Peek Into My Life 35

Autumn is coming and arriving. And I felt it last night,
when I woke up because I got cold and got myself an extra
blanket. lol.

And its pretty odd and funny because last week Holland
had a heat wave of 30°C which lasted the whole week! Now
the temperature dropped to 15°C. Anyway how was your

Hate it or love it, I love it. 

Some event was taken place - if your thirsty, milk this inflatable cow.

 Green tea latte! 

I walk by almost everyday this building, but never seems to notice this construction. Very nice!

Mojito ice cream. 

I have taken lots of pictures of this little guy here. Boy how I was torturing him..

One of my favorite dresses during the last summer because: it has pockets! Dresses with pockets are for the win. 

DIY'd with this red crystal bead, attached to a necklace. 

The current situation in my food lab: tomatoes and paprika's. 

I'm Feeling: Positive
Music: Coldplay - Atlas - oh my oh my new song by Coldplay! I think this lyric video is made pretty well!
Food: Popcorn
Drink: Tea


  1. You always seem to eat the best food, I am totally craving some green tea latte right now! The heatwave sounds so fantastic but the weather change isn't so great - it's freezing here too!

  2. Beautiful pictures. The same exact same thing happened in nyc. It was 90 F last week, and a couple of days later it went to the 60s. Not sure what that is in Celcius but I think it's about the same as your temperature change.

  3. Love the dress! Your blog will always make me hungry hahaha lovely photos :)

  4. Oh I love your white dress! I agree, pockets on dresses are a big A++.

  5. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Such beautiful impressions - I love brussel sprouts!

    Have the best day ever,

  6. Niceee pictures! I agree with you, dresses with pockets are ftw!, and yours looks very gorgeous :)
    Haha, milking the cow - is that mineral water? Well, I wish it would be warmer here as temperatures dropped to 14°C since last week now.

  7. the pictures,food,your outfit are amazing as always (: truly i love your blog.
    By the way, I invite you to join my first "giveaway" which is open international!


  8. Looks like a lot of fun, love the ladybird one :)
    This is a really great post :)


    Blog: Stolen Inspiration
    Instagram: KendraAlexandra
    Facebook: StolenInspiration

    Ohhh by the way we have a great giveaway on at the moment!

  9. I like it a lot that you're still blogging. And as nice as ever. :)

  10. The weather here is still being bi-polar! It's HOT, it shouldn't be, i want my fall :(
    Love these peek into your life, oh this one was great! :)

  11. Spruitjes! Nom nom! I love it too!

  12. that polka dotted dress is so cute!

    xo' M

  13. Gorgeous photos! That green tea latte looks amazing!

  14. love brussels sprouts! and i love dresses with pockets as well!

  15. Wow really awesome photos! I love brussel sprouts, matcha green tea latte's are my faavorite, and mojito ice cream? That sounds delicious! Thanks for stopping by my blog - yours is just wonderful!

  16. yumm, all of your food photos are making me hungry. :)
    lovely photographs, I love your little ladybug friend!

  17. Hey thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I decided to check your blog and I'm loving it.
    Ohh and I wish Singapore is as cold as where you are.
    It's always summer here.
    Ohh and I followed you.
    Maybe support me back by following me?

  18. I'm sorry. I want to follow your blog but I don't know why I can't? :(

  19. Wow, die laatste foto is echt prachtig! <3 Het weer is hier ook zo bizar, 1,5 week geleden liep ik in een jurk zonder mouwen en vandaag had ik m'n winterjas aan :') Dat witte jurkje met zakken is leuk zeg!

  20. dresses with pockets >:) yes,i agree to that.

    lol what event was on that 3rd picture? they could have put milk instead of water :P *says the person who's addicted to milk* oh, what's the 2nd picture btw? :o
    green tea latte for the win!! *o* especially if you have the matcha powder directly~

    oh my that grilled salmon there *o* /drools over the fish/ i'm going to purr like a cat now hahaha fiiishhh~ <3

    cute ladybug! i would have taken repetitive snapshots too if i can make the bug stays that long. i remember taking pictures of beetle having lunch and some other bugs and a butterfly on my hand and boy they were fun to look at~ my parents freaked out though, afraid i get stung or whatever poison lol

    my monday was spent going to the fitness center with a friend, hitting the treadmill and stuff but then after that we ate burger king which is really a "what the heck" kind of thing to do *facepalm* i'm so dead lol

    p.s: whoah coldplay's new song! :o thanks for indirectly informing!


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