Ahhh you got so many things from HK! So jealous :) I love Muji so much <3

  7. wow so many goodies! all the snacks look delicious :D

    xoxo, charlene

  8. Ahhhh Hong Kong goodies!!! and I love Muji stuff esp. their containers!


  9. WOW! I love your haul! I'm so jealous! >.<

  10. Hi!
    It is a pretty cheap candy!
    I love Muji too!


  11. *A*
    I've never set foot in Muji (mostly because I just can't get around to seeing every shop whenever I'm in China), but I've heard so much about them! I'm really loving their pens. ;u;

    Loving all the snacks too! *A* Suddenly, I'm feeling a craving for matcha flavored things. >u<

  12. Asians have the best jelly candies! And I <3 Pocky, you should have gotten them in different flavors. Banana is very interesting and is my favorite (over chocolate) :)

    Beauty By Telie

  13. Ohgawd, so much delish things! Muji should export to Germany haha! I would love to try out all the different candies and sweets as they all look so interesting :)

  14. MUJIIIIII <3
    I really want a muji nearby :((
    Alleen die ramen dingen, zijn die niet om droog te eten? Gewoon als snack haha?
    Hele leuke haul en mooie foto's!
    Liefs, Jessy

  15. Matcha <3 Ziet er lekker uit allemaal :D Ik heb gisteravond ook weer wat Japans snoep besteld.. haha. Heb een shopping ban nodig denk ik :P

  16. What an amazing amount of goodies you scored! :) The second picture with all the snacks makes me so happy!! (and hungry, hahahaha) mmm all looks very yummy! The midi pocky is for the size of them? Is it milk chocolate favour?

  17. Wow, so many interesting foods! I would love to taste those mini ramen :-)

  18. I LOVE Muji. I'm so glad there's several stores here in London and in Portugal we have it as well :D I love their storage containers/boxes and classic school supplies.

    Love, When You Dream Big x

  19. Such an inspirational post! I enjoyed reading it :)
    I love your blog, too!
    Would you like to follow each other via BOTH Bloglovin and GFC? If you would, just follow me and leave a comment on my blog, so that I can follow you back :)

    Tina from the Style Sinners

    Twitter - @TinaStefanovic
    Instagram - @tina_stefanovic

  20. oh man, i wonder why i didn't go to muji in hk. shucks. the muji here in indonesia is super expensive! everything in the store reeks of japanese elegance and sophistication but they're too expensive i can never buy their stuff. sigh. sadly, the muji here doesn't sell snacks :( i totally regret not checking out hk's muji because japanese snacks ftw! i could have gotten a lot of matcha green tea stuff ;___; *is addicted to green tea* instead, i relied on okashiland at hk's train station for japanese snacks...

    ah but some of the snacks you bought, i bought them from bangkok haha from a store called LOFT. i like the pocky midi; it's sweeter though but it's alright...though milk chocolate isn't my cup of tea. i wanna try all them matcha snacks ;o; and instant coffee is so cute! japanese always have adorable packaging whyyyy haha
    the mini biscuits that have almond on top, the one with long packaging (i wonder if i point it out clearly) mom loves that haha they're pretty good

  21. The dried squid looks soo good, I want it!!ahah
    Great food haul!!Every single time I go to Asian
    food places, I always go to the snack aisle and
    try to find something different to try(:
    Thank you for sharing!!

  22. omg. i love all these snacks! and i love muji. there was a store in new york i always went to. love just browsing around, too! wish there was on where i live now!

  23. squid♥! mijn maag gaat hier te keer haha! En grappig dat de kimchi naar abdalone smaakt haha XD en als wat jessy zegt, ik dacht dat je die ramen gewoon kon eten.Dus zonder te koken ;o

  24. SO much food haha! I love the mini ramen, looks eprfect for a midnight snack (which I could do with right now!).

  25. Het is echt fantastisch dat muji in HK zoveel eten heeft, de Muji in Berlijn en Londen zijn echt alleen non-food dingen... (nog steeds fantastisch). I love how much food you got!! :D

  26. All the food looks so good and I tried the mini ramen chicken flavor. It was pretty good, but I got is mostly for the cuteness factor of its small size. ^^

  27. japanese snacks are the best! i'm so addicted to them too.


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