September is pretending to be summer

Oh no. Oh no! My favorite month
August has come to an end. Which
means, back to school, my nose in
the books, forming a callus from all
the writing/typing my essay. Moo.

A little stroke of luck: a new 
schoolyear mostly comes with 
fresh new season series! 

watching 'The Walking Dead' 
which you can tell by its name, is a 
horror/zombie movie. Despise the
gore, I kind of like it!

What show(s) are you watching?

An emptie: The Body Shop 'seaweed' night treatment. Nothing special. 

 I have harvest some tomatoes! They were delicious c: 

 My young paprika's still growing. They should be yellow someday. 

 Somewhere above Germany..

 My favorite pair of earrings from H&M. 

 I've baked a 'black forest chocolate cake'! Recipe soonish. 

 I've been saying it alot, but my onlineshop is about to open. For real this time! I think I'm gonna open a shop at Etsy....

My dad admiring the Eiffel tower keychain, a souvenir from a bestie!

 I loooove my new oven mittens! 

 My summer beauty product with SPF. 

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  1. Really cute post.

    Loves. RJ.

  2. Ik vroeg me al af wanneer je je online shop ging openen! Aaaahh ben echt zo benieuwd :)! De eerst wolken foto vind ik mooi n__n . De eerste keer dat ik zwarte woud taart heb gegeten was toen in Duitsland was, vlakbij de zwarte woud haha :b.

  3. August is my favorite month too, and now it's just gone :(
    I'm really enjoying "Under the Dome" now. The more I watch the better it gets!

  4. Jij hebt altijd zulke leuke posts en ik kan urenlang staren naar die taart! Het ziet er zo lekker uit, mijn maag is er ook mee eens haha. ;) De Hello Kitty bekertjes zijn zo schattig, waar heb je ze vandaan? :O Ik ben ook benieuwd naar je online winkel en wat je allemaal gaat verkopen. Send me the link when it's done! x

    PS: Ik volg nu een Koreaanse drama genaamd Good Doctor. :)

  5. i think i'm going to have to start to watch the walking dead soon. i've heard so many good things about it! i also have heard great things about game of thrones so that's also on my to watch list.
    i watch the vampire diaries. currently waiting for the new season which i think starts this october!

  6. i have started re-watching the office... falling in love all over again!

  7. Oh many thanks for amazing pics,
    sincerely I don´t like the tv shows, I don´t like nothing with zombies,
    But yeah September is here.

    I want invite you to Join to my Firmoo Giveaway for win 1 pair of Glasses or Sunglasses. You choose the model!

  8. Beautiful photos as always, Mei! c: I'm feeling bittersweet about saying hello to September, especially with school around the corner. :c
    I haven't been reading blogs lately due to the lack of internet connection, but I see you have a new layout! :'D I'm not sure if I've commented on it yet, but it looks gorgeous~

  9. Wow, that black forest cake you made looks amazing! I'm really looking forward to seeing the recipe :)

  10. Second or so day of Spring here. I am excited. *w* Haven't watched much lately. Hannibal and Dexter, mostly. As always, love your photos. Amazing quality.

  11. I have been enjoying a lot of different movies lately. The most recent movie I watched was called We're the millers. It's a comedy! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  12. Nice pictures! :)
    I'm watching Desperate Housewives currently but I think that the first season was definitely the best!
    Fortunately, uni will start at October!

  13. I've been so addicted to Orange is the New Black! Can't wait till season 2

    à la foliee

  14. Cloud pictures are the best. Love the food (tomato with chives and cake).

  15. Love the photos.

    I'll we watching the new series of Awkward :)

    xo' M

  16. Nice! Ja, we moeten weer naar college :[
    Je moestuintje ziet er goed uit, net zoals de taart!
    Gave oorbellen ook!

  17. I am watching The Walking Dead too, it is soooo addicting! I can never watch just one episode, it's always two or three at once, haha.

  18. Gorgeous photography. Your earrings are so original!

    I'm holding a giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter!

  19. so many beautiful photos!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. check out my new giveaway to win a Chanel cream blush! click here.

  20. cute post and blog!! <33


  21. OH MY GOSH! THE CAKE! I know, caps, but, I can't contain myself, I am drooling as usual thanks to your blog :)

    Cheers to a new year! I am waiting on Grey's Anatomy, and my life will begin!

  22. I love The Vampire Diaries, amazing!
    So beautiful landscape of Germany, I have the same mini Eiffel Tower :D

  23. Good luck met je shop ;) ik ben heel benieuwd. Let us know, ok?

  24. Wat een prachtige blog heb je, ik volg je!

  25. oh wow! that is a fantastic photo of the sun!!! and I love those ear rings!! they are damn pretty!! I missed your photos! It feels good to be back! :)

  26. Ahhhhhh die chocolade cakeeeeeeeee <3 I WANT SOME!
    Er zitten weer mooie foto's bij zeg!

  27. the tomatoes look SO good! i've been craving fresh vegetables lately, but my supermarket sells really gross and rotten ones! (so expensive too!) Maybe it's because i got grocery shopping late at night! I'm so sad that August has been and gone too :-( x

  28. I'm blown away, these pictures are so beautiful!

  29. Wow, that Black Forest cake looks amazing! I love all of your photos :) Your Etsy shop sounds really cool, can't wait to see some of the things you'll be selling!

    Ellie | Ellalogy

  30. If you open a shop on etsy I might buy something!

    I also went back to school yesterday, started my day with statistics and social medicine from 9-4, + having to move back and forth to 3 different locations. Yoy...

  31. Hmmm, the cake looks so yummy!!!

  32. I'm in LOVE with walking dead. hubby and i can't wait for it to start and again, and have September act like September! :)

  33. Oh that's great :) a webshop! Opening a webshop is one
    of the things I want to try one day <3
    I can't wait to see(and buy things at) your shop ^^ will definitely support.
    Yummy that 'black forest cake' looks amazing!

  34. nice post! love it!

  35. i just love your pictures and your creations, including your cooking. so talented! and so exciting about an online shop! :)

  36. These food pictures look delicious! Especially that black forrest chocolate cake x

  37. Lovely post especially the pictures, I really like the simplicity of your post's they feel serene and relaxing to read and the pictures to look at :)
    Those tomatoes look's simply delicious and also the cake!


  38. Love love love all your photos! they are so great :)

    please, if you have time check out my new outfit post and share with me your thoughts :


  39. Your shop is almost ready? Woooooo. I can't wait!!! Is it all going to be mini fimo foods? Or other things too?

  40. Hey lots of hugs and kisses for your new online business adventure!!
    I am sure you will be successful :)
    Love your H&M earrings by the way.

  41. The black forest is very tempting. Yum Yum!

    Please visit my site @

  42. Deze foto's zijn fantastisch. Wat een geweldige recap.

  43. why is august your favorite month? at first i thought it's because you're an august baby... i didn't guess correctly though, did i? haha
    i once planned to follow the walking dead but then i got too lazy watching everything from zero so i never actually watched it. current shows i'm watching include game of thrones and then there's hannibal and criminal minds as well. still waiting for sherlock's next season though. and also putting supernatural on hold since i suddenly lost interest with it. weird. other tv shows include anime, anime and more anime haha


    oh my, you have tomatoes all for yourself! i'm so jealous~ wow, i'd love to see all the plants in your house :) i have a feeling it's gonna be a nature-friendly experience haha gotta love tomatoes and paprikas ;)
    as always, nice photographs :) oh and of course, cute mittens as well.

  44. So great, congratulations! Don't forget to share the link :)


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