My humid, rejoicing, foodie days in HK 2

Another post of my holiday in Hong Kong where I put down
my foot on the streets of Mong Kok with my cousin.
My cousin has been a great company and I miss her loads.
Anyway I don't want to waste your time because of my
writing so, scrollscrollscroll to check out the pictures of
my vibrant day!

Can't start a day without a good breakfast. And caffeine. 

At 'Ladies Market' with stalls of fine bargain. I did a lot of souvenir shopping here. 

Our lunch was Japanese. I had 'udon with seafood' and we shared a platter of various sushi. The sushi were bad, I mean check out that eel, it looks like its been in the open air for days! 

We went to grab our bubble tea to wash it away. I chose for the 'cranberry black tea'. Kind of refreshing!

At a mall called Trendyzone - lots of cute shops that fits every youngsters. 

 "Oh hey look, my husband (G-Dragon) is on tv *points at flatscreen* :D" 

I feel such a child sometimes, but these miniature goods are just too lovely! 


 Being a first-timer at the one and only Etude House shop! Not sure if I was allowed to take photo's but took advantage of the crowdyness, tehehhe. 

 I laughed so hard when I saw this poor Rilakkuma. 


And this picture marks the end of our day in Mong Kok. 

My humid, rejoicing, foodie days in HK 1

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  1. The street food looks delicious! And the shopping looks exciting! :)

  2. I really want to visit Hong Kong, and all that food looks super good!

  3. Aaah die jelly bij je boterham foto is zo lekker! Ik mis al die schattige winkeltjes in hk :(

  4. Now I want some bubble tea, too!

    Have a fantastic day,

  5. Die fake Mulberry is eigenlijk best wel leuk :')
    Street Food are the best!!!

  6. lots of great food and hehe I miss those Asian markets! so many knock offs! xD

    Metallic Paws

  7. Haha GD's everywhere even in HK!!!!
    Omg your pictures make me miss HK so much...
    One of my fav cities!!

  8. So many good food. Mong Kok looks amazing and I wish to go to that market at some time. They always offer so many nice stuff hehe.

  9. Ik wil er serieus echt een keer heen!! :D

  10. Waa GD on the big screen! *-* so much food envy, I can't wait to go back to HK again next year, feels like it's been ages since I was last there! xx

  11. These pics are Really cool! And I am like you, I need a good breakfast to start the day :-)

  12. so jealous!! everything looks amazing!!

    new follower! :)

  13. Oh!! amazing pics!!! <3 love your bag!

  14. All your photos make me miss HK so much!! I always go to MK with friends for shopping! mk mui hahahah ><

  15. oh door jouw foto's wil ik NU weer naar HK. Ik vind het daar geweldig. En het eten, yum, te lekker gewoon.

  16. I love Etude House (^_^) - i will also try to take some photos of the store in the Philippines (they got two stores in my favorite mall there xD - and i dont know why i did not take some while i was there in February -.-)

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  17. That's a shame about the Japanese food because it looks so good! Also, the street food looks tasty.

    THE RILAKKUMA IN RAIN BOOTS IS SO FUNNY. The elongated legs take away the chubby look of the bear. :D

  18. you look awesome! a hat is a great option for any outfit!!

  19. You make me REALLY want to go to HK now!

  20. Lol hamtaro mug~ so cute (///w///) hamtaro's my childhood haha
    Ah, i see you went to mong kok! yay for kowloon~ did you go to tsim sha tsui too? i usually play around TST and not mong kok though the two of them are located on the same district.

    ouch, sad that the sushi was bad :( then again, according to my family, it'd be foolish if we go to hk and end up eating japanese food lol not that i say going to hk means you can't eat japanese food...of course that's not the case.

    omg gongchaaaaa~ *o* there's gongcha franchise here too in indonesia but i never want it because the gongcha here is so fake and bad and just ugh limited menu unlike in hk or china,even. i fattened myself up in both countries just because their gongchas are really good and the menu is endless! not to mention, big sized gongcha too! <3

    that ice cream machine *o* so interesting! you make me want to go to mong kok next timeee ugh...

    wowwww another big etude house in mong kok! i didn't know that! lol when i found out how big etude house shop is in causeway bay, i freaked out because like whoah omg so big and so many to choose from and just way cheaper so i took my chances and bought quite a lot :P

  21. Your pictures look all so great!
    Like the way you took the pictures :)
    Omj, wish I could visit Hong Kong again!
    It's one of my favorite places :D
    Hope you had a great time there :)

  22. Wahhh looking at your photos really make me miss home, i live in MK in hong kong ^^ love all the details you capture so beautifully c: makes me appreciate the small things

    à la foliee


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